"incel" meme

There is no such thing as an "incel"

Prostitutes exists everywhere, loose women that will fuck blacks or dogs exist everywhere, rape remains an option.

Any man that remains celibate does so voluntarily.

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you're getting really technical also women who fuck blacks and or dogs wouldnt fuck a pasty nerd

If a man is so repulsive he couldn't get the loosest slut, then paying a whore or rape remain as two options.

I feel i'm definitely a voluntary virgin. I haven't talked to a woman in 5 years

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>Your morals are the problems user, just commit a crime!

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blacks can be true incels. women call the cops on them.


Adherence to moral and social rules are a voluntary decision.

>29 minutes video
Link me to the important part

Incels do not just want sex. They want intimacy, companionship, love, affection and emotional support with a woman they have sex with.

Irrelevant point.

It's funny because hookers are illegal in my country, if I can't find a woman I'm pretty much deprived of sex forever and nobody gives a shit, it's the punishment for being bong unattractive. Inceldom is real in some places.

There are whores in your country. You have access to them.

13:09 talks about a girl calling the cops on him.

There are two diseased whores on the street who are being watched by the cops, I'm not retarded enough to fall for it

No they don't. If they did then they'd do something about it instead of spending all day raging on the internet.

Or you could go to a country where it's legal.

>hear about this strange "incel" word on facebook
>google says it means celibate, surely it is entirely literal unlike most other words
>boy do I have a big brain conclusion that none of you have ever heard
escortcels are incels. Go back.

Who are you quoting, reddirt-kun? baka desu

I'm 35
I have gone out with escorts 5-7 times, I never had a gf and I consider myself an incel

You can't be an incel at 35

prostitutes dont count. i'm a 34 yo fkhhv NEET, but i admit i'm volcel philosophically, insofar as i might have at least gotten a handhold in hs had i tried harder (and faked it) but that was before my OCD and MDD truly blossomed, so i frankly feel i'm a mental incel in reality. either way i'm a dead end (soon literally) loser

good joke. normans think that because 99% of people fuck, being unfuckable is simply ~impossible~

I'm quoting you hypothetically
>random "reddit" projection
gotta have that defense ready huh

At 35 you're a volcel. Incel is a teenager thing.

It pains me because I used to be fuckable but waaay too shy, Time and depression passed and they destroyed both my mind and body.

I recently started using tinder but with pics from 7 years ago

while i agree most incels are just teens/college kids whining about not having sex yet (i assume you're implying this) you don't like. magically get a woman attracted to you just because time passes. women becoming more desperate is a fantasy. and they also tolerate loser behavior in men (even for casual sex) a lot less as you both age, i.e. lack of a real job, lack of ambition, living with parents. young people can get away with this stuff and fuck in their 20s because they're still in a transitionary stage in life, and people are maturing slower in the milennial and younger group (by maturing i mean mainly independence). you cant get away with that shit in your 30s unless you're remarkably attractive or some other rare extenuating circumstance.

I actually have a more nuanced view of incels.

For starters I totally agree. A huge part of them not getting laid is in their heads. For starters they're usually aiming too high. Second they're probably not even trying. There definitely are women out there that would hook up with them the problem is that they're not the women they want. Many are ugly as shit but some are fuckable.

As for incels as a whole I'm far more sympathetic to them than most. People love to stomp on them because they're easy targets. They're pretty much "the patriarchy" that's socially acceptable to shit on because a lot of their views are actually pretty sad. However I do feel bad for them. They're a product of our anti male culture that happened to latch onto a stupid philosophy. Without a decent male figure in their lives they look for answers online. So they found something that said it wasn't their fault and that they're the product of shitty circumstances. Yes they should definitely own up and work on their own short falls but without any social support to help them see that I'm not sure what else you could expect.

Shitting on them isn't going to help anything either. When was the last time shitting on a group made them see the error of their ways? They always just double down. Always.

No incels aren't dangerous. There were a few that did stupid shit but there's a fucking lot of them. Far more than what go to the online forums. Only a tiny tiny tiny fraction ever did anything in real life. The worst they ever do is waste their own time feeling sorry for themselves and shitpost. Feeling sorry for themselves is what gets them off. They've become addicted to the depressive feelings it gives them.

I want to press my face against a cute asian milfs boobs

that's true. dogs are cute. t. bestialist (canadian)

>the problem is that they're not the women they want
My old 2/10 obese coworker got fucked by literal Chads on a weekly basis. Her standards were through the roof because of that. She wouldn't even recognize the existance of her looksmatch.

Yeah and there were ugly chicks that never got chads. If you lower your standards enough then you WILL find someone.

For every ugly girl who gets fucked by a chad, there are 10 ugly guys fucking hot girls.

Well I don't want to get herps or aids but have fun I guess

Tinder and online dating in general changed that. They get pumped and dumped and rather keep doing that than going for a looksmatch who'll appreciate them.

Is...is this Chad?

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People are having less casual sex now than before tinder. Makes you think.

Whores can be repulsed into denying service.

I cant even see most escorts. I've tried but none of them would sleep with a black guy. Unless I want to get literal aids by sleeping with a bottom of the barrel middle-aged prozzy working the worst street in my city at 12am, which I'd have to pass on.

>unironically advocating rape

this is an obvious bate post, saged

>who'll appreciate them
What a lie. Very few men appreciate women at all, not even their own mother who wiped their ass, feed them, nursed them and kept them warm and dry. What men want is a young, very attractive maid, cook and nurse they get to fuck and keep chained in the basement.

I want a gf that satisfies my low standards.
That is all, if I were a girl it would be so easy to get a partner, it is saddening.

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Guess there's no McFucking hope.

I think you clicked the wrong website, Tumblrina. r/feminism is that way -->

>Just have sex you idiots, it's that simple

>Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Being A Virgin Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Stick It In Like Nigga Rape Someone Haha

It literally is. If you want sex go out and get it.

depends on whats holding you back. still that poster, 34 here.

99% of people at least lose virginity. it takes no effort. anyone can do it at least once. think of all the people who consider non-piv sex maintaining virginity. think of ppl saying a prostitute doesnt count (ofc many lost it to prosses too)

That particular blackcel has been on several interviews.
That guy's worldview is fucked. His bad streak with asshole women has lead him to wild generalisations that can be picked apart by anyone with a brain.
His attempts to improve himself and get sociable is admirable, but he learns nothing from his encounters. He expects women to drop those panties just because he made the attempt, not because he is an genuinely nice dude.

> i'm a 34 yo fkhhv NEET,
How are you still breathing?

my mother enables my manchild lifestyle. i am financially very low maintenance.

Less men have casual sex because 80% of the women fuck the top 20% of the men while the rest gets the scraps.

Source: just trust me bro I wouldn't make shit up

Nope, I'm in the right place

you've met like 2 men in your life from the sound of this.

Of my mother had any sense, she would have let me die in infancy