I want something to die for

I want something to die for.

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Don't join the army, user, it's basically ran by kikes. My best bet is to just find a cause that aligns with what you believe instead.

go on a holy war

die for the sake of wild carp

God bless user, why kill yourself when you can die for something.

the day of the bullet approaches.
alumninotseen will reign supreme, as they should. we will establish ourselves as truly alive, leaving us intertwined with death and exalting us to the zenith of existence in the omniverse.

Christian militia feels

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where do you live mr trips

what you really want is something to live for and be passionate enough for that you make great sacrifices for it

You can die for me.

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Die for the infinite comfort of death.

Humanity , god is litteraly creating handicapped people and he gets little kids raped by their fathers daily plus making more fucked up shit also, go against the ultimate faggotron.

Somewhere where men once died for something.

Why not just live? You have nothing to live for?

Shoot up a synagogue faggot

Die for your ideals, die for your beliefs

Then find something to live for first.

ill take that as england
fight for queen and country lad
preserve the great monarchy thats ran our nation for centuries

Suicide 4 Jeezuz

Be a vigilante

I want something to live for. I'd take death too though.