Get dubs in this thread to die in your sleep tonight

Get dubs in this thread to die in your sleep tonight.
Personally hoping for some dubs myself.

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Uwu how exciting. I hate uni, am going to fail resits, and nothing else appeals.

based dubs lord pls

sleep tite fish

If someone gets quads, everyone who posts in this thread dies too.


Rerolling in my own thread so I can kill everyone at once.

Rolling for dubs cuz fugg it

But please let me go to the confession first

Check em check em check em lads

let's find out if lady luck is on my side.

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No but she's on mine

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Lets try to die

Someone please die in my fucking thread.

Can we get some dubs here please?!?

You limp-dick faggots can't even get dubs, how embarrassing.

Error , oh shit

Getting lucky!

For the love of all that is holy, give me the double digits. Please

Yes indeed! We have a winner! Enjoy your free death tonight.

Wow ive never won anything before!

I don't even want to die but I'll deprive one of you faggots from your sought-after death

come, roll them devils doubles boy

Believe it or not I actually don't want to die.