>bad posture
>small, receeding jaw
>thinning hair
>big teeth
>cellulite on thighs
>drooping breasts
>stretch marks
>socially awkward
>mentally ill
>video game addiction
>christmas cake

What should I do?

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You should be my GF, please

how tall are you though. if 6'3+ none of this matters

lose weight, fatty. i doubt you have a video game addiction, girls aren't good at any actual competitive games. playing stardew valley all day isn't an addiction, it's a cope for boredom. wash your face and go outside.

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i wouldn't worry too much about being skinnyfat, i prefer that body type for women. i don't like muscles on women, and i don't like fat girls. skinnyfats a good balance, normal weight and squishy, its comfy. cellulite isn't pretty but i wouldn't ignore a girl because she had cellulite on her thighs. and saggy tits are still tits which means i want them in my mouth

>lose weight, fatty
Yes I have tried dieting but my cellulite will not go away no matter what I did. Im not going to discuss video game because you're obviously made up your mind, but I spend lots of hours (9+ hours) on video games.

Have you tried being my gf tho?

Why should I become your GF? How xan i even trust you? Are you that user that posted earlier?

>it's a cope for boredom
isnt that what addictions are

i want a fucking skinnyfat gf to cuddle with AAAHHHH its probably so comfy

Posted when? What are your favorite videogames?
>how can I trust you
I don't know, would you like to talk to me for a while over email?

Femanon here. I have a lot of the same problems as you. My solution was to avoid men because I knew that I could never satisfy their desires and that at best they would settle for me. This prospect made me unhappy. I have never had a boyfriend, and giving up on trying to get one made me a lot happier. Now I put time into myself and the things I want, and it has made my life a lot better. There is a life for all of us, even without love.

just lose the weight. you don't need to lose cellulite, nobody will even see it unless you show it. don't try keto diet or anything, calories in calories out user come on. also ok 9+ hours on what game?
lol gl user.

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wow there are girls out there like this and they wont even let me try and love them
its not fucking fair. i hate this world.

No why should I talk to you over email? How do i know you're not going to stalk me and chop me to pieces?

I woulsnt stalk you or do anything, i want a Christmas cake gf and want them to be safe and to take care of them. I'd just like someone to play vidya with and watch stuff together and maybe one day cuddle together and all sort of hopeless romantic things that I could embarrass myself by detailing but this is already probably cringey enough. I'm really lonely. I just want someone who I share interests with and won't think I'm a subhuman for being socially awkward. I understand if you don't want to talk though.
[email protected]
If you want to

I dont like emailing online because I don't want to be stalked or kidnapped you know what I mean and there's no way that I can trust a stranger on Jow Forums

Okay sorry for bothering you, I hope you find someone who makes you happy.

Okay, user. Im not that guy, but you can also add delusional to your list. Most of these fags are harmless, creepy at most, and no one will be able to chop you up simply by using an email. That's like thinking I can chop you up now for simply posting here

you sound underage but you already know how to manipulate emotional support from men

Beta'd yourself into a corner.

I'd still fuck you silly.

I like drooping breasts and I'm at least a Chadlet. I would suggest toning exercises. Without knowing much more about you, school, job, hobbies?

Never meet up with a person on Jow Forums please, for your sake


Ive met up with six of them. Two girls and the rest guys I hung out with. Whats the issue

>dermatologist for accutane
if it's not bad enough for the 'tane it's not bad.
>do squats
if you're going to be a useless bitch, you had better have a nice ass. Everything else is trivial.

find yourself basement baj,obviously
Just give a lonely guy a hint,that you like him,and wait.

get fucked by chad like you've been avoiding doing for weeks

chadlet = short chad
chadlite = brad
learn your terms