Together 2 years

>together 2 years
>she wanted to marry me
>i dragged my feet and took her for granted
>we made out on Thursday but she said she couln't see me anymore becuase it was too painful
>I text her once since then
>Got this today.

This hurts really fucking bad. I don't understand at all.

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haha wow she is still obsessed with you. look at all those texts. she still wants the benis

I really thought i could marry this one, and I'm terrified of marriage.

propose to her. see her response

if dubs you have to reply with hoes mad

sounds like an entitled cunt, you dodged a bullet

You live and you learn, stop taking them for granted user, they are the most precious thing life has to offer

Holy fucking shit dude, idk what to say but I know it sucks

Been there, done that. Started talking to her again recently. We talked about it, neither of us can let go. Our families won't ever accept us, so I guess that's just the way she goes

Tell her all that's on your mind. Show her how you regret taking her for granted and tell her you wanted to marry her. If she ignores you'll have to let go.

It's brutal. I'm totally blind sided. She was my best friend.

IT's clear that she doesn't want to hear from me.

IN my reply i said that I made mistakes and that I was devastated by how this turned out. I'm thinking she met someone else in the last month.

What do you really expect if someone wants to marry you, but you hurt their feelings by giving the impression you don't want to marry them? Not to say that I don't hope she gives you a second chance. I hope she does. But this has to be one of the most non-roastie females I've seen posted about on here.

i Like this
however, it seemes like op was the retard who fucked it up and now she wants someone better

She was pretty promiscuous but she's got a really strong mind and personality. I'm honestly lost without her. We lived 30 minutes away from each other and I had hoped to get a job closer to her. I did get one, but teh pay was so much lower than I anticipated that it would have affected my long term earning power.

I've been through break ups before but this hollowed me out and I have no one to talk to about it.

Promiscuous prior to the relationship or during?


Bumping for op. I'm really sorry brother.

>She was pretty promiscuous
Nothing lost

>I've been through break ups before but this hollowed me out and I have no one to talk to about it
Have you tried reddit? You would seem to fit in there just fine.

Holy fuck man I get how you feel. I'm in a similar situation and dammit I'm lost and don't know what to do

Welcome aboard. I'm in hell

Shit man I know. Me and her weren't together anywhere near as long as you and yours but damn it still hurts like hell and I honestly don't know what to tell her.

I feel totally shut down, like there aren't any options. She was so loving just 3 days ago. What happened with you?

Kind of a long story but I'll try to cut as much as possible to keep it short
>19 years I'm a depressed anti social robot like the rest of this board
>about two years ago I get employed and learn to socialize and lose some weight
>(now age 21) earlier this year I'm in school and meet this one extremely cool chick in class
>she's absolutely amazing but I assume she's married or something so I don't even imagine being with her
>one night while texting she mentions her divorce and we just talk about normal stuff
>I lose all hope but still just talk like a normal friend
do I go on or just cut to the chase? I honestly tried to keep it short

off the board now

t. seetheing incel

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Keep it confidential ng user. Let it out

This isn't a relationship coping board. You're looking for Jow Forums, now kindly fuck off and never come back.

Fuck it I'll just go on
>A few nights later this happens
>It throws me off but we keep going and she admits how she's been crushing and trying to get me to notice since we first met
>We end up making plans to go out even though her papers aren't entirely done yet
yeah I know what I did, I know I shouldn't have accepted but damnit, look at this board. I didn't want to end up an incel for the rest of my life so I took the leap and reached for the absolute first person to EVER show any kind of affection
>we go out a few times, she gives me my first hand hold, hugs, kiss everything.
>I knew at the very beginning I was just infatuated with her but kept telling myself over and over not to get too attached
>I should have listened
>towards the end of the semester we're doing absolutely great and she says it's only a matter of days before the divorce papers would be complete
>but a few days before our last class her in-laws wanted to have a dinner with her so she went up to Dallas to talk and stuff
>The night before she goes we're still perfect and everything
Will continue

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Sorry man I've got to go real quick but here if you need someone to talk to about this just text. Here's my kik if you want, I have Snap also but drop yours if you feel like it and I'll add as soon as I can.
I'm this guy btw
Kik: YellOrangPurp

Where in the post does OP ask for advice?
Jow Forums is a shitty board that doesn't give ANY good advice anyway.

So she didn't care about you, she only cared about some meaningless ceremony.

honestly i was in the same situation the time was alot shorter though like 6 months its probably gonna be alot harder for you. how long have you guys been broken up for? also can you just explained what happend what do you mean by dragging your feet?

This is kind of harsh, but close to the truth. If she really loved you, NOTHING would stop her from being with you right this very moment.

Same goes for you OP. If you really loved her, you'd be with her right now. Instead you're looking for validation for your hurt feelings.

He's looking for pity and direction. That's the board for it. No one gives a fuck here

op ur situation hits really close to me. love can sometimes be exciting and sometimes it can be comforting, with comfort leading to boredom and distance. she was probably more in love with the idea of you more than you. anyways i know you feel awful now but these things just take time and introspection. make it a point to learn from this. ur not alone