What parts of the old web do you want back?

What parts of the old web do you want back?

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I'd like the return of small-scale contained forum communities and personal websites devoted to hobbies and interests. Social media is a fucking plague, and now it seems like everybody does everything through a handful of megaservices. I miss hanging out on forum communities with 500-1,000 people with their own unique cultures and with everybody knowing everybody.

youtube without the 10 minute videos and fake personalities just to gain ad revenue, and without google. google fucking ruined youtube and everyone at the time knew they would.
at least they give some kind of incentive for people who make videos, but it's just not as wholesome as it used to be.

The internet not being extremely profitable. I miss when people made things and posted them online for fun instead of to take advantage of algorithms to get the most views and make the most ad revenue.

I want to kill social media. It ruined the internet by bringing in hordes of normies, which is the root cause of all other problems the modern internet faces.

Not just that, what about the political astroturfing everywhere? People are literally paid to shill and push political interests. You never know if somebody you're talking to is an actual person or a shill. It's fucking infuriating.

its less what I want back and more what I want to go away. I want Faceberg and Twitter to go away. I want Google to go away, and to take their oppressive monopoly and ubiquitous surveillance with them. I want Youtube to go away. I want e-celebs, Twitch, Discord, and streaming in general to go away. I want ad companies and Patreon to go away. I want Kickstarter and Gofundme to go away. I want smartphones to go away. I want the flat "material" or "fluent" garbage that they call design to go away.

What I most want back is the sense that the internet and the real world are two entirely separate places where one doesn't really affect the other and you have completely separate identities and rules for each of these two almost entirely disjoint domains.

fucking checked

I like flat design though. I want to be so minimal that I don't even exist.

I want Christopher Poole back

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The internet used to be the go-to escape from real life. Facebook and Twitter unironically ruined it.

It's funny because you hear this a lot yet those communities are unable to surface

Can't comment about this, the old videos never did anything for me.


There are many alternatives to this, the main one of course is avoiding any big service. But it can be done

I used to be active on bodybuilding.com's Misc forum. It used to be way bigger than it is now and holy shit it was a roller coaster of fun. It was my go to place on the internet before I started coming to Jow Forums but it's shit now and the new mods are total cunts. Getting banned was temporary unless you did something very serious and it was treated like a joke. This was only until these last 3 years that it's gone way downhill.
Also /co/ had a huge thread earlier this year about a forum called the slums of elwood which is like autist-tier fandom of the show Arthur.

That's the thing. The old communities are obviously at a massive disadvantage for many reasons, both in terms of user convenience, userbase, and hosting costs.
At the same time, a great deal is sacrificed and changed as the result of their being lost. The experience and communities are altered significantly.
I'm not saying or trying to argue that they're in any way viable or able to be competitive with modern megaservices; I'm saying that I miss them. Megaservices has filled the niche that they used to fill, and the toothpaste can't be put back into the tube. At the same time, a great deal was changed or lost entirely as a result of that.
The same thing can be said with furniture and cars, and why a great deal of people are so attached to historic furniture or vintage vehicles. They're not competitive with modern products and things went away from that direction for a reason, but they had a charm and certain features and qualities that can't be reclaimed or replicated in modernity.

Normies ruined the internet, it's not edgy to say this or to want them gone. Because of them we have now have these massive data mining operations, governments trying to regulate the internet, and everybody taking everything deadly serious. Normies treat the internet like real life, they try to merge it with their real life identity as much as possible. That's why they use social media. People who have so much social influence and power that the idea of having to interact with other people without the benefit of that influence and power horrifies them. They don't want to by anonymous, because they've come to rely on their real life identity protecting them and granting them privileges.

And with real world identity comes all the other problems with it, the political shit, the advertising, the data mining. It's the root of all evil.

I would like if people were sincere about their interests, instead of this cancerous layer of apathy and irony that everyone puts over everything. Basically get rid of cringe culture, or at least shrink it.

I see the opposite as a bigger problem, honestly. Everybody acts offended over everything and tries to show what a good person that they are. Everything's always made into a travesty.

It's edgy because all that has been happening since the start of the www, but this is the best part

>Normies treat the internet like real life
You're confusing the internet with that second life game

In a world where 99% of people are nobodies, this doesn't make any sense either
>because they've come to rely on their real life identity protecting them and granting them privileges.

>Google has stopped indexing....
They're attempting to rewrite history. Slavery and the Civil War is one example, it takes quite some effort now to find the actual laws and proclamations ending slavery ONLY in Confederate states and specifically stating that any states who came back to the Union within a month or two would be allowed to keep them. Most articles, even mainstream respected sources, tell you the corporate feel-good line of Lincoln freeing all slaves forever and that was the only reason why the states seceded.
Jow Forums exaggerates a lot, but they're rewriting Holocaust and Cold War history as well. Many things that I could find easily 10 years ago take quite some digging through corporate big-money disinfo now.

I don't see why you feel threatened by empathy, it's honestly very strange.
There is plenty to gain from it, there is nothing constructive on cringe culture


why cant I get past 30 search result pages on google search?

Why is youtube search now infinite scrolling and repeats videos multiple times for searching?

why do most people now post their content on chatrooms and social media instead of forums where it cant be searched as easily?

why do news-sites institute paywalls yet at the same time have the nerve to 404 2-year old articles?

what's with the reliance on that retarded ass infinite-scroll for online content where when you are done with consuming the content (as you scroll down) another completely different content pops up? Makes it hard to archive these web-pages when they inevitably 404

im scared bros; plenty of comfy webpages back from 2012-2014 that are all gone in my bookmarks. Thankfully tho I am now archiving everything, even downloading my youtube favorites


I want krautchan

I want the internet to be the internet and real life to be real life.
Everyday i feel like the lines are becoming more blurred.

fuck off zoomer scum

dumbass reddit spacer

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I ain't beat the clap yet
Oh wait

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>not conditionally calling out potential redditors
>everyone who double-spaces is automatically a redditor
fix your cognitive algorithms you fucking retard

hahaha worked into replying what a mark

Not needing an account for fucking everything.

having to verify everything multiple fucking times
fuck off discord i already verified my email AND did two factor authentication, why do i have to verify my fucking phone for some servers too? FUCK OFF

I kind of miss the YouTube that was filled with kinds of 9/11 conspiracy videos

I want old newgrounds back

The end of all of this ridiculous astroturfing/lobbying and normies ruining everything. But that isnt happening, not anytime soon at least.
And I thought I was a skelly.
It isnt edgy at all, its a literal fact. Normies and social media completely killed that old charm the internet used to have. I suppose you could argue that such a thing was inevitable, but that doesnt make it suck less.

Loose Change kek

And people made replies to each other's videos that would automatically show up attached to that video so the creator couldn't ignore it

YouTube from 2012


I miss when you could have fun without some faggot getting his feelings hurt, and when e-celebs didn't have an army of retards to start smear campaigns about everyone they disliked. I also missed when people weren't jerking off so hard about much of a good person they are and then turning around and going on their degenerate shit. I when it was Wild West and corporations didn't streilize everything. I miss the catgirl portal on Newgrounds, I miss when Newgrounds wasn't filled with premium bullshit because Tom Fulp is a kike, I miss when all the big Newgrounds e-celebs were actual buddies and hung out with each other. I miss shitty flash animations and dumb innocent albeit vulgar humor. I hate faggy politics being shoved into everything to the point to where it is affecting real life. I hate crybaby faggots and their safespace mentality

the demographics. that's the only thing that got worse. if the userbase of the current internet were the same as in the early 2000s then the atmosphere of being on the internet would also be the same. no matter how shitty a site is designed, it's the people that decide how to use it.

I miss bulletin board discussion forums

It was replaced by social media

Everyone had their own psuedonym. remember the photoshop signatures everyone used? Usually with a video game character render

Fuck facebook for replacing that

I suspect retarded scrolling was an idea to keep smartphone users from getting confused. A lot of bad design on websites comes from trying to make them also work on mobile.

censorship free internet and no social media and no normies

The part before social media

I think his problem is with "outrage culture" as a whole, not with empathy.

You are still in the old web.
Its like its the year 1919 and you complain about "new cars" and you want to drive an old car from 1901.
The first 50, 60, 70 years of internet will always be remembered as the early days of internet and in 20 years you will remember the good old 2019 internet experience as being much better. Thats how memories work.

>in 20 years you will remember the good old 2019 internet experience as being much better. Thats how memories work.
Probably because everything is a downward spiral of feces.

lol tell yourself that if it helps

AIM where i leave edgy song lyrics as my away messages in hopes my crush asks me whats up

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no data obesity

I remember comfortably browsing internet including playing videos in early 2000s on old (for its times) computer

now forget about that

Did it ever work? I don't even remember what I left in my messages, I think it was some cringy jokes about Starcraft or something. I liked Starcraft a lot.

Quads confirm the veracity of this statement

no it didnt lol. i used to leave linkin park lyrics and shit but ofc my fantasies didnt come true. i did get to chat with my crushes a lot through AIM though since everyone was okay with chatting back then

Y'all think if he came back and saw what hiro have done he would be mad or buttblasted mad over the permanent rangebans, force use of bitcoins to use kikepass, blatant removal and replacement of all mods and extreme monetization?

Damn I miss those times. I briefly talked with a girl I liked, and when I was away from the computer I'd rack up my parent's bill using AIM on a flip phone. Eventually we worked up to just calling each other. The special awkwardness of talking to someone you like is something I'd give anything to experience again.

god yeah the awkwardness and unsure nature of puppy love was something special. i cant remember ever having AIM on a phone but man i cant believe how having unlimited texting was a privilege back then

You're retarded if you think he gives a fuck about this place.

Do we really need that fucking cookies popup?
Do we really need everything flying, fading moving whizzing past your cursor?
Look at this fucking shit - clean and readable. Every website should have a txt version just like they do mobile ones.

Puppy love. That's it. Fuckin' A man. Fuckin' A.

i think grown up love and the scary/anxious/unsure state of courting with a girl can be fun as well but puppy love is definitely something special.. summer puppy love at a summer town is the GOAT though

STAR RATING SYSTEM FOR YOUTUBE BACK PLEASE. No more of this smash the like button crap

Adult relationships are nice too, the mystery is still there and you can connect on a much deeper level than just being a teenager with raging hormones. Summer town puppy love sounds great. I have some memories of shyly meeting eyes with girls while on vacation or summer camp, then finally working up the courage to talk to them after sperging out and telling all my friends how much I liked them.

you seem to have had a lot of similar feeling to mine. for me it was at a summer beach town where i went to help out with my church and i grew close to a girl from another church. we helds hands and kissed a few times nothing more but there was something so special about it knowing we would be heading back across the country after the summer was over and thinking we could beat the distance fuck