Last year my mom told me she thinks I have autism. I don't know why, but that really hurt my feelings...

Last year my mom told me she thinks I have autism. I don't know why, but that really hurt my feelings. Why would she say that? What does she get out of telling me?

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idk why she would say that OP, im sorry. she may have said it out of genuine concern. my dad asked me if i was gay/a tranny the other day, it really hurt my feelings. not because he thought i was gay, but because he knows me so little

You should probably see a psychiatrist and get an assessment if you can. Being formally diagnosed can be a big relief because it might explain many problems you could have socially. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 16, and it really helped with the depression and anxiety I was going through at that time

well, do you have autism? she might not be wrong

I don't know. How are you supposed to tell if you're autistic?

Damn, I'm sorry about that.

well.... are you gay/trans?

>Why would she say that?
Orange you glad she didn't say banana?

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>Why would she say that?
She's worried about you
>What does she get out of telling me?
Either you drop your lame larping or it's time to start getting appointments

all in all he is worried about me though. i don't go out ever, all i do is work. your mom is probably worried about you too, and justifying her own doubts with the accusation. thats not to say that wasn't rude of her to say, but i wouldn't lose sleep over it
no, he really just doesn't have the slightest idea about me. i once had a guy call me cute and offered to suck my dick tho

She is trying to justify your failures/shortcomings? Every parent expects their children to become doctors

When i was like 14 my mom told me i was like forrest gump. She also beat me frequently.

Not in the mood to care about your oranges today.
Well I did end up a high school dropout. And a tranny. So that could definitely be part of it.

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>Not in the mood to care about your oranges today.
I guess this one is a lemon.

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Alright. Cool. Good one.

You're just mad about the ears aren't you?

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Yeah kinda. Why do you get rid of them?

To make her cuter. It looks cute if a girl wears fake ears, but not if they're actually attached to her head. If you're into that sort of thing you might be a furry.

If you like when girls dress up in kinky outfits and put on cute ears you're just a man.

A coworker told me the same this week. I'm often suggested to consult but that's like saying to someone suffering from coulrophobia "the great Cagliarani is in town tonight, go see him to change your mind". Surely if i could go talk to a total stranger about my inability to talk to total strangers, that would help. So people perceives something wrong with you, but they aren't qualified to find out. Go consult if you can. Cagliarani is surely hilarious.

Aren't you going to ask about the tail? I had it all planned out. YOU MEN CAN ONLY EVER THINK ABOUT GETTING SOME TAIL HUH? IS THAT ALL YOU THINK ABOUT!?!

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I'm sorry. I didn't notice the tail.

These dank Holo OCs. I thought everyone forgot about Holo ever existing but now the memories are flooding back. And if you watch anime you already placed yourself on the spectrum user. Compounded with making photoshops of top tier waifus and posting on r9k? At least you don't have to wear a helmet when you go to bed

>I didn't notice the tail.
What are you gay?

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>What are you gay?
Uh, Yeah.

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