>be me struggling with mental illness
>tried to hang myself in a tree 2 nights ago
>pussied out because the pain was unbearable
>cried all the way home
>cant even kill myself properly.png
>get home try to hang myself 2 more times
>think about how pathetic i am
>keep trying to kill myself these past 2 days
>family havent noticed the bruises on neck and spots under eyes and on face
>keep trying to kill myself today

What do anons i dont wanna live life fucking up my life as bad as i can and taking drugs till i od but i cant do this anymore

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Is your family bad? You should really talk to them no matter how intimidating it may seem if it's a possibility.

OP, don't kill yourself.

The fact that you care that your family didn't notice the attempts means that, on some level, you want to live, you want them to care, to realize the pain you're in. And that's ultimately the issue. You're at a place where it seems you've exceeded your pain threshold and death is preferable. But it's not preferable, and it's not death you want, it's the cessation or significant reduction of the pain.

And you can have that. But you gotta be proactive about it.

No they areny mad but all my family has mental illness my mothers is really bad for example she will spend our rent money then when questioned she will say she doesent know what she spent it on and she believes what she is saying,but i know they will put me in therapy my brother knows about my illness and hes trying to help but theres no medication or anything and it just gets worse i just want to die. Sorry for the rant

what a pathetic fucking loser you must be to come here and admit that you are so weak that you cannot even end it properly cause you dont have the balls. Just because everyone in your life chooses not to give you the attention you crave so much because "muh feelings", you come here just to seek pity. Just do it you fucking loser i don't even know you and already i detest your very existence.

Kill yourself OP, it will erase all your worry and problem, while making regret impossible. No matter how painful the act of dying may be, none of it matters once it's over. You are going to die anyway and you will forgot everything and everybody will forget you, so why not cut to the point?

I care about them noticing because i would rather they think i was happy and not to know i was trying to kill myself just to clear it up

Im not killing myself because i crave attention from people i dont give 2 shits if i get any attention from anyone its my mental illness i cant handle

They'd rather know you're suicidal than find your dead body user.

you don't have a mental illness you are just a weak human being and you face it with whining and killing yourself. Move out of your house and act like a fucking adult. Seek help and be better, get out of here and stop fucking whining. but we all know you will do none of these things so keep on fishing for fucking pity like a fucking roastie cunt.

Thats true but id rather they find the body not me alive

get on meds man. they really help.

some part of you still wants to live if you are reaching out here, and wanting your family to care. i know its rough right now, user, but i think deep down you still want to live or are at least a bit too scared to make more effort which is okay. i suggest talking to somebody, or just taking a few minutes to breathe, listen to music, and think about why you want to end things and why you feel it is the answer. it can get better. im in the same boat, i feel hopeless and i dont mean to sound like i am lying when saying this to you, but i think there is hope and the possibility of things getting better.

I wish i could believe that things would get better but ill always be like this i know theres no meds for the illness just talking therapy but that doesent help the rest of the day im always gonna feel like this feeps bad man

I do have a mental illness depersonalization disorder google it as i do not feel like explaining it im sick of explaining it to people

just deal with it
its rough sometimes, most of the time. get over it or get it over with

you will be like this as long as you let yourself be like this. i promise there is hope and light.

Don't worry user, there's a global pandemic that will kill you anyway. No need to go the extra mile.

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Give it 24 hrs and see how you feel. Suicide is a mostly impulsive act. If you still want to kill yourself, go talk to your doctor or research any suicide helplines. I feel like killing myself occasionally, but i have come to accept it as a symptom of an illness. I feel it and then let it pass.

How is living in misery preferable to feeling nothing at all

Ive on and off suicidal for years right now ive probaly wanted to kill myself for about 6 months but now ive got the noose ill just keep trying to hang myself till i dont pussy out

Thats the problem i dont really feel anything i just feel empty and numb 247 i dont feel like me just like im watching through a screen someone elses life playing out or i feel like im living in a dream

That's kind of comical

>makes thread about being depressed
>also posts to reddit for karma

fucking fag

What the fuck is with these redditors shitting up our already cancerous boards with their extra cancerous made up fantasy stories, just so that they can then repost them on reddit for attention?

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Op here i didnt post that on reddit i dont even go on reddit

I didnt make any of this up btw but if u dont believe me thats up to i just wanted opinions

sorry user. but apparently some faggot is reposting that for attention on reddit.

Its alright i knew that people took greentexts but i never thought someone would post mine feels bad

Try some hard drugs before you die user

If you really wanted to get out, you wouldn't care about the pain, but if you want to really take yourself out without having to worry about pain, I suggest helium bag or carbon monoxide poisoning, or if you know how to order on websites like Tochka you can buy Nembutal pills from trusted vendors for around $300-500.

You are not doing it right, I black out within a minute. Learn to properly cut off the veins to your brain.

Thank you user i am researching the helium bag now that seems a good alternative

I put the noose so that it is above my adams apple on my neck should i move it lower?

you're an attention whore. plain and simple. you aren't depressed. you aren't depersonalized. if you actually were then the pain of that would be so much greater then a noose you would be dead. you're just a roastie that isnt gettin enough attention.
>family havent noticed the bruises on neck and spots under eyes and on face
yeah I bet you wished they noticed huh? so that way you got some of that badly needed attention you crave and people felt sorry for poor old you. you're fucking pathetic. grow the fuck up. no one cares. go take a shower. go to a church. go play a video game. go sit in the woods. anything other then bothering people with your cries for attention. you arent mentally ill. you just think you're special and deserve more. well you dont. and the only way you'll get that is by being a person people can respect. so either sack up and kill yourself or fuck off and become a person. leave everyone else out of it because it all boils down to you being an attention whore.



Nope im glad they didnt notice its just annoying having to hide it

>you don't have a mental illness
if he's diagnosed with one then yes he probably does, you're probably one of those normalfags that believe mental illness isn't real, get hit by a bus faggot

Don't suicide, it's not worth it, you fucking nigger
You think you can just take the easy way out? Hell no, which mfer you think you are
You need to stay here on earth and suffer with the rest of us until your time is up