Help me decide what name to give to my birb

Help me decide what name to give to my birb

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Artemis. Btw nice birb user, what species is it?

kaku bariba

if dubs then nigger

cum on the bird

Pretty sure it's a barn swallow or another kind of swallow, found it outside, p sure fell out of it's nest

can you kill it maybe?

senior panchito

I think I'd rather not.

name it borb

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if you are a weeb, otherwise call it

You better feed it very often. It'll starve faster than you think

gundams are usually named after flowers tho not birds

Name it doggy.

That bird (swallow) has fledged and it's parents were nearby. Put it back where you found it you fucking moron, there is a reason taking birds from the wild is illigal.

I catch a few flies around the house every ~2h and feed them to him

Diseased house flies are not going to keep it alive. Put it back, pea brain.

No. Borb and I share a bond now.

Call it barbwire user

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Call it gypsie.
I fucking dare you.

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just call borb

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Have fun with your dead bird, make sure to show it to friends and family maybe someone will do the right thing. It's cunts like you that should stay the fuck inside where you belong.


Barry, if it's a boy

Call it food.

Ive fed baby birds before like that for like a month, I don't live in fucking Chernobyl you retard.

>Appropriate invertebrates you can look for include - flies, horseflies (remove the wings), grasshoppers without wings and legs, crickets, soft caterpillars, grubs, mealworms in small amounts, spiders, and earthworms in limited amounts.

Give it a cool name
Like Alexander or Ivan