Why did the bad guys totally ruin badass black uniforms and why do bad guys always have the coolest uniforms?

Why did the bad guys totally ruin badass black uniforms and why do bad guys always have the coolest uniforms?

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Same goes for the gay flag. They ruined the rainbow.

>he thinks the good guys won ww2

The bad guys of WW2 mostly wore green if I recall

The bad guys fought the good guys with the nice uniforms.
Despite their best efforts, one can't win against that huge advantage in numbers.

>they're bad because typhus exists
WOAH, makes you think.

How do you think wars work?

the good guys always win the third

They're badass because they were what the bad guys wore

Every country is the hero of their story. There are no good or bad guys in war.

>here are no good or bad guys in war.
Yes there are this time, the Nazis were bad people user

>Black, red and skulls

Really makes you think

>the us never uses skulls as decoration
fucking lmao

Really, no. We must first define "bad" people. Does it mean amoral? Unethical? Typically, it means amoral and, if this is the case, then the very act of war goes against the best benchmark for universal morality (categorical imperative) and as such no one engaged in war is moral. You can make the case that the defenders are ethically righteous, but I hazard to say this area is grey in WW2.

Take into consideration the Russian and French involvement in actualizing WW1, the French desire to incessantly neuter Germany, the cruel Versailles Treaty despite being, largely, the defender, etc... Even in the wake of WW2, we see that the US and US capitalists like Walter Teagle and Standard Oil New Jersey were giving Tetraethyl lead and synthetic rubber to IG Farben. Without this American aid, the Luftwaffe literally would not have been able to invade Poland. Coincidentally, Americans stopped giving this aid in 1944 before their invasion and, also coincidentally, the americans funded and pit the USSR against the Nazi regime.

All of this coupled with the fact that the Japanese, whose Unit 731 committed more heinous crimes against more people, didn't get prosecuted, the Americans dropped two atomic bombs on civilian populations despite coercing their opponent into war, and the officer sanctioned mass rape of german civilians after the closing of the eastern front makes one appear EXTREMELY disingenuous (or ignorant) when they say Nazi German were the "bad" guys

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What a fucking loser. White uniforms are for true chads.
White is a symbol of showing "im so important i know i wont even get dirty, im so high up i dont get dirty, i can wear these easily stainable clothes because i am that important."
Black is shit. Imagine wearing a color that absorbs all heat, is a massive eyesore, and matches the sheapskin pantaloons the peasants wore.
True chads wear white. A man who shows he is above dirt is a man above everything.

Apparently slavs are chads lmao
On second thought yeah they are

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The Nazi Guard Officer uniform was white

Nah nah nah that doesnt mean shit, im talking every uniform. Even ignoring the fact that the nazi party were some pussies using eugenical ideas as proof of some melanin superiority like absolute basedboys, most of their uniforms were black. If every nazi marched around wearing pure white that would be a chad move, especially on a battlefield. Saying "we wear white because we dont even expect to dirty it" would put everyone else to shame. But they wore black thinking it made them look like hardasses. Didnt work for nazis, didnt work for emos or goths, wont work for anyone.

I'm gonna buy one of these from Aliexpress.

The Nazis had exceptional aesthetic desu senpai. They are an isolated example tho. Think about all the other uniforms we fought against. The Vietmihn, the Chinese, the Japanese. All asians desu but still, not a lot of awesome military forces wore black uniforms and with the genius of Hugo Boss how were the Nazis not gonna look sexy?

>the nazi party were some pussies using eugenical ideas as proof of some melanin superiority
Jews was black n shit.

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Honestly the best looking bad guys ever IMO were italian gangsters, mafia members, or really anyone in organized crime. The sleezy yet classy suits were a fucking 101% perfect representation of their environment. High class yet oh so dirty.

Dude what, Nazi uniforms varied by branch. The only uniform that was black 100% of the time was the SS uniform. The normal army was Feldgrau you mong

>US and US capitalists like Walter Teagle and Standard Oil New Jersey were giving Tetraethyl lead and synthetic rubber to IG Farben

god damn son

why do we always hate th ones who try to save us?

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Imo late 2012 was the beggining of the end for this site: people coping at ron paul's defeat and the rise of extreme feminism made anons ripe for stormfaggots and putinbots. By 2013 it was over. everything went very political and retarded it just wasnt the same.

Yeah. 2008 was peak year desu, 2006 was when it found its culture, 2007 is when the culture was cemented, and 2008 was apotheosis.

>bad guys
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Honestly i think that the culture was perfect at 2006 really, when they had to tell b to not be cunts and raid everywhere was the best. It wouldve been terrible later because i think it was 2007 that they figured b was getting like 200,000 posts a day.
b used to be crazy man, im like 17% glad its devolved to porn, the old b would not last on the modern internet.

so, what youre saying is, outside people came in and destroyed what you built? destroyed culture? took what was yours? made it different? insider betrayed you? and now youre a minority in your own lands?
fucking sucks, dont it?

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white clothes strain your eyes though, especially really bright fabric.

If I saw someone wearing all white or a white suit, I'd probably want to look away because it's slightly unpleasant where you have someone all black doesn't stand out so much