I'm so jealous. I would have paid 10x the price if it wasn't the Steam sale.

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It's so sad knowing I share the same board with degenerates like him.

>Battle Network on the shelf

Hub shouldn't be associated with this degeneracy.

he can afford it because he works at mcdonalds

Is that the bath water guy?

wait so he bought a streamers bathwater?

>buying a hot roasties bathwater


>I-I totally just bought this i-ironically to troll people hahaha

we're reaching levels of patheticism that shouldn't even be possible

There's no way this isn't satire.
Even if it's for a meme , this is pathetic

>italian name

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For people obsessed with the woman I'm sure they think it's romantic. People like op's pic probably just try to play it off as "ironic trolling" to the public while secretly relishing in their purchase.

bruh its vito gesualdi, he just fucks with people like you, his video where he hands out pepsi cans at berkeley is so funny

>bruh its vito gesualdi,

its you isnt it

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>tfw he just bought regular tap water
Retarded lard face

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Vito's cool

Is there any way to verify that she had any contact with the water?

How long until she sells her poopies?

Anybody have a based pic of some beta drinking that water?

why waste it? youre supposed to save it for deadly wounds

>get a job
That's like $23 bucks though

>girls undress before bathing
>bathwater came in contact with gamergirl pussy
>basically ate pussy
So long virgins

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He has my exact beard lmao

Okay, fine.
A video of it.

The girl never sent out any water. It's all viral marketing. Fucking faggots who cant shut up about it are making it work and even making replicas of a non existant product ffs.