Endless Tower Thread

Hello, anons, comfy times ahead

Chilling on floor 420 atm, and there seems to be some type of magic ring that was just laying around. Not sure of effects, but when I wear it I feel a strong aura envelop me

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I feel an aura too but i think its bc my cart is bunk

anyone wanna share the bed with me? im on floor 506. (fems only)

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There's some weird green goo in the corner of my room on floor 6, anyone know what this is about?

Damn broski can I please be housed by you? I have no real "home" on 420 just a shitmobile I push around if needed. An actual bed would be a dream come true. I'll even say no homo if you want. And we can discover the secrets of this ring together.

Don't worry that's just a slime girl. Please Be quiet she's resting ^-^

Will she leave when she wakes up? She's ruining the good feng shui in here

I have witnessed human compassion on floor [REDACTED]

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Buy her wares and she'll head out to bother someone else.
Met the lass and she's pretty cute and fun to be around, but her marketing strategy of just bugging her customers and literally squating on your property is bullshit. She has this super tasty endurance brownies that make you feel like a god, I'd recommend those

sure thing user-kunn

Thank you desu
It'll be a long journey but I'll be okay. I have s couple of mega thread count blankies that feel like heaven should I pack a few?

oh yeah, I feel comfy already

Floor 600 here, just came from floor 8. Having trouble breathing, can someone send me some meds? Also any other anons located near floor 600? Around 8 PM until 6 AM I hear a lot of groaning noises and banging.

I need more comfort!

I found a phone on floor 201. This was the last photo taken with it. We on floors above are fucked I quess

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Heh, when you see the magic rings you know it's strong shit. Stop by Floor 402, down the stairs, if you need a sofa to crash on.

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Thanks for the offer but another user has gifted me an opportunity for housing.
Since you're pretty close I'll stop by before I head up. Don't know if it's the ring but I feel like I'm floating hahaha

Don't worry we have the means to rid the world of anything like this

There seems to be a toll booth on floor 406 that don't let me through, this is bullshit
Somebody join up with me so we can kick they asses

Floor 37 here. They shut off the water. Heard a rumor that they will be cutting the gas and electricity next week

floor 123.

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Is this like /qst/ but not shit?

Floor 600 here. That's mr.gatekeeper, he wont let faggots access the upper levels. Hamd allah.