Degeneracy has doomed 21st century girls to follow the lifepath of that girl from pic related

>Degeneracy has doomed 21st century girls to follow the lifepath of that girl from pic related

I feel sickened and awful to see girls my age around me losing their physical, mental health and sense of morals beyond my eyes. I can't take this anymore.

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>huuurrr duurrr everyone has sex but me stop being perverts

I'm not talking about sex, i'm talking about heavy mistreatment.Their "sexfull" life is tied a lot with having fucked-up parents, such as an abusive dad, and things are getting worse

and why the fuck do you care faggot? you're just seething cuz you ain't getting any pussy

have sex

If you havent noticed, literally everyone is losing their minds, including you for posting this. Blame the internet and pesticides for that.

So you're getting sex and accepting this shite?
yeah, possible.

things are getting better and sex is a normal part of a healthy life

The only problem with Emergence METAMORPHOSIS is that Saki-chan gets pregnant and wants to keep the baby. How fuck someone totally broken wants validation from another life she will ruin. School should enforce people to only have kids when they are able to raise it and abortion should be wide spread.
Humanity is a disease.

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>Degeneracy has doomed 21st century girls
Said by man in his mid 20's who refuses to get a job and move out of his parents house.

While I wouldn't necessarily disagree with you, the data shows an significant upward trend in single-parenthood and divorce rates. In what way could we consider that "better"?

Granted, romanticism is much deeper-rooted than just sex, but the sexual revolution is still fairly recent (

Its all because of men like you. If men these days stopped acting like degenerate rapist porn addicted niggers, women would be forced to behave better.

>refuses to get a job
>literally go job hunting but every employee is a picky motherfucker
Yeah no mr boomer
>move out
Yeah so i can take all my savings and throw them down the fire right? And spend everything i earn from work, that's truly a smart decision, no wonder the jewish banking families are now on command, they knew their heritage was vital for the foundation of their wealth, unlike they stupid goyim like you they've enslaved.


>literally go job hunting but every employee is a picky motherfucker
>Yeah so i can take all my savings and throw them down the fire right?

>I can't stand the degeneracy of these women! How dare they pick men who will be much better mates than I can ever hope to achieve? They should be willing to bend over backwards to please me, a sub par male.

Top kek.

The problem is they bend for subhumans that happen to be just a bit confident, i witness that every day.

So what's the problem? If their choice is between a subhuman like us, or a subhuman but with confidence, it's six of one and half dozen of the other.

People like you make me feel glad that I'm a moral relativist.

Bro just get a job and move out. Women should be the last thing on your mind when you haven't even tried to be a functioning adult yet. Get your shit together dude, you're too old to spend all your time worrying about women like you did in highschool. Fact is you probably didnt mentally mature much since then either. And you want to spend all your time complaining about women when you should be working. If you cant get hired at a min wage shitjob then go to a temp agency and give them your resume. You can start working the next day in many cases, and if you dont want that then you can be happy being a miserable failure like you've showcased in this thread. Honestly grow up.

Because on the scale of being subhuman, at least confidence is one step above the rest. You can't blame others if you are the lowest of the low.

>you haven't even tried to be a functioning adult yet
There's no "trying" in that regard. You're either a functioning adult or not.

>you cant take steps to improve your circumstances, dont even try its impossible!

That's the loser mentality I like to hear

Do you mean in that by merely making the attempt and getting out of the house a person succeeds, or that some people have it and so others who don't shouldn't try?

divorce rates increased because women became financially independent from their husbands and don't have to stay in dysfunctional marriages out of fear of ending up in the streets, but losers like you see that as the downfall of western civilization lmao get a grip

ok shalomo

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This pic is what teenage girls strive before they turn 30 and then "settling down" with a rich white man. But the lust will return, they will seek bigger D A R K E R meat

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don't care.
just don't speak about 177013 like that you retard

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based angry user yet again

its up to use chadcels to fix this shit.

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and that my friends is how you defeat communism

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There have always been revelers who are only on this earth to fuck and drink. Stop acting like this is new.

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Ooga booga my dick feel good so why do I care
Everything is turning to shit, it's the end of the decade, 2020 will hopefully bring a better age, or just make it worse. Who cares, ride the kali yuga.

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>giving a shit about them
They won't have sex with you nor date you either, OP.
And if you do, you will get AIDS despite herself told you she was a "virgin". A woman being a huge whore is their natural state of mind, especially when there are many men around.

Don't bother, and if you do then good luck not getting an STD.

I am not one OP