Whats it like dating a hood rat?

Whats it like dating a hood rat?

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She looks soft and creamy, how do I get one without living in America?

If you're trying to get one of these things outside of America, you're going to have a tough time 2bh. They don't really travel outside of the US, much.

Awful. Think of the average woman but way more entitled, shittuer voice/speech and she gets whatever she wants. After your first kid she will threaten you with child support if you piss her off and make your life miserable if you even so far as say you dont want to date anymore.

Dont make the same mistakes I did.

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What if you're just nice to her. Can they be civilised?

Get a sex doll and sprinkle AIDs and HIV all over it. Basically the same thing

A sex doll can't hurt me though, it wouldn't be realistic.

Do you like getting stabbed?!?

Why would they stab me if I love them and support our family?
Are you sure you just didnt catch a bad girl?

they stab because they crazy as fuck

Would gladly make the mistake of knocking this girl up a few times before skipping town

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>She: "I will make you stabbed!"
>Me: "I love you, I want to support our family together!"
How will she react? Will the stabbing commence?

Im guessing a lot of these girls have never known true love or loyalty. Whenever I said something sweet to my gf she would go ugh thats so gay but after a while would break down and tell me how much she loves me.

Cute! I'd like to be able to do that but all the girls I've been with are girly as fuck already.

Sorry to hear, I'm dating a ghetto girl and sure she's rough around the edges but she's nice.

Fuck off nigger gg

>rough around the edges
In what way?

Lemme know. Trying to find one to bang while at work for under $400 a month.

She comes from the hood so she's just an all around lower class, lower educated person. Also from that environment means rough experiences which affect how she acts and reacts.

Literally the edges of her vagina are a bit rough on the outside. It's common in cases of mild childhood malnutrition.

She loved me less and less as time went on.
At first she invited me on a date to the mall but I was hospitalized when the date came.
She'd always press her back into me. Little miss hug-me-from-behind.
One time she came in all high and she was grabbing at my hand.
Then she made me talk to her on the phone when I was all stoned, I think this is where I fucked it up.
But when I tried to invite her over, she gave me jive about how she loved another, "I love hippy" whoever the hell that is.
One time she brought in a black boy and said to me "this is my boyfriend".
Eventually, I gave her a gram of weed and she said thank you.
I don't think I ever had sex with her.
In the end, I saw her in a hotel corridor, she looked right through me and said nothing. Like we were strangers. And that's the last I ever saw of her.
Really disappointed she didn't want to get married or something, she's with a nice older black guy now. I hope she's happy.

NEVER again

>flamin hot cheetos
>getting her nails did
>addicted to drama

Could you give some exsamples?

Didnt sound like she was your gf lad

Observe any black person from the hood, you'll get the idea.

Dude im from Estonia we dont have black people

Why are hood rats so loud? I've never met a quiet and shy one

Watch this and tell me if you're sure you still want one:


What the fuck? That's racist as hell. Gotta let in some refugees, bro.

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if you're white she'll stop being a hoodrat to distance herself from her fellow hoodrats
t. befriended a hoodrat on a trip to america, by the end of the two months we've known eachother she completely dropped everything, even the slang

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dystopia kino

They are more slutty and they like to be choked, slapped, and dominated during sex

When you realise that you aren't really dating her.
You don't date these sorts of girls. You fuck them, and buy them things. You drive them places, and they suck your dick.
They'll do more or less whatever you want, but they're all cheating.

No, this isn't some projecting faggotry. They just work differently. There will always be other men. When you met/fucked her the first time, there was probably another man who thought he was dating her.
Again, you'll get great sex out of them and probably some decent fun/laughs. Just don't expect much more.

This seems accurate. I fucked a ghetto escort and she was crazy as hell

She is cuteeeeeee, I would love and cuddle her all day

You'll want to drive a power drill through your temple after 10 seconds of being around them in a relatively large group. It's not so much that they're having fun, it's the pitch of their cackling that makes you want to repeatedly drive your head into a concrete wall. Other than this, they're pretty funny to be around, they give absolutely zero fuck about any words that fly out of their mouth.

Why do girls from the ghetto smell different? They can smell clean but it's just a different odor, not pungent but not as pleasent as a regular chick

Pretty much this, I've only ever given much thought to one hood rat in my lifetime. MIxed race Mexican/black thot, and I mean legitimate thot she took offense to the fact I had taken her oral and anal "virginity" and then not cuffed her.

The irony is I had thought about really going with her despite her past and the two bear paw tattoos on her titties, as well as many other cheap unproffessional tats elsewhere just cause she was lightskin/mixed, then she got with a hood nigga, stole a car at gun point and died in the ensuing police chase on impact. He died later in the hospital.

Don't get caught up with these chicks at all,

>Why do girls from the ghetto smell different?
lotion to keep skin moisturized. after awhile, sweat mixes with the lotion. it gives it that clean, subtle, smell you're talking about.

cocoa butter i think

i have NO idea. i live in the ghetto of austin texas. tons of black people and latinos. the rare times i have talked with black girls here they are curious if im from austin or one of the many people who recently koved here. and they have been friendly. the other times when we walk past eachother without talking i get bad looks like they are pissed off at my for invading their neighborhood. they are in fact being forced out. their home taxes have skyrocketed in recent years.

Why dont you talk to them and then ask one out?