Just spend all your life exercising extreme mental and physical rigor and do things that go completely counter to the...

>just spend all your life exercising extreme mental and physical rigor and do things that go completely counter to the social circumstances and maybe the final decades of your life and finally death will be less pathetic and miserable by some low factor bro

Why is life such shit? I'm not talking about eating and obesity here before someone tries to imply that, I'm talking about literally everything, don't sit too much, don't stand too much, don't lie down too much, don't exercise too much, don't work too much, don't slack off too much, don't eat accessible food too much, don't sleep too much, don't avoid sleep too much, don't stress too much, don't stress too little, don't eat soft food, don't eat hard food, the list is endless.

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take the buddhapill if you really want to know

I agree, being a human sucks.

> Access to endless orgasmic pleasure through carby foods such as oreos, cakes, cookies, burgers, etc

> if you eat them even occasionally, your gums bleed, your teeth fall out, your toes turn black, you get diabetes, you get brain fog

this, but disregard buddhapill and go for the Lao dosage

>don't eat soft food, don't eat hard food

Diet is what really kills me. Eat a balanced diet, don't eat a "balanced" diet, don't eat meat, do eat meat, be vegan, veganism is a meme, eat whole grains, don't eat whole grains, eat eggs, don't eat eggs, count calories, calories are pointless to count, just don't eat carbs, eat some carbs, don't worry about all this you have an eating disorder.....

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what i hate is how unrewarding and sexist life is.
>work hard to reach college.
>you managed to reach college and get accepted.
>now you don't get jackshit for reaching college, you get more hard work
>you finish college through tons of debt and years of hardwork, chances are you will end up getting a job any uneducated person gets. again, unrewarded
>you finally got a job that pays for your work, this is the final reward.
>reward as is working for 40hours/week for 40 years.
>mfw you need luck and 16 years of hard work just to get this.
>mfw you lose all of this if a female coworker says you raped her.
>mfw females don't have to do any of this and simply leech off somebody else who went through this shit.
>mfw females are opressed

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Calories are real and counting them works I vouch

Then join the military. Military is to males as prostitution is to females. A dangerous safety net is available to both sexes if they need it

It's good to vent, but you sound like a whiney bitch desu.

On top of that add pissing every other hour, taking a shit, having to sleep. Fuck this life is short as it is and you're literally sleeping halfway through it. For what purpose.

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so you are fine with this system and find it unreasonable to complain about it?
Propably a richfag that never had to deal with life

its pathetic how many have said, and say they won't let themselves get to that old pathetic age, and yet they all do, placing a burden on their family, society and just being unaesthetic. Not me. I already skip sleeping 3x a week, my speed habit is now passed the making me nervous point, i eat like shit when i do rarely eat, 90% of my hydration is from diet soda.

I'm gonna die pretty soon anons, I won't let that hapen to me.

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Personally I have decided that once I reach a point where I cant even physically move around or do something like wipe my own ass then I am braining myself, as at that point not only is life not worth living at all but clearly my time has passed and I just simply havent dropped yet.

Based, fight the good fight for us user

I'll pray that a meteor destroys all life on Earth granting us all the same blessed fate

im not doing it for anybody. I'm not special either is the saddest part, this is becoming normal for my demographic.

we've all got problems mental because of societally engineered problems designed to drain us and give it away, no trust, no love, the worst part is we know we have nobody to turn to for help because the type of people in therapy are only trained to make you try to adapt yourself better to the world, but we can all see the world is fucking FUCKED this is a clown world, it's not fair, and there's nothing we can do, I don't want to think of this world as normal, I will never do it, I'm gonna fucking die alone without ever having a mutual love and at a certain point free will you know, you have to take ownership, but when you start the game with no pieces how do you even play the fucking game?

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Fucking based. The game is rigged, man. At my workplace, all of the recent hires have been blacks or white women. And despite their incompetence, at the end of the day they still make roughly the same amount of money as me even though I'm expected to take on a heavier workload.

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>dont want to go to therapy because i know they can't help me

can relate, what is she gonna do, change the fabric of reality?

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Life is full of bullshit all the time, man. It just keeps going and going and going.

>they still make roughly the same amount of money as me even though I'm expected to take on a heavier workload.

Why haven't you negotiated for a raise? That sounds like a lack of confidence on your part.

try to control your desire and instinct

It's pointless. I have found peace in my answer: reject the game. I refuse to play. I am close to no one, including myself. My life is pointless, so I don't fear the end of it. I have voluntarily given up my life. It is the only way to live.