Do any of you guys have any weird, obscure thoughts about how you'd like to fall in love with a girl? Like for me...

Do any of you guys have any weird, obscure thoughts about how you'd like to fall in love with a girl? Like for me, I'm fascinated with the idea of meeting a cute girl who I have so much in common with to the point that we become best friends and end up falling in love with each other. To me, the idea of falling in love with a best friend is a really comforting and pleasant thought, that the love of my life can be the person a soulmate.

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What you described isn't weird. That delusion is actually very common for people to have.

Yes. She rejects me and makes fun of me for months or even years. I finally improve myself to the point where she starts to take interest in me and she's kind of on the decline (late 20s, looking for something long term). By this point she's ran through so many boyfriends/dick that I know she's just looking for someone to settle down with. She'll start to hangout around me and talk more to me and try to get me to reciprocate the feelings I once had for her. She'll tell me things like "I know I wasn't there for you back then, but I'm here now." and I with my new chad personality kinda shrug her off. For some reason I give in and date her but in the back of my mind I recall all the past boyfriends and flings I saw her tonguing down, all of the ways she used to hold their hands, grab and touch them etc. that she's now doing to me. I'm sort of bitter but for some reason I'm with her.

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It sounds sweet, but is improbable. The idea of someone being your best friend and girlfriend is not likely.

But, not impossible.

pretty normal fantasy user

Are you me? On one hand, I'd want to get to the point where I do improve enough to get attention from women, only to be too bitter to be saved, but on the other hand (which is the most likely scenario), your description is both what I wish for, knowing that I have been physically and socially deemed unworthy of affection and/or romance, but at least being given some sort of patricipation prize. It's almost patronizing, and partial suicide fuel, but it's what I think I deserve. For what reason, I know not, but I know at the very least that I'm not worthy to be involved with someone else in that way, and more than likely never will be, at least in a sense of genuine human connection and attraction. I feel so broken compared to others. I want someone to take interest in me, and to be quite shameless, save me from the despair I have wrought upon myself coming this far. But there is no redemption for me. Too much time and too many experinces have shown me that it was doomed from the start. I was rigged to fail, and continuing to struggle has only warped me into someone I feared becoming; someone who cannot see romance on a fundamental level, fully removed from the concept. As if I watch through a prison window to the outside, where everyone else is free and happy. I feel like a leper.

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Sometimes i go hiking outside so i imagine finding some suicidal girl in a forest or some hidden path, id somehow gain her trust and convince her not to an hero then shed get Home and wed get Closer and yadi yada, pretty fucking weird fantasy, but yours is pretty comfy OP its pretty normal

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i want a gf who i can harm and drink the blood of but unironically

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> Be me
> Save a girls live
> She has a boyfriend
> cry
But wait, theres more!
> Get contacted by her one year later
> we meet up
> she's lovely as ever and single now
> We fall in love
> She becomes terrified of me once I open up to her and show her how I really see the world
> relationship ends 3 months later.
> Have feelings for her until this very day

Living the dream I guess.

No that's actually a pretty comfy thought, bro. I think I've thought about that before too.

Bro thats terrible but Care to elaborate how you see the world? If she got scared i imagine its really weird or edgy

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I literally saved my sister's best friend when she tried to jump off from my balcony when she was 16. And even then she rejected me. She went to university, became a Stacy and spend 5 years partying and riding the cock carousel. Meanwhile I'm stil a KHV.

I won't. It boils down to me being staunchly against hypocrisy in every and any form.

No I don't fantasies about things like that. I think they're cheesy and unrealistic. The closest thing I have is AI gf fantasies, and semen demon gf fantasies

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I realize it's cheesy and unrealistic, but I still have it because I guess I'm using it as a form of emotional comfort when none exists.

You have a savior complex, your serving your own needs foremost.
Your probably more prone to actually subconsciously creating dependance in partners through sugestion.

Overseas discord e-dating.
I thirst for trannies with anime avatars.

How the fuck does one 'try' to jump off a balcony.
It's really disheartening knowing all sucessfull suicides have never have this 'then i talked them down' element. If your going to top youself why wouldn't you instinctivly eliminate the possibility of intervention.
Any attempt where suicide attempts are 'stopped' arn't so, they're just signaling under the guise of one.

I fantasise about an arranged marriage kind of scenario where we gradually come to develop an appreciation for each other.

I fantasize about travelling to a distant quiet rural country and falling in love with a local despite our language barrier. We get married in the traditional wedding robes of their native homeland and live a comfy loving married life with lots of kids together.

I'd want to meet a girl and live a full life together and then we'd shoot each other in the head and end it all together

That's the best fantasy user, very cute.

youre better than that king