Jow Forums is a yellow fever board

If you arent a Western heterosexual male with a strong preference for East Asian women you dont belong here

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Then where do Western heterosexual males with a weak preference for East Asian women belong?
And why have you still not figured out that Jow Forums is a board for people who don't belong elsewhere?

At least when you post a chink, post a good looking one. She also has the thousand cock stare.

why must you make this thread everyday? At best it goes from charming to kinda annoying posting basically the same shit and it wasn't charming to start with

post some gook whores then

That has nothing to do with robots. Go back to /a/
Or better yet don't because anime is rotting your brain you pathetic sexpat flatface gook loving freak.

he's right though. Only normalfags don't exclusively prefer asian women.

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Asians are the first step towards enlightenment - but only the first step

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>she will never bully your penis

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feels bad man

original rin nakai comment

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I'll just have to be happy with her simply confusing my penis instead

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>user I was not meant to eat any more today. If you keep this a secret I will do anything for you.

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Plenty of normalfags prefer them, samefag

I did not have a preference for asian women before I dated one. Now I am disgusted by most white women.

I want a yandere gf pls.

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My favorite girls are hapa girls, am I allowed?

hapas are superior asians. only the girls ofc the men are disgusting. They have everything. The asian look with more prominent bone structure, bigger eyes, etc

what was she like? are you still together?

Hapa males are hit or miss, some of them look attractive and some of them look weird. Hapa females always seem to look great.

I actually dated a chubby Asian Catholic schoolgirl.
Shit was caesh when she wasn't being mean to me.

This, I guess when you have it on with a girl that's so feminine, being with a white girl is like fucking a man.