You bought a jar didn't you?

You bought a jar didn't you?

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Wish I did
and I dont' care what any of you say, I would love to sip it and taste traces of her because she's fucking cute as fuck

What if its just water her secret boyfriend bathed in?
Oh wait r9k is full of gay fucking retards nevermind theyd buy it too

dont put that thought in my head, I'm waiting for her to sell these again

I don't spend money

No, I haven't. Please don't give her your money like that, or else she is is never gonna release porn. We have to starve her of the internet fame she wants in order to get her to do that. At this point she does not even need our money that much cause you thirsty fucks just give it out to her like that.

I don't know what's worse , this or the girl who sold shit brownies. I'm sure people in Germany would at least find the latter normal.

the funny part of this fiasco is that she either discovered she has herpes or faces legal action

If you Derp you get tha herp

At least shit brownied delivered
This bitch will just fill jars with tap water

you got a source on that one user? i seen some random screencap that mentioned it but thats it

Tbh would anyone be suprised?

Why doesn't she ever paint her nails?

i wouldn't be surprised but if you are going to make claims like that you should have some source to back it up

Someone doesn't know what herpes is or how it's transmitted.

Herpes doesn't transmit in water let alone stay alive outside the body that long, brainlet faggot, do you also believe you can get STDs off toilets?

That's why you don't sit on them though
Or else you get the std from the inner city people

It's better if the floor gets wet with pee

...user ask any doctor or anyone studying to be one..they will tell you that's impossible

was going to buy a jar but she was sold out.

Isn't this person a boy dressed like a girl?

Stop shilling this bitch and please get off this website

yes, and I ceremoniously enema its contents into myself

le ebin heavily filtered not like other girls gamer/weeb thot

Kill urself my man

nope, I am not an idiot even if I am using r9k

No, I cannot financially afford to be that pathetic.

It's still fun to see what thirsty boys do with that shit

Laughed my ass off at the one who boiled hot dogs with it

You are so beta it hurts.

>I would love to sip it and taste traces of her

Enjoy your herpes.

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I'm literally an alpha male, but I love belle. I'm in love with her, she's cute, funny, intelligent and has a passion for gaming like I do. You must be gay if you cant respect that
fuck off

>epic lulz
Go back to 9gag, kid. Come back when you grow up and learn to respect women. She is classy as fuck, not some cheap prostitute

Yeah,I never understood people who want celebrities' underwear or gum they chewed,but if she actually bathed in that soup it's really disgusting

>she's cute, funny, intelligent and has a passion for gaming like I do

Sure, those are all nice qualities but I somehow don't feel no need to drink her bathwater in the hopes of getting a couple molecules closer to her as a sex object. Her whole appeal is teasing that never pays off. I'd rather be teased by the woman I actually have sex with on a daily basis.

>if she actually bathed in that soup it's really disgusting
yeah unless you're a hetero sexual male
Some of that water dripped off her booty for fucks sake. I already finished mine off and I swear it tasted like pussy juice and booty

Please stop, the betaness, it burns.

Nah m8. I have a gf.

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what would one do with a little jar of bath water

>I'm literally an alpha male

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Orgasm with hints of pussy and booty in your mouth

I hope her Chad Boyfriend spit&piss in every jar.

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No but I want to cause it seems like nobody else is gonna bother testing it and I'm fucking curious if it's actually bath water

>classy as fuck

Imagine believing this.

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Seriously. Why? Why is this exactly same tripe posted out here constantly? It's not like desperate guys doing dumb shit is something new or that the general concept of a random e-thot doing random stuff on the Internet for attention has somehow been drastically altered. It's the same old fucking shit put into a different plastic bag, but the shit will remain shit no matter how many times you change the plastic bag.

Use it to place a curse on this e-bimbo, i'm thinking boils.

Or is that just the image they portrays to all you whiny fucking virgins who will do anything for a drop of pussy juice? It's so easy to manipulate the desperate, just look at cults, people will buy into the most fallacious shit because they are vulnerable and weak-willed. The same with you, go stick socks together with your cum you fucking cuck.

>he's this desperate to pretend his e-girl waifu is pure

Oh no no no no

you realize she didn't even bathe in it right? She's probably literally filling from the tap in her kitchen and selling it to you retards


>around a hour ago
>at work
>have to shit
>go to the common toilet
>only one is usable
>someone pissed around it
>there is some piss even where you sit down
I swear if it was you user I will find you and piss on your head.

I swear, one day I will personally find this whores address and cave her skull in.

Years ago, there was this woman selling her shit to scat fetishists. The shit was pumped inside of a twinky, and then sold for like 20 bucks a twinky.

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She should fill the next batch with toilet water for the retards that buy it, see if they notice. Also if someone can please do an analysis of the water, I'm curious about the real contents.

I like the jars they come in

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How many fl oz do you get for 30 bucks?

Belle Delphine is merely the latest in a long line of adequately symmetrical women who capitalise on the lonely, stupid, and depraved members of society who are desperate enough to latch onto parasocial relationships in lieu of mutual ones. Delphine is the Gold Experience Requiem of Internet celebrities; her appeal is in her seemingly perennial regression into a theoretical distance - one wonders how much farther she can go, how much more fame she can accrue, without getting any closer to doing anything truly expository, something that (in the minds of the people who would bother paying for samples of somebody's bathwater) justifies one's attention and time. To follow Belle Delphine's 'career' (if it can be called that) is a Zeno-like journey with the destination (outright pornography) immediately apparent, but simultaneously, an infinite distance away. Simply put, how much longer is this going to go on?

nope, you are just attracted to her so you find the retarded shit she does funny, the same way that women will laugh at anything a handsome guy says not because he is funny but because they like him
manipulative, sure
>passion for gaming
if you honestly believe she has any deep interest in video games and didn't just adopt this phony gamer girl persona to attract people like yourself then you are a massive hopeless retard

It was literally the best pleasure investment I've made in my life. Heating it up just enough to get the scent of her, opening up my belle folder and sticking my dick into the warm licked. I nutted like a never have before and then drinking the whole mix afterward to truly savour her and me connecting. It was the most expensive wank I've taken but my god its worth it.

She could probably sell it for six times as much if it came from her toilet. Degeneracy knows no bottom.

No because im not a pathetic poor excuse of a man.

Fucking based originally desu

>Simply put, how much longer is this going to go on?
same thing was going through my mind while reading your post dude
did you swallow a dictionary or what were you trying to prove

there's a sucker born every day, and this is especially true for incels

No, because I'm a pathetic poor man.

Seething beta cuck. Got some fresh tap water here. Chop chop pay up doormat

Just gonna leave that here. I'd never sip a whores bath water or anyone's bath water for that matter

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I'm a loser in many ways but AT LEAST I'm not this much of a cuck hahahaha fuck off belle fans

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The story is fake and let me explain. There are two strains of herpes, HSV1 and HSV2. 1 attacks the mouth and 80% of the human population has it. It causes cold sores on the lips and inside the mouth. 2 attacks the genitals and causes genital warts, this is the actual herpes doctor test for when someone goes in for an std test.
There was a study done in 1983 that showed that herpes could survive in water for 4.5 hours. If, by any chance, the virus was in the water when people drank it, they would not get HSV2 because it needs to enter through sexual organs.
t. med school student

Obvious fake. Which is a damn shame, since this is a Daily Mail kind of story to break.

Enjoy HPV anons :)

Lel. Obvious fake is obvious.

why are people still talking about this thot

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Fake but holy fuck i wish it was true with all my hearth

I bought 1 jar but I regret it (still hasn't arrived to my country).

u can get chlamydia from a toilet seat, i did

>People believing it's "Belle" bath water, when actually her boyfriend wet his dick and balls.
>People drinking dick water.


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At least old camwhores weren't as bad as this. When did half of R9K swap milk for onions milk.

It's better to be dead than a cuck. Imagine being sad enough to put one woman on a pedestal like this.

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Jesus christ youre a mega ultra virgin

enjoy your herpes my man

i would have if she peed in it
someone should test it to see if theres traces of human skin etc, or if its just tap water btw

Genital herpes can totally infect other parts of the body. That's why they sell protections for oral sex.

She is just thot and attentionwhore

>types in big words so he feels smart on an abu dabi sand sifting forum. type like a non autistic virgin next time

>never read the most entry level of books so he can't understand the humor
good jokes are truly lost on mongoloids

Your tragic existence is far funnier than your "joke"