Having a woman sleeping in your bed every night is heaven

I get to grab titties whenever I want. I often wake up in the middle of the night and to help fall asleep I often cup my gfs firm titties. Feels so fucking good man. I dont know why homosexuality exists when you have big fucking tits to miss out on

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And its nice when they have their squishy butts pressed up against ur cock

I've never had a girl sleep in the same bed with me, or even look at me as if I was a man. Everyone treats me like I'm a kid.

it's all in your head. most chads are literally children, you want to be a knuckle dragging asswipe like them?

They just let you do that? Touch them whenever you want?

if you've never known a love of a girl, you are a child.

in actuality, girls like a lot, and will put up with a lot more if you treat them as you should.

Yep shit is cash. First thing I do when I get home from work is walk up behind my gf and do what my pic in the OP shows. She doesnt mind it at all and often does similar things with my dick.

Oh this too, I love feeling the smoothness and softness of her ass cheeks against my thigh when I cuddle up to go to sleep.

Im a 5ft 4 baby faced manlet if this makes you feel any better

I never believe when people say things like this one here, it's just a psyop to get us to molest girls thinking it's normal and get in prison.

>baby faced
yeah that really helps, i can attest. don't be afraid to be little spoon.

You dont just randomly grope a girl you see in public ya doofus. Get to your place and flirt a lot beforehand. When she was standing in my kitchen, first I got close to her, then we started making out, then I began grabbing her breasts while covered with her clothes. I took her hand and led her to my bed where we started taking our clothes off and before I knew it I was inside her.

I was still the big spoon even though she was about half an inch taller than me

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why do you call me "ya doofus", does using lower class slang add an air of realism to your voice? how do you "have your own place" then unless your parents bought it for you or you were raised in a family with money and were inclined to success? are you sure she didn't just want your money? how do I know you're not AI, everything you're saying sounds like it came out of maxim magazine's guide to how to treat women.

Whatever you say schizo. Im just an semi autistic programmer who makes enough to rent an apartment, I graduated college with 1k in cash and 40k in student loans so im not wealthy or anything.

ooh a programmer, bet you went to a nice school that had money to blow on bullshit programming electives or you had enough money when udnerage to build a pc. fuck off you chad poser, don't act like you don't come here knowing what you're doing, what this board's rep it. I rarely come here but I'm fucking sick of seeing this shit. I hope you get aids and rabid dogs eat your gf alive.

The fuck are you on bro. I was incel until age 25 and I guess am betabux at best at this point.

I'm not your brother pajeet, but you can reply to collect your .25 rupees

They prefer it. They play with them by themselves pretty often

>I don't know why homosexuality exists when you have tits to miss out on
What are lesbians then, unicorns?

But also you're retarded op real gay people did not choose their sexuality only the pathetically lonely incels here do.

But why would you like cocks, thats disgusting

They're open to new things, idfk I'm a lezzie by birth. Again for genuine homosexuals it's not a choice.

I at least understand lesbians because they like what I like

>But why would you like cocks

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I admit I dont like the idea of eating out a girl but neither do I want to suck a cock

isn't it difficult to sleep with another person in the same bed? Won't you wake each other up all the time from ordinary tossing and turning? Like it routinely takes me like half an our and three or four flips onto my other side just to fall asleep, and then the tangled blanket I wake up to in the morning tells me I probably do it several more times at night.

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Yeah its a bit difficult especially if youre a poorfag with a twin mattress. I actually sleep extremely well with her tho

Depending on how long you too have been dating, she'll eventually get sick of it and would like to sleep alone sometimes regardless of what she tells you. With my ex girlfriend, I learned that "Come Over, I want your warm body next to mine every night l.", doesn't actually mean "Come Over, Inwant your warm body next to mine every night." Keep your relationship alive and pull away from her sometimes And give her plenty if space. Dont do what I did and literally stay with her all the time. God I'm fucking retarded. It was my first genuine relationship so I had to learn these lessons, but goddamn it still hurts.

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So you don't like oral, thats ok :).

Exercise, watch the red man group and read Rollo Tomassi's The Rational Male. You can find audio books on youtube. Stefan Molyneux did and interview with him, it's on his channel.

Well I rent while I save for a house. Quit trying to bash the good advice you're being given because you're scared of having to follow it.
You have a computer and access to the internet. You have no excuse not to be following videos online and learning how to do stuff other than you being a lazy retard.
Yeah, tough lesson that one. Gotta be a bit distant and make her feel your attention is worth something.

Yeah but if I had a guy sleeping in my bed I could grab cock whenever I want. Even better.

when youre in a good relationship, your gf will be as excited about your body as you are about hers. constant groping is normal. it also feels nice for both people.

I know "how to do stuff" with my pc but I don't have all the money in the world all the equipment I need, sounds like lil chadlette never had to acquire means for his own sake. fuck off shit stain.
sounds good when you're a sub 100 iq ape but if I were to try it? end up in prison.

You're accusing him of being sub 100 iq just because he can seduce a woman? I think your bitterness and general negative disposition toward the world is why women don't like you. Girls want the guy that looks like he's having the most fun. Be a fun guy. Get out there and socialize to get better at it. You're going to fuck up a lot before you succeed. You can absolutely be happy someday, my guy... It just takes some effort. I also haven't figured everything out to satisfaction yet but this is just what I've learned so far.

I feel like there's something subtly off about your incel impression. You miss his points in slightly the wrong way. Good work, though, will get lots of replies, including this one.

>you're accusing him of being sub 100 iq because he follows the kikesumer life style like all other goyim! consume and reproduce! don't think just do it!
outed yourself. leave.

when a girl likes you enough to call herself your girl and cuddle you at night, she doesn't mind and usually loves you touching her boobs

>there are normies posting about grabbing their gfs tits at odd hours so robots never get rest from the constant reminder of their sexual inadequacies and failures

You know what you're doing, and you know that its cruel. You dont care because bragging about your gf makes you feel good, when you know this is a board full of losers. Where a subset of the men here have actually seriously considered homosexuality as a last resort for intimacy due to propaganda, but of course to the normie it's a funny little way to poke fun at and emasculate losers, mocking them for not just going out and grabbing a pair of tits bro.

Fuck you and your whore gf.

>outed yourself. leave.
>"oh shit, I've been found out! What should I do to maintain my cover? I know, no true scotsman!"
You're doing and imitation of an "incel" stereotype. What am I supposed to call it? You talk like a reddit incel so that's what I'm calling you. You, too, need to go back and all the rest.

ok that's cool and all mr chad but that doesn't change the fact that you're still posting on the virgin central board located on the shithole of the mainstream internet

I slap my fuckbuddy, catch her by the throat, throw her by the hair, and even spit on her face
And she loves it
Women are just like that
t. ciborg

honestly I toss and turn too much, sometimes spinning 180 degrees to where my head is at the foot of the bed, and if I ever manage to stay in one position all night I generally wake up sore somewhere. plus I fidget while going to sleep.
It's also probably way too warm in bed with an extra person.
then theres the fact that they might steal the covers, and them tossing and turning could disturb your sleep, they won't wake up at the same time as you...
Also I don't think you're supposed to grope your gf while she's asleep without her permission.
basically I think sleeping in the sane bed as another person would be hell.

Sauce on that gif pls.

Nah, I like having my bed to myself.

Oh, so what is your opinion on the music of Tom Petty?

thats great but unless your gf is a heavy sleeper id be pissed being woken up being groped just because you woke up. also best part is
>hearing her breathing change from wake to sleeping
>feeling her body heat warm up inside the comforter

My girlfriend loves it when I grab her tits. Whenever I get a boner around her too I'll walk up to her and just press it on her and every time she gets stoked about it and touches it.
Sometimes she will come in the room and ask me to flash her my dick and gives me this cute content smile when I do.
She also holds it when she's falling asleep and if I get hard in her hand before she does she plays with it.

Shits normal man

>Sometimes she will come in the room and ask me to flash her my dick and gives me this cute content smile when I do.
lol i can believe the rest being pretty normal but you must have a freak of a gf. its good that both your sexual appetites match up well but it sounds really childish and cringy to read what you wrote user

Implying i want some stinky, sweaty, menstruating ball of sweat with morning breath in my fuckin bed no thanks

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>implying you wouldn't be excited if your girlfriend flashed you from time to time in the privacy of your own home

I don't get what's childish about that but okay dude lol

i mean if she flashed me itd be kind of fun and exciting i guess but i would never ask her to flash me her pussy out of the blue and smile when she does. again if thats what you two do and it works for you cool but it sounds ridiculous

Sometimes I just want to look at her pretty pussy in a non sexual manner. I'm sure it's the same for her. You sound boring if that's ridiculous to you. How can you not smile seeing something like that? You sound a little gay, but that's fine

Yes. I grab and massage my wife's tits every day. Sometimes she grabs my hands while I'm doing it and squeezes with me.

You just get used to it after a while. But it also helps if you have at least a queen size mattress.

Based and threadpilled to be quite honest

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i really want to give you the benefit of the doubt but you sound like youre larping user...if you have ever been in a normal relationship you would know that that kind of thing rarely if ever happens. i hope im wrong though and you are just one of those rare instances but you cant tell me you think what you do is normal

This is true. My ex would play with her boobs when she was stressed. She would squeeze and press and "flip" them. Maybe that's why they were so big.

Not larping. Seems normal to me. We both are touchy feely people so maybe it is an isolated case but it's happened in every one of my relationships to some degree. Maybe it's just the type of women I attract Or am attracted to.

fair enough again im glad you two work out well together but it just seems very strange to me since i have never done something like that besides as a prank. guess it goes to show how hard it is to leave anecdotal/personal bias at the door

While she steals half your money and flirts with Chad during the day only to eventually cheat and break your heart, no ty

I have real bad insomnia, there's no way I'd be able to sleep in the same bed as a woman without causing severe disruption to her sleep. That's always been my #1 insecurity about having a relationship.

Ca, every half year i get really drunk and end up in bed with a girl, i don't even have sex with them i just hold hands and cuddle with them, last time me and the girl kissed.
Alcohol gives me what my personality needs, i can even get sober girls when i am drunk.
Shit is so cash but i can't hold a girlfriend because i am too anxious when sober but having a girl all the time would be 10/10

Get out of this mindset user, having a loved one next to you can actually have a positive effect on your psychological stress, don't worry and hug your girl.
My girl has panicattacks, when she starts getting one with me around i told her to hug me as hard as she can and it worked wonders.

Eh its decent sometimes but sleeping alone is also underrated better sleep better gains, but yes you get to Touch the tits if you want all the time but as everything once u have it the other side starts to look more green.

>tfw abused alcohol so much that it only brings negative effects now

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It's a physical issue that stops me sleeping. Sleeping in the same bed as a woman would be a serious practical problem and I don't really know how to get around it.

Makes me insecure as fuck and worried that any woman would lose interest.

my nigga, nothing compares to it
>fall asleep in bed spooning gf's big ass in my lap
>wake up choking and gasping for air
>gf has turned over and my face got buried in her big tits
>nearly smother to death in tits
>do it again every night

Mhhh don't drink anymore user, try switching to caffeine and feeling loose.
I sometimes drink 3 energydrinks to get hyped up, at a party where i don't want to drink because Jow Forums

you're hand doesn't have titties

What is the physical issue ?

If she's sleeping in bed with you ofc, girls I've done this with like it when you're cupping their tits as the big spoon and stuff like that

>Im 5ft 4

Manlets don't deserve happiness. You are literally going against nature. Expect consequences.

It doesn't matter. That's not the question I'm asking. I want to know how I can have a relationship with a woman in spite of this. How can I work around it? Because I don't see any way in which this wouldn't be a huge problem

If you are a decent human beeing and put some effort in your relationship with people, there will be girls who will take you even if you have those issues.
Don't listen to people telling you that there are no good people left

WDs would unironically kill me at this stage I think.

How can I work around it though? :/

Honesty, if you find a girl you will have to tell her, she either accepts that or not, if you are a good person she will probaly accept it

Yeah but what can we do? Sleep in separate beds or something? :/ It's just shit, this has completely fucked my ability to have a normal relationship

leila sheitan/salome

Yep maybe you need seperate beds, i don't knoe hoe much you can do abojt your condition, but when you are not sleeping you still can cuddle, don't let it hold you back on anything man

dude me and my gf sleep in seperate beds
if we want to fuck or cuddle we do it in her bed but we both get a better sleep with our own bed. Especially helps with different work/sleep schedules

>based redpilled user seeing right thru jidf shill slide thread
keep calling out their lies, user, it'll make them more mad they can't really replicate natural speak.

this guy gets it

who wants a brapping monster in your bed all night?

i mean, are you a kid? under 20 is child tier

My bf sleeps in the same bed as me but he doesn't like touching me. Can't get him to do any foreplay unlessnits sucking his cock and he doesn't pull me into him or stroke my skin. I love him and he loves me but the lack of physical contact is putting a massive strain on the relationship

Mhmm everyone wants that

You're wrong tho,i don't want a stinking human in my bed

>stinking human
Girls are angel

They fuckin menstruate wich is disgusting

The best feeling is seeing her slowly waking up and watching her smile and knowing you're the reason for that smile.

>firm titties
My condolences to you. Titties are meant to be soft, so soft you could just drown in their softness. If I wanted something firm I'd just become a queer.

I'd rather have a boiwife tbqh lad

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I have a gf and we have sex but we don't sleep in the same bed because it's less comfortable, we both value our space when it comes to sleep.

It gets old after a while just like anything else.

Seriously. Its like eating KFC or McDonalds every day for a few months. It loses its appeal.