Why are natural blond guys so rare? I just want a qt blond bf

Why are natural blond guys so rare? I just want a qt blond bf.

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OP is so obviously a coping pisshair pretending to be a female.

Visist Northern, Eastern and Baltic Europe. Plenty of bright blonde guys

Nope, XX. I almost never see blond guys when I am out.

you probably never see guys with blue eyes either. Do you live in america?

not really. Im northern and even though I'm blue eyed im not blonde. I live in a big city so it's obviously a bit different here than rural places but blondes are almost as frequent here as non-whites. It's a dying breed

I would but I am a poorfag. He does not necessarily have to have bright blond hair, that kind of mousey dark blond is very nice too.

Because you keep polluting the gene pool by fucking niggers.

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Funnily enough it is very rare to see that combo here, which is a shame because it is my favorite. I am in Yurop.

blonde guys look like uncooked raw chicken

Blond guys are patrician taste.

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Whenever I see one in public they just look so striking and ethereal.

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niggers look like monkeys
spics look like homeless women
muslims look like a parody of themselves

Is it true blond men often prefer Med girls?

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Funny because I live in Silesia and see plenty of platinum blonde "men" here.

You sound a bit jealous user. Maybe some people like that look.

I am right here. It used to be darker, but changed for some reason.

seething chicken detected

I wonder if he knows he looks like a retard with that haicut

I thought Czech men were overwhelmingly dark and gypsy looking? Was I misinformed...

Its called fashion sweetie, look it up.

For example, in my family everyone starts with blond at birth and becomes atleast dark-blonde or even black haired during adolescence. The endings of my hairs still get blonde with much sun impact in summer, so thats decent.

Modern Silesians are settlers from former eastern lands of Polish republic, that means west Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. Czechs tend to be swarthy, yes, however they have more redheads than Poland.

he looks like a fucking jojo cosplay

Would you date a fembot? Provided she was pretty qt.

Blond hair repulses me. I would trade up for something better. Darker skin, too, I burn far too easily


>implying that's a bad thing

Well, yes, but I don't think a girl would date me.

Love yourself and stop swallowing the anti Aryan propaganda user. I am sure you are gorgeous.

Im sure he's some fucking degenerate seething faggot

Why do you say that user?


Why are you so bitter against blondes you seething Arab

so? is there anything better than a french/italian black haired guy?

Im not saying that blonde men are generally more attractive. But the most attractive people on earth must be blonde.

blonde girls are fine. blonde guys look like unseasoned raw chicken

I think I have pretty advanced autism, haha. I find it difficult to speak to anyone, as in the last time I have spoken was 8 months ago.

and you're the seething nigger from before. Go fap to your raceplay.

Sounds pretty intriguing. But you can speak through text right?

I burn if i go outside for more than 45 minutes
I literally am.

>t. Muttencia

Yes. I think that is my reason for being drawn to the internet.

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I would and im like OP pic

Well, if any blond robots are interested, feel free to drop your discord.