I am NOT a fembot. I am a regular dude...

I am NOT a fembot. I am a regular dude. Please make lots of posts in this thread instead of the fembot thread that you were going to post in so that I can feel like a pretty girl for one night. In return, please accept these vintage motivational poster memes. Thank you for your consideration.

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I live in Canada. Come up north bro I'll smoke you out. Then we can go to a Trudeau speech event and throw spoiled bags of milk and rotten tomatoes at him.
>pls respond
Oh yeah and UwU~

>bro I'll smoke you out
I wouldn't have such an issue with stoners if they didn't say retarded shit like this all the time

Lmao do Canadians really do this?

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tits or gtfo origgnol

Obligatory Canadian

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They shall cry for the rocks to fall on them and kill them, for they will not be able to withstand the Day of Judgement

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I used to love these. I remember googling McDonald's meme when u was in about 6th grade (around 2011 or 2012) and running across a demotivational poster of an Asian girl with huge tiddies that said something like "growth hormones: They have other uses, hippies." and I thought it was the most degenerate yet hot thing ever. I used to think normal demotivational posters were really funny too.

I like this post, and I hate women.

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yeah fuck women

Here is a very popular meme.

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>fuck women
I'd fuck women

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hey user!! i'm really glad you posted this tonight...let's chill and listen to indie music...

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Oh god bagged milk I forgot that was a thing. Literally what the fuck? Would you sell bagged water??? Bagged soda??? Why would you sell bagged milk???????

>so i can feel like a pretty girl for one night
Tits or gtfo whore

Sure thing, Anonymous.

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You can put the entire bag in a pitcher and cut off a tip to open the bag. There is much less plastic waste that way.

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please be a cute girl in california we can watch movies and cuddle

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Show us your tits first dork

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I have already stated, I am NOT a female. I am 100% a man, end of story. I grow a beard in like a week.

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I honestly don't see what is the issue, AMAs are as accepted now as fembot posts, even if only the latter are relevant because the board happens to be full with people that starve for interaction with girls.

Even people breaking the rules like the avatarfags get a high number of interactions of their threads, the secret is not being a fembot, is just keeping the thread alive answering to the anons that bother replying to you and trying to make good convos

I thought you wanted to feel like a pretty girl

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The issue with women is that they're like Facebook. They will game ways to dominate your attention if you let them.

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You do make me feel like a pretty girl, Anonymous.

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i'm posting again user because you didn't name a single indie band you wanted to listen to!!!

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I would have just trusted your tastes. Weezer has a new album that I haven't listened to, but do own on vinyl. How about that?

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i want to talk to a girl so bad

sounds good to me. what do you wanna do while we listen to it user?? i was thinking of playing some shitty internet game like town of salem...

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I wouldn't be surprised if there was a girl somewhere in this thread. I am not one, though.

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I only play Forza and Minecraft. I'll play it but I've never heard of it.

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Page eight bump

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i appreciate you and have empathy for your anguish

Thank you, sir.
Please post here as much as you like.

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