Have femanons had one girl in their life that you hated with every fiber of your being and she hated you too?

have femanons had one girl in their life that you hated with every fiber of your being and she hated you too?

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Yeah. She ruined my life in high school. I got revenge on her though later.

yeah there was this one tiny asian girl you'd all have a crush on who bullied the fuck out of me for getting tits early

Origonally Green text it, faggot

Yeah, this cunt tried to fight me in the commons and she didn't know I had taken martial arts. Had her on the ground in tears

I talked about it the other day, I cucked her by catfishing her husband and blackmailing him into an affair. Kept it going for awhile, then got pregnant and came out with the truth to her. The amont of anguish and misery she went through was very cathartic.

Did you keep the kid?

based martial arts femanon

Nah, I dumped it on them. Threatened to give it away if the dad wouldn't take it, so she's stuck with my kid now. Was hoping they'd divorce but they managed to stick together. I guess she forgave him but I like it more this way since she can be miserable forever now.

Jesus, wtf, please be larp

It's not, if I was just only trying to get revenge, why would I intentionally become a single mom? I didn't know they would take the kid though but I would have given it away if they hadn't.

it's obviously larp. Women arent capable of action.

Now that's what I call committed.

So are you single?

And more importantly, is your pussy still tight after having the kid?

Girls fights have to be most hilarious thing to witness. Those are so fucking ridiculous.

It was worth it to get revenge and get over the hurt she'd caused me and was impacting my life going forward. I'm single yes. And I'd say I'm not loose, I did the right exercises for it for awhile after just in case.

This pic looks lotta gay.

all girls teamed up to exclude me and call me ugly/flat. they literally forced everyone in class to not talk to me ever. they laughed at me all the time. i cried in the bathroom everyday

you can post thighs in stockings

C-can we see them?

>tfw no gf who lubricates my dick with her tears

Or better yet the asian girl

that's the closest to sex i'd probably ever get. i cried when a guy tried to kiss me already

spare your tears for my dick

There was this one girl who used to bully me, now I realize she was a lesbian who had a crush on me.

I have had various female nemesis. Not because they are prettier than me or any stupid reason like that, but because their behavior is disgusting to me.

If girls are bisexual how can they hate each other?

how would that even be pleasant tho

They are often attracted to each other, that sexual tension comes across as animosity.