Daily reminder that all women want is a guy in ottermode

daily reminder that all women want is a guy in ottermode

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Will you ever be happy if you live to please the average woman?

But that's not what I want.

That's easy achievable, where's the pain, the hate and the struggle?
GTFO of my board, twink.

woh cares what women think they're fucking gay, bro

it's harder to cut than bulk fattie lmao

>be ottermode
>get a gf
>slowly bulk up from 185 lbs- 215 lbs (at 6'3'') over two years
>hitting the gym consistently during this time, doing cardio and calisthenics on my off days
>find out my gf really fucking loves muscles
>she keeps talking about how much I've improved and has become noticeably insecure about her status in the relationship

Daily reminder that you're not ottermode unless you have at least 15 inch arms, otherwise you're just a skellet.

For you.

And what the fuck are you? Fat fucking larping PIG

Fit is just a constant struggle between fatties and twinks

>be me
>be ottermode with about 14% BF
>girls mirin me softly
>have a lot of time and money on my hands
>eat better and more, hit the gym more often
>get ripped
>girls literally wet themselves when seeing me

it actually isn't, fatty.

a-am I ottermode?

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I hate being ottermode but I have to admit that ever since I cut hard I've been getting WAY more stares from women

Yes it is you fucking retards
I guarantee you fat fucks have never been below 14% because the last stretch is incredibly difficult

>the last stretch is incredibly difficult
Yeah,if your a soft little bitch.

no its not

t. former alcoholic who didnt eat literally anything for days


No it fucking isn’t, putting down the fork is way easier than force feeding yourself. Get off this board, tubby.

women have absolutely no idea what they want

You are one shredded son of a bitch.
I would unironically suck your dick.

LEL, speak for yourself, chunky.

What are your stats and routine?

kek, yeah having no energy because you're eating 1000kcal a day is soooo easy, not like you get depressive feelings, etc from it

you fat cunt, shut the fuck up and go eat another hamburger faggot

>1000 kcal a day
Are you 5'1? What the fuck?

thats what cutting is bitch, none of this slow shit losing 4lbs a month

I lift for the approval of other dudes tobh. No homo but girls are dumb.

Either you're starving yourself or you're a manlet with a really low maintenance.
Either way you're a cunt so fuck off

How to Ottermode?

Reminder that ottermode only attracts girls if you're good looking and tall. Otherwise get as big as possible. Class dismissed.

5’10” 152.2 lbs 13.6%

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Took some creatine this morning and then took a 3 hour nap. Woke up feeling disappointed as I looked in the mirror and saw that I hadn't gained any muscle. Is creatine just a meme?

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I have posted this before but how /ottermode/ am I? Personally I am not even aiming to be ottermode and would prefer to bulk a bit more and add muscle to my best in particular

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>he fell for the creatine meme
Enjoy your baldness

I’m good looking and 5’10” do I count

Maybe. But you have to be that much better looking than your lanklet oottermode counterpart

Just started working out with my goal of otter mode and goddamn I’m tired of being weak and hungry. I thought I would be shredded at 170. Currently 164 and probably need to drop to 155 to hit ideal bodyfat percentage. Fuck I was fat

Seething skellet.

I'm not fat, just honest. "Ottermode" is cope for people who haven't put in the work to build physique.

That's convenient because ottermode is all I want to be.

What did you start at? I started at 215 lbs at the end of April. At 185 now.

I like how your chest hair is a down arrow - I'm sure the chicks love it ;^)

6' 150 lbs 9% body fat ottermode here. Been skinny since the day I was born. Can't gain weight to save my life. On the plus side I get a lot of mires when I go to the pool.

Anyone give me tips for putting on weight? I'd love to get into the 165-170 range.



With a good face, you can't change your ugly face so just get big.

shoulders/traps are too big

>eating so few calories that you're rapidly losing muscle, making it more difficult for yourself to lift, and bragging about this as if you did something correctly

was it worth forfeiting your natty card?
im dissapointed user

why are your biceps half the size of your forearms

Eat more, how is that complicated. There's no such things as "can't gain weight" metabolism, calories in calories out. If you're at a surplus you'll gain weight

It's incredible how you guys know everything about women and what they want yet can't get girl or lose your virginity. It's so weird haha

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This is all women, whether they admit it or not.
Your chest is disproportionately small
Chicken, rice, milk, peanut butter, protein powder

You have it fucking made, man.
Yeah, the one area that looks a tiny bit underdeveloped is the chest, but even that's not saying much. You could maintain this for the next ten years and be treated as a physical god by almost everyone you meet.

Interesting that you hit back and arms twice
I get that wide lats help with the v-taper. I've just never been into getting big arms as much as getting big pecs and delts.
Can't argue with your results, though.

Brazilian model Marlon Teixeira
Just in case you want to beat your meat to this otter twink.

daily reminder that girls cant tell you look like this with a shirt on

>Jow Forums is one person
it was actually YOU who couldn't lose their virginity wasn't it??

camera angle?

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Sorry flubber, but this is dead wrong. Feeding yourself past comfort will always be harder than literally doing nothing

Impressive abs, leaness, and arms, but gotta say your back looks small even from the front bro. Those lats are really disproportionate, they hardly look trained at all. Can't imagine your legs are much better

This board is so delusional

Noted. My lats are odd thqh. Right side way bigger than the left. Working on em tho

I used to have a noticeably bigger right lat too, I did a lot of one arm dumbbell rows and one arm lat pull-downs, worked pretty well.

Daily reminder no woman can tell if you're ottermode or just skinny wearing normal clothes.

How often are you wearing normal clothes?

Would you rather take a +9 shirtless +0 unshirted as otter or a +6 shirtless +6 shirted as built mode?

Daily reminder that the opinion of women is irrelevant

Good ottermode. I'm aiming for more mass and still being lean but you're doing great, especially looking like that in natural light. Keep it up, bro.

Daily reminder girls want someone they can’t go an hour without thinking about

Girls want a tall and handsome dude, body is irrelevant unless you are a fatass.

This guy doesn't look like he lifts in clothes he pretty much has to rely on his face to get girls. Girls will be impressed by his body only when he's shirtless so the only way to use is at the beach.
But if you are bigger you often times don't have to rely just on your face to get girls and your gains will be visible in a shirt, so clubs,bars any other social spots to meet girls will work for you.

>look like a dyel faggot with a shirt on

this is why america has an anorexia epidemic

am I /ottermode/? I think i should loss maybe ~3% of bf, and I will be good

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No, ottermode is about having enough muscle and low bf to look athletic and muscular. You don't have enough muscle, het more then cut as much as possible, bulk for a year then cut for 3 months and you'll be there.

thats a lot of work

Plus you have to be tall or exceptionally handsome in the face. Otherwise you have to overcompensate with more muscles if you want to get 7s and above regularly.

lel fatties btfo

Did you know there are women with preferences for all kinds of body + face + personality combos out there?

And yes, believe it or not, there is bound to be someone out there who actually likes you the way you are right fucking now.

But if there is one thing, no woman or man likes, it's insecurity. Get comfortable in your own skin and you will find more people than ever before like you regardless of how you look.

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This is good, you want to have the power in the relationship. Make sure you pass comfort tests though to reassure you wont leave her

ALL women like healthy men, and having muscle is a good indicator of that. Also, looks matter more than personality.

It's easily achievable? How?
share wisdom pls

I have fucked a couple of girls and now have a girlfriend for two years which I fuck regularly... now I want more

You're my ideal! How did you get that?

Yeah eating as low calorie as possible while still hitting protein macro is the ultimate cut. Only fatties need to eat more than that on a cut.

I look a LOT like that + more lats and even girls that see me without a shirt don't say shit about my body. feels bad men

Post it, let's figure out what you need to work on

based and redpilled

Nah I'm good bro. I know I need more arms and neck due to my lanky ass genetics.

Who gives a shit? If you do anything for women you’re an idiot. You might get worthless pussy, but you have to live with being a spineless sucker


>girls literally wet themselves when seeing me

Can you take a moment and explain a little about yourself? I am always curious to understand more about the kinds of people who transparently lie on anonymous image boards.

What was your routine, fren?

I have a good paycheck and get to fuck 3-4 prostitutes/month.
They would let me fuck them if I was a morbid obese or an skinny male model.
Go get a job, improve your life in general, without thinking too much about cum dumpsters

I have 14" arms, but I'm 5'3". Is this ottermode or dyel?

Jow Forums will NEVER be able to accomplish this aesthetic. Friendly reminder statue of David is ottermode

Nigga your garden gnome mode

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Would I be ottermode if I were normal though?

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What the fuck is that patch of shit on your chest, trim it.

but I don't want to look like that.

All your based belong to him

Peak otter status

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