Can we get a weed thread? stoners of r9k get in here

can we get a weed thread? stoners of r9k get in here

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im out of weed

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Me too. Fucking sucks big dick, but I'll have some more by the end of the week when I get my cheque. I could use a fast-break honestly, I smoked >2 ozs in June alone. Was mostly blunts to be fair tho

is that from gta vc? sorry bro
I will smoke one for both you guys

There was two drug generals up at once wasn't there?

Did they die?

Ay thanks g. Live it up for us and appreciate the lovely dank. The first thing I miss about weed when I go on breaks is the smell and the act of lighting your first joint.

never been a joint roller myself. my friend is decent at it but admittedly he uses pre wraps and all that, he doesn't do it old school way. mostly use glass myself

They're not too bad once you get the hang of em. Ever tried rolling a backwoods blunt? Now that shit's tricky. Used to be big on the pipe cause I could carry it everywhere but now mostly stick to joints, spliffs and blunts for both portability and effectiveness.

it looks like yakuza 0 or something

nice, and I am sure it isn't too hard to learn but to be honest I just haven't taken the care to. maybe someday when I am an old fart and don't have much to do I can do it as a throw back to the classics

I don't want to be this man anymore.

It isn't helping me get the things I want. It's hindering me because it helps me take the anxiety off. And I am living truly care free. In the eyes of the people that care for me I am hitting all the bases, and still am not at peace.

After this summer is over, this long dog days of summer lifestyle will be left behind, as I drive to the pacific ocean. And then I will come home, and be the man I need to be to get the woman I want, possibly need.

Weed will probably be a part of my life forever, but I need to keep in check right now so it really doesn't become a problem.

We're all still so young and don't even know it.

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cool satan trips user. are you going through something user? do you want to talk about it?

True. Anyway have a good toke friend, and good thread

I know, for a certain fact, that me being at my lowest in not giving a shit is not what I want. I know the things I really need are love, comraderie, and good friendship.

Me just working my week away, being as little a hermit i can on the weekends, and smoking weed all the time is not what I need to be doing right now to be happy.

So I need to change my lifestyle, and take it seriously. So I have a plan, and then from there we can get the ball rolling.

My mom says life is what happens when you are not mapping out your future.

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Gonna get nice n SLONKED later tonight. Comfy.

You're mum sounds like an faggot

How could possibly refute what she said? She is the only person in my life who has ever been right on what I need

Fucking weed is real mate, it ruined my life and got me back up like i'm its fucking dog, fuck weak weed, fucking the strong one is the on that sets me free and grow old

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Sorry mate my wife's son got a hold of my phone while I was browsing the thread

yes user talking elves are real and they will guide you on this journey

Elves don't exist

Can i meth into asshole and maybe die

Why does always 1 motherfucker take it too far, relax man

who else here is oil cartridge master race

Stole weed from my vro... I should burn in hell

how long you been smoking broseph?

Thinking about making a press for hash rosin, fell down the weed YouTube rabbit hole and it seemingly pays for itself

pressing it out with a flat iron is fun I have done it a few times. then people started to r&d out some crazy designs and you can buy electronic press with variable settings for pressures and stuff. might run you up a couple hundred bucks at first but my friends and I were seriously considering doing it for awhile

I cant smoke until after work. I am thinking of seeing the new spider man movie high as fuck. Any other movie suggestions?

>gta vc?
kek, you think vc's graphics were that good?

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yo maybe cool it with the hard Rs there bro