Post your results from politiscales

Post your results from politiscales

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here it is user!!!! here's my very cool chart!

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R8 my results, Im curious

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Pretty based on conservatism on nationalism, but could be more laissez-fair and capitalist

not sure i entirely agree with my results but whatever

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Not a Nazi in any way shape or form. I don't get the jew hate, they are actually more productive and better citizens than Christians are on average

Political compass is trash user

Superior results coming in.

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Based, what world leader in history do you think represents your values the best user? And what type of government would you want?

>tfw radical centrist
I just want my guns, damn it.

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I got bored 30 questions in

Best ITT
Too laissez-faire
Too progressive, especially you Too nihilistic

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r8 my results

>no specific ideology

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Too much regulation, communism and revolution. Just look how bad the US is right now with regulations which makes it impossible for a person that isn't rich to start a company due to the barriers of entry being so damn high due to laws being so complicated and the need for a lawyer for everything

>tfw I got best results

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One of the most based results here

What ever this site says

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From the other thread, just to get rated and hated.

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No idea what gave me that 7% of communism, my dislike of patents maybe?

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There should be encouragement for small businesses but more regulation for corporations, in America companies get away with lobbying, stealing information, controlling media. This is going to cause more problems long term than the barriers on start ups.

The communism is probably from what I mentioned above, as for revolution it's usually the only way for actual change, people don't give up power easily and when the government (the people you want to change) are the only one's with force it's either revolution or an unsatisfactory outcome.

Not sure what policies I would want implemented though, I think some people exaggerate the problems of the modern world and modernity in general.

>too nihilistic
Guilty as charged.

I like the flag on mine

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Brainwashed succesfuly, Jews are race without farmers or workers, a race of parasites