Is it cucked to let a girl pay for your date

Is it cucked to let a girl pay for your date

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sleep tight, street light

Sleep tight, street light.

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not at all. It's a bit unusual, but sometimes it's just more convenient for her to pay if she has cash or something, or if you usually pay. Plus if you don't really know her very well it indicates she's not just using you for a free meal

No, but it is cucked if you let her bf pay

how dp you eve know if you've been muted?

>No, but it is cucked if you let her bf pay
how is taking someone else's woman out to eat for free getting cucked?

Not unless you refused to put out afterwards.

no it's cucked to be the guy who always pays because you're just a beta bux. Having a girl pay for you means you're a Chad

Bright as in what way?

Anyways, sleep tight street light.

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I think what he meant is
>if you pay for her bf

Bitch can pay makes my life easier

this is true
if the woman is happy to pay you know for sure that you are exhibiting a Chadly aura
the person with less sexual value compensates with money
in 'ordinary' interactions the male is less valuable
not so with Chad
very sad that many posters have never experienced being the more desirable partner
i have good news though
you don't have to be particularly good looking nor rich to experience this
all you have to do is practice exuding confidence
like, to the point where you think you'll break under the dissonance with your true self
women eat it up, it's actually absurd

Not really. If anything it's cucked for the man to pay for everything, because then you're basically just her piggy bank. The ideal situation is either going halves on everything or sharing the load roughly halfways.

Sleep tight, street light


sleep tight, street light
I need to stop falling for this shit

It's not cucked at all, if a girl pays for more than one date, or splits it or whatever, you're totally good. It means she wants to see you and likes you.

If it's on the 1st date, she may just be trying to leave guilt-free but that's hard to tell.

Sleep tight, street light (originally)

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Sleep tight, street Iight.

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Thanks for reminding me I should probably go to bed.

Sleep tight, street light.

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Sleep tight, street light. If I don't get a good sleep tonight, you will be cursed by my spirit for all eternity.

sleep tight, street tight

I hope y'all have good sleep and bright dreams as well :)

maybe 50 years ago. but its 2019 anything goes

Sleep right, street light
may you be ever bright

Sleep tight, street light

Lend me some sleep and I'll kill for you darling

I actually had a girl get mad at me for paying

'' sleep tigh, street light ''

please goddamnit! i want to sleeeeeep

Sleep tight, street light
Not original of coirse

tfw cant properly reply to this post because its /r9k


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Sleep tight, street light

May your hps bulb be used to grow some dank weed

Sleep tight, street light

I want to dream about qts