You have 2 bullets in your gun

You have 2 bullets in your gun
>1 roastie mega whore
>1 nigger
>1 incel
who do you shoot?
I would shoot the incel twice
Problems fembots face that robots dont understand.
>mental illness rendering their sexual powers useless
If you are a female and fucked in the head enough, as in full shut in head case.
your vagina has no value.
>lonely online
Fembots have to pretend to be guys online and cannot talk about female feels in community's because they would get attacked and orbited etc
I would shoot the incel

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I'd shoot the nigger once in each leg, and let him bleed out.

I wouldn't shoot the incel bc his life is shittier than death.

I would shoot OP and the roastie mega whore.

Id shoot gunjy twice, beat the incel and unchain the nigger so he rapes the roast

I fire once in the air and then pop myself in the head.

presumably the incel then watches as the roastie fucks the nigger over my dead body, but I don't care, I have the sweet release of death

shoot the incel and nigger
and then i ass rape the whore

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Shoot the incel and nigger and then pistol wip the whore until their face is deformed to the point they look like a monster the rest of their life.

why not ass rape all 3?

>aaaaaaaahh its an incel the evil incel aaaaaahh please kill incels incels noooooo

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I would shoot myself, so the incel

>roastie mega whore
these aren't the same thing
I would shoot the roastie and spend some time trying to figure out which or weather or not I'd shoot one of the other two
if OP was in the room I'd just default to them though, fucking horrible post, what a fucking idiot, the whole time I was reading OP I was just in physical pain, fuck you

>these aren't the same thing
Yes they are you incel.
I would shoot you twice

Why unchain him after you shot him?

fuckin clever

you're insufferable and this board has rotted your mind

I wouldn't shoot anyone, I would try to become frens

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You're always posting the same thing

Remove roast-beef

I'd shoot the incel in the head then shoot myself

Shoot the nigger and roastie
Hug the incel.