How did you lose your virginity?

Im an autist, no question about that. a girl basically had to steal my virginity from me.

>high school party that I shouldn't even have been invited to
>went back to her house that night
>we got naked together
>penis in vagina

it never would have happened the normal way. in other words if she would have been bashful and timid.i would stil be a fucking virgin to this day.

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There's no fucking details here you autist, give us something to be interested in. If you're gonna make a bait thread do it right.

>girl at work hits on me everyday
>to jaded to care
>6 months later co workers all go out for drinks
>she kept giving me drinks
>kept chugging them because was having an downer episode
>friends start leaving one by one
>me, her and two other friends
>could barely stand because so wasted
>she tells co workers she will take me home
>get inside uber
>next thing I remember was being in her place, her stripping me and kissing me
>remember her on top riding me

That's all I remember. I woke up and pretended like I wasn't raped. Quit my job a week later.

I got dicked by a robot I knew on disc

happened around 7-9 years old, was "dating" (dating in middle school doesnt count as actually dating) and we held hands and cute stuff (it wasnt cute but we thought it was cause MUH RELATIONSHIP) and we had a sleepover one day and we were just watching movies at 11pm and then she whispered to me "want to show eachother our privates?" and i accepted cause im a kid, and after touching eachother a bit, you know, curious about the human body n stuff, she eventually tried to fit me inside her, and thats where im stopping cause i dont want to be arrested

Typical normie way.

>freshman yr of college
>meet girl in my dorm who is also from my hometown
>start hanging out, spending a lot of time in her room
>kissing, leads to making out, leads to oral, leads to sex
>she lets me put it in her butt too

Dated for a few months but didn't really work out.

It was a house party. senior graduation party of high school. I was next to her in the hot tub. she took her clothes off. We talked and she got me to drive her home.

At her house it took her like 2 minutes to get me to fuck her. I was hard in the car and it happened fast.

I lost it what I consider the typical normie way. With a girl I dated in high school we were both age 16-18 during these years. at first we dated and eventually we kissed, and then we made out and felt each other up, some mouth stuff, and then p in v.

>lets you put it in her butt

that's a keeper. don't throw away her number.

from personal exp I would rather have a girl that refuses me her butt

guess you dont like whores

no I have had encounters with 2 or 3 of them now and I don't like it user. I want a NICE girl

Please tell me this is a bait and switch to point out normalfags and then permaban them.
If you've lost your virginity get the fuck o uh t.

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plenty of girls are not whores. whats the problem

This. Non virgins begone!!!!!

I don't know where to find them, they are all hiding, or else have no interest in me. Some combination of the three, I bet

At the age of 26 to an escort.

>How did you lose your virginity?
I didn't. And I don't want it before my 28

>I woke up and pretended like I wasn't raped.
protip: you weren't

>tfw its 2019 and dudes are still falling for the 3DPD meme
enjoy being manipulated and getting multiple STDs brainlets

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>How did you lose your virginity?
I didn't

I was visiting my cousin in another state, and on the drive from the airport to his house, I saw an erotic massage parlor not far from his house. on a whim I went in, payed 200 bucks and lost my virginity to this tight young blonde. She was super friendly and totally accepting to teach me, I was 19 at the time.
Pic related is kinda what she looked like.

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>pretend I wasnt raped
Are you a vagina with legs?

>it never would have happened the normal way.

>It was a house party. senior graduation party of high school.

Do you not realize how absolutely normal that situation is? 50% of guys lose their virginities in similar circumstances during late high school or early college.

There are plenty or normies on Jow Forums since reddit caught wind of the place a while back. Most of them are failed normies though, that may have one or two things "wrong" about them so they convince themselves they are robots. That being said, the vast majority of them still behave like any normie would; going to parties, having sex, etc.

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