Why don't you robots date a black fembot who don't want kids?

Why don't you robots date a black fembot who don't want kids?

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>Why don't you just find a unicorn?

I'd like that but no fembots at all live close let alone nice black ones.

I would but they wont talk to me

are you offering one?

She's cute OP

>why dont you just have sex, incel?

No. They're fucking disgusting. I'm sick of the race bait. It is R A R E to find someone that dates/fucks outside their race.

>don't want kids

but i do

You must live under a rock mate it isnt rare at all

50% of black women in usa have an std

I do want kids
Why make this assumption?

80% are obese too. Nobody's talking about the average black woman

I can see the animal savagery from that static image alone

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nigeer chimchamzee

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Where ever I go, I must also red pill

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Why don't you guys want to date a black fembot?

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That doesn't really look black though. Less than 50% for sure.

I'm down your very attractive

Don't care if she thinks she doesn't wants kids, once she's pregnant and actually gets then she'll love them like every women does. Never trust what a woman says

Because I live in Scotland where they all mostly live in the big cities.

That girls isn't black user

>That girls isn't black user
As long as her penis isn't any bigger than mine I'd hit it.

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Where's she from though? That's the real issue. I think most people who use Jow Forums are weirdos like me who live in the middle of nowhere.

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>be dumb
>still make a fair amount of money
Give me one (1) reason why this is bad. Better than being some high IQ "smart but lazy" robot stuck making minimum wage and taking orders from someone dumber than you.

You have nigger grammar

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Because dumb means psychotic too

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wow she's really cute user, who is that? I think I'm in love

>Black fembots
>being interested in Black guys

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this lmao, they all want white guys because they think that all black guys are ghetto hood rat thugs, which is pretty ironic because if there are ghetto black girls and normal black girls, logically there would be both ghetto and normal black guys (blackbots) also. I'm a black bot, and I love all races, but if I could find a black girl who is civilized, i'd be pretty happy. oh well, i'm not complaining though.

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Hey! I never thought of taking my asian schoolgirl realdoll to the laundromat! Thanks a lot pal!

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I would if I could find one that lives near me, doesn't have facial piercings, and doesn't have tattoos

>who don't want kids?
That's a no for me, lad.
I ain't a mentally ill retard who deny the goal of life itself.

How do I talk to black art hoes?
I want to fuck one so badly but I have NO GAME

Literally be white