All the sissy threads are starting to get to me...

All the sissy threads are starting to get to me, I erp'd with a guy earlier today and I came to the thought of him fucking my throat. I don't like this anons...

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>I erp'd with a guy earlier today
That's pretty gay. I think they already got to you.

Have you always enjoyed being submissive? Probably why. It's less you liking dick and more you being under somebody.

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A little but for the first time in my life I moaned when I came, it was when he sent me a pic of his dick. It was... huge...

where did you find him user? here?

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It's weird -- I can get off to the thought of doing sexual things with other men, but if I actually try to fap to gay porn my boner collapses.

It's over. There's no going back now, not even nofap can save you now.

Either a lead injection or becoming a full blown homosexual.

No, it was another site. Won't post the name, but it's not even a dating or porn site, or reddit.

Huh, maybe you do like dick. You should do some soul searching and come to twrms of it or something. It's not all that bad, user.
Maybe I can help?

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Omegle you frivolous fucking fag

The next step if for you to take HRT and drown in cocks

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whyyy not
do people even use Omegle anymore besides indians and bots

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Idk user.... I don't like gay porn, but whenever he sent me his cock and told me he was about to cum something just took over, it was the horniest I've ever been. I moaned like a girl.

well, if you meet up with him here's some advice, you slut.

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user stop you're making me think about stuff again...

Reading instructions on how to suck cock is so hot and arousing!

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you fuckin sluts

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You're supposed to filter the threads you dumbfuck

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I know user! I've never been like this before, but that erp pushed me over the edge, I've been thinking about big, throbbing cocks being forced down my throat all day

yeah? you wanna feel my hard, burning hot dick being thrusted down your throat, user? imagine the feeling of my hands tightly wrapped around your head pushing you up and down my length like the dirty little cocksleeve you were always destined to be. Feeling my cock pulse and throb as I shoot a nice, thick load of cum straight down into your tummy. just be a good girl and ask nicely.
no homo

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oh... oh user...

Please fuck my throat user! I'm your little cumslut!

im just joshing, you fags. I would never let you near my pp

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What's erp? Care to light my fire on the subject?

It's erotic role play, user.

holy fuck that describes me way too good. Its kinda scary.

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Oh no not another one of these threads, everyone on Jow Forums is going to turn into cock loving faggots.

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Get a bf instead of slutting it up.

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I'm fucking diamons, please stop this

I'm talking to another guy and I'm going to put on panties for him. His cock is 3 times my size and just thinking about it makes me leak like a little slut! I hope he lets me cum!

same, only i drool over boybutts. i'm supposed to be straight, why are they so fricking hot???

You're sick in the head, boy butts aren't erotic.

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joke's on you, i started that thread on /gif/ and posted that webm

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haahaa niga u gay

Are you sure? It's pretty old.

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If it makes you feel better OP, I used to do this gay erp shit all the time but I'm 100% straight now after trying it out irl and not getting aroused. It's just something about fantasizing online and hentai/anime and loneliness that all mix together and make guys turned on by gay shit.

t. bandit shill

oh, haven't seen that one. was talking about this thread post the stuff you have, if you wanna.

Are you the same sissy who me and OP abused in that last thread?

Most of what I have has audio or is over the size limit.

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love him. i meant post it in the thread in /gif/.

Is it a power thing?

Sorry pretty lazy, maybe another time. I'd have to organize the folder and find the best ones.