How can women be lonely?

All you have to do is make a Facebook/Instagram profile, sit back and wait for everyone and anyone to add you. Men are messaging you from all quarters of the world vying for conversation, drooling with thirst for interaction with you. Many of these men are not even "only after sex" they are just desperate for some form of companionship and want someone to email or message with to combat their own loneliness.

If you already have facebook/instagram (which you all do) then it's the same concept except you just make it be known you have a page instead of making a new one.

Men cannot do this. A man may have a Facebook/instagram profile sitting dormant for years and will have no adds, no interest in his page. A woman opens hers after 2 days and has 55 messages and 108 new requests.

>but but social media doesn't equate to real life

Yeah that's why everyone is on it 24 hours a day and does 98 percent of their communication and interactions through it, especially women. They are all glued to their phone and messaging apps. But it doesn't count right? Those friends are "not real friends", right? All the thousands of people women chat to every day who have names and profile pictures and occupations, these are "not real people" right?

But back to the question. How is it even possible for women to be lonely?

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Non-Chads dont count idiot.

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It is only possible if they are isolated. Otherwise when they talk of loneliness, they speak of lack of quality companions. Compared to lonely men who complain about lack of companions regardless of quality. Every chick has a 1/10 ready to hear her out, guys need to pay for the guarantee

But they even have other women wanting to interact with them and talk with them, not just men. Literally any woman who uploads a selfie will have comments from other girls "omg babe luv that necklace msg me where u got it from plz xx", "You're such an inspiration hun here if u need to talk"

You don't see random men from Australia commenting on random men from US or UK pics like "hey bro tell me what you did for chest in the gym message me", "hey bro tell me how you found religion i'm interested in talking about it", it's very rare that happens. Women get it all the time. Only really eCeleb or well known men get that.

They can't be lonely. It's a ploy for even more attention

im a hot smart girl but i only have 2 friends and i only know 1 in person and im incredibly lonely. i could talk to anyone but no one is worth talking to because in the end i will still be lonely because lonely is just who i am

Or you could spend more time with that 1 person, and not be so lonely?

Gratz you explained exactly what the problem, women are lonely by choice. But its obviously bait

I had a fb up until 2016 or so, before then the only people who had added me were family members and a few relatives. And instagram isn't really a choice since I don't want to post photos of myself online.
Either way, there isn't anything tangible to be gained from most modern social media.

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having friends at all proves its easy for you retarded cunt

>If you already have facebook/instagram (which you all do)
Thats a lie. Not everyone has social media. I deleted Facebook in 2012 and I have no experience with instagram. Being lonely for reasons other than not having a bf like depression and self hatred is not unheard of.

How does a lonely person acquire more attention? Given the person has no friends or relationships? That makes no sense.

Why don't those "lonely" men talk to each other? Oh wait its because they just want to talk to a girl.

a majority of lonely guys are more comfortable talking to women and being more relaxed/open with them. I'm personally that way but I have a few female friends to fill the hole, the only thing that bothers me is that we became friends because I tried to get with them.

i spend almost every other day with them and we have a very intimate mother/daughter/bestfriend/fated relationship
if your existence will always default to being lonely and feeling lonely based on your mind no matter what you do and who you talk to and what experiences you accumulate in life then its not a choice. its not a choice at all believe me. but i realize in the end that even though i am lonely and theres nothing i can do to make this feeling go away theres nothing else to do but accept it and frankly being so isolated puts me in a position of power where i am my own best friend and i can be exactly who i am instead of conforming to society and others.

They have the paranoid loneliness that afflicts the hyperwealthy.

How hot are you? How smart are you?

i will prove op
add me on snap: snapstysnapper

if you like wasting out into vidya, and if you're also a yuropoor, you could try to see if we get along,even IRL afterwards.

>and i can be exactly who i am instead of conforming to society and others.
We become more true and honest versions of ourselves by reconciling the differences between the version of us we believe we are, and the version of us that exists in the minds of every person we know. The more reflections of ourselves in others we see, the better we are able to make out our own, true images of ourselves.

Without that, we become caricatures of who we think we are, instead of who we really are.
But, we also adapt to what we have.
Think on this. Reject it if you want, but think about it honestly.

you're very right. it's very much both. in isolation and integration. through learning polarities we learn ourselves and through seeing ourselves in others we come to know our own blind spots and how we truly appear to this world without our own subjective bias. with enough human contact you can shape who you are like carving a sculpture out of marble. but in disconnection and isolation and loneliness you are truly free and through this freedom you can follow your own truth instead of losing it with oversocialization which turns you into an NPC. theres a balance and its a matter of harnessing and generating your own energy vs. using surrogate activities/people/relationships ect. to gain empty energy. but in the state of loneliness and isolation paradoxically like all things in life, its when you feel most connected to this world.

>All you have to do is make a Facebook/Instagram profile, sit back and wait for everyone and anyone to add you.
Once again you faggots only notice that Stacey exists. That kind of thing only happens to Staceys. It doesn't happen to average or below average women.

>men only see attractive women
Huh, who could've ever thought of that?

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Bitch that is a fucking lie, Thirsty faggots out there will be thirsty for interaction with literally anything that haves a coochie, no matter how fucking ugly you are, there's someone out here who would still smash.

No there isn't.

t. 30 year old virgin

Then you're just a non-charismatic bitch, Go out there, Put some cool attitude, Tell jokes, do fucking magic tricks, IDK, Anything that can wake anyone's interest in you.

Even 0/10s get messages, and this chart also isn't comparing it to what men get. It's something like 5 times less across the board.

bro 0/10s get the nastiest male attention from the nastiest motherfuckers to the point where it equates to NEGATIVE attention. imagine getting just 55 year old tweaker bitches messaging you for hookups all day

>but it's not Chad messaging them!
If you don't like it, don't make a tinder.

dude its attention from anywhere and any site not just tinder dumbass. women will always get attention because men will always want to give attention because they wanna stick their dick in a warm hole.

Being emotional is a choice, until you learn to accept that there's nothing in the world anyone can say and do to make you think otherwise. Be a champ and overcome your own emotions. Frankly, you sound like someone with severe trust issues who wouldn't open her heart to someone else who'd spend their times in 24/7 contact with you (potential contact, not actually clinging on that hard at every wolf cry) in a world where forming a bond that goes beyond superficial friendship is already difficult enough. Too bad compensating on your character for someone else will always be a thing because of how humans settle differences. And this is speaking purely of subjective loneliness. Objectively, most women could do anything they want to get a shred of attention whereas men have to do the most asinine shit to get said attention, no matter how poor quality. As much as it sucks to not have quality time, at some point, any quality becomes better than no quality time for most of us.
Not saying this to devalue your own issues by the way. Your problems are still just as important.

>just become a braindead normie with no mental illnesses or extreme social anxiety
Gee thanks OP, you're the best and so intelligent!

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Back when I had a Facebook no random guy has ever tried to add or message me.

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really lonely women do not exist

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>only have/use fb to talk to my mom, dont really get messages outside of her sending me those weird video recipes
>have art instagram rather than a selfie one, dont get men messaging me

>be anonymous on an imageboard
>random guy messages you
>ignore him
Hello there, i see you have a common interest, would you like to chat?

I would fuck you and let you live with me

how are men lonely? all they need to do is transition and find a fetishist that likes them
robots have literally no excuse for being lonely

I once made the mistake of logging into a chat room using a female name, to see what would happen. Literally within seconds, I was getting contacted by guys introducing themselves. Within less than a couple of hours, I received 50+ messages and I finally understood why women sometimes say they feel overwhelmed on dating apps. I was depressed for days afterwards, to think how much easier my social life would have been if I had been born female.