Currently in the vicinity of a shotgun and proper ammunition

Currently in the vicinity of a shotgun and proper ammunition

I might do it Anons

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Lucky bro. I wish I had was.

>I might do it Anons
do what

Self inflicted big sleep

well if your sure user
i cant stop you

Consciousness doesn't die. But it does have its best chance in the human mind. If go and leak your soul into the astral plane with self inflicted pain it makes it weaker to run from the leeches that come.

Don't do it, think of all the great video games you're gonna miss. Halo infinity might be dank

Life can seem like a swirling whirlpool of pain and misery because it is. All of your experiences just fuck you up, and memories do nothing but hold you back. The answer is legitimately antipsychotics, they are nightmarishly unpleasant but if you take them religiously for a few months or years, you will *literally* be a changed man, quite unavoidably.

Yes it does, I have died before and was revived. I experienced nothing, and didn't even know what happened. No flashing lights or anything, I was laying down one minute in a bed, then nothing. Any philosophy or religion saying you go some place after you die is incorrect.

What do you mean a changed man? Can they make me into what society wants me to be?

Keep going. Keep trudging through. You're in a mental state you cannot see out of. Before you go at least go to Thailand and bang some hot Asian chicks.

>No flashing lights or anything
f sweet

Turn that shotgun onto whatever is causing you pain. Save a shell for yourself if you dont want to go to prison

don't do it user, you're going to die one day anyway you might as well give whatever life has to offer a bit more of a go until then, if you're so ready to through safety to the wind then pack up your things and just pick a direction and head in it until you find something

but if nothing I will say will change your mind then at least stream it

Go off batting. If you really don't care, Show others what really matters.

That Hunter Thompson pepe is going in my collection. Thanks for that, user
excellent advice, at least vanquish your foes before you go out like a bitch OP

feds off my board now

pol is the other way buddy

I hope you're not getting paid for this because you cunts always say the same thing

if you're going to try and manipulate people into committing violent acts at least be fucking original about it for Christ's sake, put some effort in your work

whatever you say schizo, pol is the other way faggot i already told you before

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Fuck off you asshole, No one is manipulating anyone here, We're just telling faggot OP to go off with a bang, Not worth taking yourself out of this shit world if at least you don't take with you the shitstains who fucked it up even more for you.

what are your specific reasons for wanting to end it?

Do it then fagget.

>I might do it Anons
>well if your sure user
He isnt

Plz livestream if you're really gonna an hero or blow some normies away