I will never be a mother because I'm a schizophrenic subhuman

I will never be a mother because I'm a schizophrenic subhuman.

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>implying you're a girl
Being trans isn't the same thing as being a woman user

Okay but will you be my gf

you can have children while being a schizophrenic, you cant get children if you close yourself off and dont try

What's stopping you? Are you afraid that your child will also end up schizophrenic or do you think you'll never be able to have a stable relationship?

>I will never be a mother because I'm a tranny


she's afraid she'll murder her kids

those are both almost guarantee that will happen, not like it will stop someone if they really want to

I think it only increases the chance of the child developing it by a bit, it's not guaranteed by any means.

depends on what you believe, i believe every life is precious even if it is a life of suffering, it is the parents responsibility to help the child and minimize the problems tho

schizophrenia is passed down through genes. so there would be a 50%+ chance you'd be condemning another human life to live with a terrible mental illness

yes there would be

Where did you get that number from? My quick research says the child has a 10% of also developing the condition.

God knows there is enough suffering in the world already. But this is coming from a point of bias as I also suffer from mental illness and wouldnt wish it upon my worst enemy, let alone my own children.

Everything's going to be okay roastie. I'm here for you. I will take care of you.

i cant blame you, but if it is your children it would be part of you, your suffering too

take care of my pussy instead

I will make everything feel better again with my big, soothing dick.

Had a good friend who's mother was schizophrenic. He dabbled in drugs as a teenager and ended up triggering it himself, now he's in a long stay institution because he stabbed his caretaker during a psychotic episode. It's not pretty.

It just sounds like he pulled it out of his ass since he thinks one parent having it is a guaranteed 50% chance for it passing down.

I actually heard that a healthy supply of dick is good for balancing out crazy chicks

>drugs as a teenager and ended up triggering it himself
i know that feel too well, im glad it didnt stay around too much after i stoped doing drugs, im sure im doomed once i get older tho

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You can breastfeed me any day.

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>molested as child
>physically abused
>tortured with sleep deprivation
>watched parent abuse animals to hurt me
>made to do hard physical labor in inhumane conditions (in calf deep mud, no shoes)
>frequently starved then fed unhealthy junk food
>removed from school in elementary, no education, retard
>socially inept
>strange emotional outbursts i dont understand. random crying. panic attacks during mundane activities. sometimes fine with sexual stimulus. other times panic.
>violent anger
>have blacked out and strangled parents
>directed it inward into self-mutilation, including bashing head on walls
>gave myself a concussion once
>wants to just quit and ascend into some sort of heaven or empty space, tired and feel out of control

i worry about any child i may ever have but im nearing 27 and still a virgin.

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My dad's mom was schizophrenic, and my dad is one of the chillest people I know, but his siblings, my siblings, and myself all have various mental illnesses. I'll admit it makes life difficult, even hellish at times, but it doesn't change the fact that we love each other and stuff. Life isn't perfect, nobody is perfect, and we just learn to live with that I guess.

I'm never having children though too, I'd make a TERRIBLE father.

schizophrenia isnt real

it was invented by the jews as an excuse to sedate people

do you take any mind numbing pills? you can maybe make a come back if the mental illness is induced

>TERRIBLE father
everyone thinks that


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ive tried a variety of prescribed and nonprescribed drugs and also periods of time where i have been completely sober
weed does help to manage the angry/violent outbursts and improve my overall mood, but it reduces my ambition and increases my likelihood to live in squallor and make no progress in life. weed also gives me a sex drive i otherwise do not have and relaxes me enough that masturbating doesnt feel bad. other psychs like acid and dmt help similarly but not exactly the same and absolutely not for daily management.

i benefit from having anxiety medications that are geared towards situational use for panic attacks (IE: xanax) but do not currently have them
i also benefit from having sleeping pills but do not currently have them (weed helps but disrupts the rem sleep and i dont sleep as well and is not guaranteed to put me to sleep and may in some instances keep me up if i am acting manic since it sometimes feeds the psychotic type stuff)

nothing else has been very useful. i was told there is some stuff that helps with nightmares i'd like to try but i have never had it. some rx drug.

sounds like you need to find something to replace weed with something else, im my experience weed only exacerbate whatever im felling and it makes me paranoid, but yea it relaxes and gives you more libido, an depressant might help you i dont know how many have you tried but theres a lot of them and some takes time to see a difference

i stopped for two years and it resulted in an increase in anger/self-harm impulses and negativity towards other people, as well as more episodes of panic/crying. if i regularly have some form of thc this is greatly reduced. some other form of medication might work but i havent had a lot of success with psychiatrists/doctors/etc. and they usually want to go with SSRIs which have not worked and have worrying side effects. the fact that i have any history of illicit drug use makes them reluctant to treat me with any medication but they are generally unable to connect/communicate with me and any form of talk therapy ends up fairly useless. i have gotten more out of reading about psychology, CBT methods, and self-medicating along with trying to manage my overall health (nutrition, exercise, sleeping, water, forcing myself to interact with people regularly) increasing my overall wellbeing too.

>nutrition, exercise, sleeping, water, forcing myself to interact with people regularly
you're not doing anything wrong i guess, all you can do would be try out different drugs at this point, maybe get some hobbies like drumming

i draw and its very cathartic and a good output
i just got really fucked in life and even though im consciously aware of it it still has a lot of influence over me.

Never say never anonnete. You'll make someone very happy one day. Dont let the demons win

Hi OP I hope you are still around, I have never met a schizophrenic woman before online or in real life except for my mother, so I am really interested in knowing what it is like to have schizophrenia.

My mother has been catatonic since my birth triggered post-partum psychosis to the point where if she is unmedicated, her paranoid delusions can drive her to violence and destructive behaviours like attempting to blow up the house with gas, or battering my father with a frying pan. I have never managed to understand my mother, or what life is like for her, I don't understand schizophrenia either. She is on clozapine.

Also, thank you for choosing not to be a mother. You are doing your potential children a great service. My mother was not there for me, she cannot be there for me, a distant, glassy eyed figure in the corner that occasionally repeats the same phrases and laughs to herself on occasion. My father is consumed by the misery of losing his wife to schizophrenia, and also has to look after her, and I think he blames me for it. He tried to kill himself once. You are good to not inflict that on a child, it is not right, it is not fair. People like you and my mother should not be parents, and that's okay, but my condolences nonetheless.

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if you dont know how it is that means you dont have it

I will make her a mother.

You are right, I don't have it

Enjoy ruining a kids life

Yeah on second thoughts, having a schizo mom and neckbeard dad does sound like a recipe for disaster for the poor sod that gets shot into this world because of them.

My father browses some blue boards here on Jow Forums, and my mother is a schizophrenic, look where I am.

what makes you think it would be the same way with op? that sounds like an extreme case, and hes healthy he should be glad to be alive from the sacrifice his mom and dad did

Your condition is extremely heritable. It's imperative you don't pass on your genes so as to not pollute our society. The echoes of your poisonous uterus could be felt for hundreds of years as schizophrenia is a polygenic disease. If your symptoms ever become totally managed and you want to become a mother, please use an egg donor. Modern fertility clinics place ads seeking donors in the newspapers of Ivy League schools and applicants are screened for health history, height and other traits. They're essentially practicing eugenics and no one seems to mind. You can get wonderful quality genetic material. Even if you can't find a partner but long to become a mother, you can get high quality sperm as well and just be a single mother with your kind, creative and intelligent child.

Yeah maybe, it depends on the severity of her case but honestly I'm fairly desperate because I'm kind of a screw up and not good with women so I would stick my dick in crazy. But there's definitely a chance that a kid would turn out okay if I banged OP.

>tfw no schizo gf
It's not fair anons

imagine putting society on top of your own happiness

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Imagine not being a degenerate, if you can.

society is degenerate, support society you support degeneracy, i focus on the individual society can go fuck itself it only makes people unhappy

you really wouldnt want someone like me as your gf. Its better to stick to your fantasies

yes i would and i know how it is to be schizo

where do you live?
would it comfort you to just cuddle and be in someone's arms after you get to know me and trust me? I would protect you, user.

cook dem eggs boy!

I doubt that very much

I reside in the US. to be honest it wouldnt make me feel any better, it would actually make me worse off

I would make her the best breakfast she'd ever had and cuddle her afterwards.

why would it make you worse off? do hugs make you feel better? how about just watching things together? what are your favorite tv shows or movies or anime?

extreme paranoia and delusions, isnt that it? i had to deal with that at one point in my life it doesnt affect me too bad today tho, but it did change my life forever

Because I dont like being near people at all, thats why. Its not like in anime where comforting the extremely mentally ill causes it to go away

how do you plan on getting a bf if not with people

I dont know, but I do know it wouldve been a bad idea to date someone from a thread like this.

i did and we've been doing it for four years but it's been really weird and chaotic and i acknowledge all the time he isn't my ideal and we are incompatible in a lot of ways. i would have been better off with someone else but social isolation causes desperation and we were both stupid. now we are too weak to leave each other.

I didn't imply that it would go away user, I just want to comfort you regardless. I know mental illness is serious, I didn't mean to make light of it, I just want you to be happy and be comfortable.
>a thread like this
You know, were not all monsters.

which drugs? psychedelics?

maybe, you'd never know