I just hate the fact that you're stuck with your body

I just hate the fact that you're stuck with your body.
I wish you could trade with others. Don't like your body? Find somebody who does and is willing to trade! Simple.

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if this existed within 30 minutes there'd be a bodyswap tinder for people who wanted to masturbate and/or fuck as the opposite sex.
I'd be on it


Let's say you want to swap with somebody attractive - you meet up, they're some Hollywood turbo chad and they just want a break from time to time - so you both hop in the switcheroo machine.

A week passes and he's had a great of a holiday, but now he needs his body back - needs to be on set the next day for a film. Do you refuse?

I'd rather there be a character creator at the beginning of life, rather than just being randomly generated. nobody would choose to play fat people.

If this was possible it would be worse than selling organs.
Old people would trick young people and they would die.

I see Iiterally nothing wrong with this.

Never said I wanted to switch genders or sexes. Just bodies. I want a more attractive, more functional body. The one I got now fucking sucks.
Also, trannies are cool and you're retarded.

If I were God, I'd set it up so that you can sort of force-undo the swap within a certain amount of time (maybe 72 hours), a privilege that is revoked if you commit a major crime or generally do something to fuck up the life of the person to whom your new body once belonged. Then you're stuck in that body for 3 years, and can only swap again after that 3 years have passed.
Either that or I'd just make it so that people identify each other by their souls and not by their faces/bodies, so that the body is acting more or less like a phone case than anything. But then that'd defeat the purpose of your famous Hollywood actor thing and wouldn't make for as fun of a story, so I'll go with the first thing.

>trannies are cool
t. trannie

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You seem to almost want me to be a tranny.
Is there a reason for this? Is there something you want to tell me, user?

>you hate X therefore you are a pent up X!!!!
stop projecting before i beat you to a bloody pulp you freak of nature, if you comply i will grant you a single head pat

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Again, not a tranny. Insisting so won't change that.

Why do you like trannies then user? Trans enablers are just as bad as trannies, you really want me to clock your dumb ass face huh?

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>trannies are cool

Honestly, most of the trannies I've talked to have been fucking lunatics.

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>Why do you like trannies then user?
Cuz the ones I've met so far have been pretty cool people.
>you really want me to clock your dumb ass face huh?
...Through the internet? I actually really do want to see that. It'd be really cool if you could send physical sensations via the internet.

How many have you met? Two?
And where did you meet them? Jow Forums? Pretty sure anyone you meet on Jow Forums is bound to be a lunatic.

>through the internet?
Of course not dipshit im going to your house right now, you better order some pizza because im hungry

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Joke's on you, I live in a van.

You better hope there's enough space for me because im going to sleep there now, unless you want to share

i wouldnt give my body to my worst enemy. I mean its not that bad, but its certainly not pleasurable.

Sure, I've had lots of people sleep in the van with me. It's actually pretty roomy in here.
I only have one sleeping bag though, and it's mine, so.

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If it's not that bad, why wouldn't you want to give your body to your worst enemy?

because then they wouldnt be able to live comfortably without feeling like they're going to break down every day.

This would be amazing.
people would play fat people just for the lulz

That sounds pretty bad. What's wrong with your body?

>Old people would trick young people and they would die.
That's basically the story of an old novel which I can't remember the title of

>chronic joint pain
>chronic venous insufficiency in the legs
basically the blood in my legs pools up and doesnt return to my upper body causing pain and lightheadedness, heart palpitations etc
>arthritis in hands
>orchialgia and PID
chronic testicular pain and prostate pain

all of this comes and goes at various times, and sometimes all at the same time. The discomfort varies day to day.
im assuming the body swap wouldnt include the brain, because thats a whole other level of hell.