told myself not today but rainy days and mondays always get me down edition. hows it going bros?

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bump, anyone else enjoying a nice monday drink?

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finna smoke some weed soon

cheers bro. doing anything after you smoke?

Smoking weed then probably drinking vodka because beer has started to blow the fuck out of my asshole
How's raging bitch user? Never tried it

its pretty good if you like ipas. very heavy and strong but gets you drunk which is why i really like it. i need to not drink tomorrow since im going camping wednesday and want to be in good condition

please dont drink until youre dependant, anons

its rough to see someone hallucinate and seize simply because they havent drank in a few hours

this...im not sure where i am anymore in terms of how dependent i am but ive been drinking for 2 weeks straigth which is something i havent done in a year or two. fuck. just enjoy drinking bros dont ever get hooked or think of it as a friend or something to turn to all the time

please take a break whilst you can, even a 2 day detox is enough to make sure you get dependant

if you need a friend to turn to, im here for you user

i meant to make sure you DONT get dependant =.=

thanks user youre much too kind.. i have been through aa and outpatient rehab programs that helped but as soon as another of life's hurdles come my way i find myself crawling back to my old habits

Brain fog is killing me, i almost caused an accident today.
Ironically i think i'm more sharp after a glass of bourbon.

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Vodka user again, I was on vacation for a week and only had access to alcohol besides 2 10mg THC gummies my uncle left for me(I use weed for pain in my neck from a major surgery) and now I'm drinking a lot since I've been home. Once my dealers lad is back from Europe I should hopefully be able to transition back to heavy smoking. I wish this shit was legal everywhere, I hate having a fucked neck when I just want a week off away from all the shit here

take it easy user. iktf but honestly thinking like that is dangerous. leads to shit like you think youre a better driver/okay to drive after a few drinks and it can extend into other areas. be careful all you bros about your drinking...

keep in mind that if you keep trying to skip the hurdles of life, youre just taking a detour to a bigger hurdle which is alcoholism
i know how hard it can be to stop, but it really does begin with a genuine craving for self improvement

i hope my words arent too normie and are actually beneficial

nah thank you. im pretty normie myself besides the dirnking and know all too well how well meaning advice almost always comes out feeling cliche because the words require the listener to truly want change and to act on it. thank you again and i hope your day goes well bro. thank you

Yeah i gotta watch myself. This morning a lorry just blocked my way and i had to wait until a caterpillar fills it up. When it finally moved i just floored it, without even thinking. Of course there were cars to the left and right at the intersection, waiting for the same fucking thing.
Either not enough sleep or a brain tumor.

I'm gonna have beer later user. What are you drinking?
Can confirm taking a break is a good idea. It also reduces your tolerance

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fuck man get some more sleep and maybe go to a doctor too if its a legitimate concern bro
im having some beer, ipa cheers bro

Wife is leaving me because she needs to "find herself". Just opened my second beer.

fuck...has anything been leaing up to this bro? thats rough hang in there man

Have you checked her phone? Social media etc? If you where being cuckolded it'll actually give better perspective. Either way we both know she is fucking or fucked a chad when you where together.

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Feel like I need one, but I don't wanna start quite this early in the day... still might, though.

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i was the same til it started pouring. i always make excuses for drinking but rain is prob my biggest one


Have to write a 5 page paper today and then expand it to 15 pages by Thursday. Drinking while writing and hoping for the best

good luck on your paper satan. im assuming since you put it off like this you are capable of doing so. i remember writing pages an pages in one night while chain smoking since i was a shit student. i almost miss it sometimes but its probably me being nostalgic again since it sucked balls

Mmm, love stew, lad. Wish I had a nice cold one and a stew right about now.

i havent had a proper stew in ages. this was just campbells canned soup. it did its part for a few bites but honestly doesnt compare to the majesty of a real stew. what kind of stews do you like most bro?

Thanks man. Its going to fucking suck but I'll get it done. All I need is a 50 or something on the paper and I'll pass the class

>fuck...has anything been leading up to this

Yes and it's been a horrible emotional ride that only sociopath could provide. If I manage to get over this its going to extremely difficult to trust the opposite sex again.

My mistake.

This one is probably close to my ideal.


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thats good most profs in my experience gave at least Csas long as paper length was met and you werent a tard. good lukc bro
christ user. i am really really sory to hear this. i hope you get over it well. i wish i could do more to hel you. where do you live bro?
even the picture looks tasty. ive only ever cooked soupin my life but im hopign to try a legit stew this winter

When will you go on Grindr for some sissycunt

hey bro if you are gay and grindr gets you laid that is great but please dont get off topic bro. its so obvious you are pushing some tranny agenda

Maybe a gumbo, too. Not sure how "authentic" this one is but it was really good and fairly simple to make.


The chef recommends drinking beer while cooking it.

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>The chef recommends drinking beer while cooking it.
absolutely based drinking while cooking is a pleasure. never ha a reall gumbo either. im korean so ive had korean stews and soups a lot but rarely have i had other kinds so thank you

quit my job, because it's hard and I'm lazy and useless. currently finishing the last of my Monopolowa, will probably get a handle of bourbon later

shit samson i remember you were sober a few weeks back. i am really sorry to hear you quit and youre back to drinking. take care of yourself bro

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stress at work lead to a couple beers every other day, then every day, then I was back to my old habits. doubt I'll ever be able to quit unless I find something to replace the booze with, and all viable options for that are either too much work or are much worse

hope you find a way out samson. shit is hard. i know its all cliched shit youve heard before and know for yourself but dont give up and thin kabout how beautiful life can be. hypocritical as fuck since im drinking and drink too much as well but fuck theres so much more than this bro

>there's so much more than this
there isn't, not for a hopeless fat sociopathic alcoholic autist like me anyway. I had chances to make something of myself and wasted all of them, I won't get any more

shut the fuck up samson. you have a ton of shit weighed against you but foremost is your mindset. you remember how positive you were when you were telling me about how you finally got sober and that anyone could do it? give into that kind of thinking again and stop thinking so lowly of yourself

You look like a faggot lmao get TOPPED

drink bleach you propagandist piece of shit
I'm 25, have no friends, deteriorating health, no qualifications besides years of dead end jobs I sucked at, and all my references are burned. at this point, the best I can hope for is barely surviving until the booze or shitty diet kills me, and if it doesn't do so by 50 I'm jumping in front of a train

have you dont any college years? im 28 (holy shit i thought you were much older than me) and just finally graduated college which is why ive been dirnking so much im stressed about finding a deent job. stop being such an emo fuck samson youre not the only young drunkard with shit credentials in the world. you and me both need to get off our asses and do something besides pitying ourselves and giving into instant gratification trhough alcohol. it sucks but to through some rehab shit if your health is that bad. its the scariest thing on earth but it can help. just be sure to do soem reach rreasearch befor eyou do

Lmao you look like a actual faggot that guybisbright maybe you should go on Grindr and be a drunk fag slampig

rehab won't help, all the reasons I drink will still be there. fixing my life to the point where I don't have that need would take years of hard work, mountains of medication, and deep down I would still be miserable. the only way that will change is if I become someone else, and that's something I can't stand

have you ever tried? to go to rehab, to trying hard for years, to try soem medication, to try becoming someone else? becoming someone else doesnt mean you are faking yourself for the rest of your life. it can just mean you are improvimg yourself. i didnt think i would ever be able to make small talk with strangers but that came with time and effort. yes it changed who i thought i was and those kinds of changes isnt something to see as a detriment or a lie. human beings are incredibly flexible and adaptable samson dont fucking give up yet. im sobering up replying to you because i want you to do well bro. again all i say wont help anything unless you really want to change. ive heard all the cliche answers before and blew them off but we all need to find true motivation for ourselves. its sappy and corny but its truth. its like when your elders told you not to ever get too into drinking and you thought they were fucking idiots and you knew better and no find yourself telling younger kids not to drink so much. sorry im rambling and goin goff but take care of yourself all of you. i will to

You might as well transition its ear to all of us you are a homosexual

if it wasn't drinking, it would have been something else. I'm an addict, sociopath and deeply miserable person. sure, people can change in minor ways but my flaws go to the core of my character. at this point, there's no changing that without drugs which will completely destroy who I am

if you feel that way youre going to need more than a kick in the ass. ofc i dont know you personally and maybe you really are irredeemable but i am a naive thinker and believe that people can change things around almost no matter where they are. stay fucking positive samson. or at least focus on the beauty of life rather than how shitty you are. you have to have some memories where you felt living was incredible and whether you were drunk or not you felt that there was something special to being alive

why is weed so shit compared to alcohol bro's

people look at me like im an alien when i say this, like "naw weed is way cooler and better lol", like ffs weed is fucking legal here and i still prefer booze

gonna take a /nightwalk/ and buy some whiskey on the way.

it hits people differently. i can understand why people prfer one or the other. fuck i wish i could smoke properly since booze is too harmful to me

because it's not much of a drug really, barely numbs anything and isn't nearly as addictive as booze. weed with booze is fun though, I actually enjoy the spins when I'm fucked up enough to get them

Weed strains can feel completely different from each other. Durban Poison feels like a completely different drug than Purple Kush, for example.

i dont know. i grew up around stoners and i live around stoners and they always seem so surprised when i say i dont smoke. I smoked for years and while i had some nice experiences the vast majority of the time it only makes me feel anxious and depressed. I also absolutely hate the feeling of smoking. Even after years of it I never got used to it, every hit makes me feel like im fucking dying. I rarely feel any euphoria from weed, and when I do its only mild.

At best it makes me feel weird in a neutral way, but more times than not it just makes me feel really bad. this intense dread starts to overshadow my every thought. Its given me full blown panic attacks as well. I really am jealous of people who can enjoy weed, the only thing I miss from quitting is that it sometimes made music sound amazing. but the negatives vastly outweighed that.

meanwhile alcohol always makes me feel better, i feel so very good anytime I drink. Too bad drinking is so bad for your health and also hangovers suck if you overdo it

breakfast: of bacon and eggs with a couple shots of cheap vodka and water

Pretty shit
I feel like a bit of a child for saying this, but I so badly just want to get on a train tomorrow and go to my parents' place to stay there for a week or two. I miss my friends in my hometown, I miss my parents, I just miss people that actually accept me and don't see me as a weirdo. I really want to move in back with my parents, I feel like shit out here, in this dead-end town.

Is that a glass or a bottle in the picture? I like the art on it.

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nothing childish about it. i think most people want to take a break and just be with their parents for abit to escape as long as they were good people as it sounds like your parents were. its a bottle, art design by ralph steadman who worked with hunter s. thompson a lot. hunter and the founder of flying dog brewry were bros and the y kepy in touch. do you now have a chance to go back to your parents' place anytim soon? my own parents are across the world so i only see them once a ear but family can be a beautiful thing

Yeah they are, although funnily enough when I'm there I start to feel intensely negative towards them for no reason and then want to fuck off after a day or two. I don't know, it's not really their fault. I can't really leave anyways though, because I have to go to work.

That's pretty neat dude, I dig the artstyle. I'm sorry to hear you live so far away from your parents though. Would you like to move closer to them again?

Are you the drunk guy who wanted to fuck a sissy from Grindr?

Been jerking it all day to Bailey Jay and I want a drink

everyone has thoughts of sissies while drunk desu

lol im honestly the same way but i attribute it to my own insecurity and own issues. my parents have gone above an beyond for me and i love them so much but when we got on a trip together for more than a few days i get itchy because i try my best not to drink or smoke around them. thats shit i need to handle though. i would love to live a few hours apart but i dont see it ebign possible. honsetly i hhope we both grow up and appreciate our parents as people more tha nour parents. think of what theyve done to provide and support us desu which is something i need to learn as well

Did you end pounding her boicunt?

>but i attribute it to my own insecurity and own issues.
Holy shit, I'm exactly like that too. Feelings of insecurity and worthlessness are ultimately what make me feel so hostile towards others. It's a fucking poison.
Agree about the parents too, without them we'd have it a lot worse most likely.

its hard to get over. i thought i got over it and i still think i did somewaht but its still there. loving yourself is so hard but why it so hard? fuck me but im glad to find a kindred soul. am im also glad to hear your parents are the loving and supporting kind as well. lest do out best to love ourselves as cheesy as that is. being cheesy is way better than being bitter and being full of self hatred

Yeah, it is hard to love yourself, but it's also crucial if you want to be able to accept other people's love I think. It's kinda like the soil on which love from others can grow on. For me, no matter how nice and kind people are to me, the self-hatred ruins it. If you don't feel like you're lovable yourself, then others can't change that unfortunately, but they can still support yourself otherwise of course.

I hope both of us can get better eventually in that regard

absolutely. i think its great to want to be in a better place so you can be with a loved one and give them what they need but sometimes being broken and sad and lonely and finding someone special can be a very good step. loving yourself is so much harder that it should be but im glad to hear you at least know the struggles and necessity of it bro. damn this is my favorite drinking thread i made in a while. i enjoy hearing and encouraging others who need it but its always nice to hear from someone who knows whats necessary

I've been drinking for about 3 days now. I have to stop soon because I don't have any money left. Wat do?

Kek. U deserve it, Norman

do your best to find things to distarct you from drinking. whenver i really want to stop i play either civ v or run a nuzlocke run of pokeomn firered or emerlad and make a thread on this baord about it. its been ages but tomorrow mighg be a new run.

just start begging near a liquor store, that's what the hobos here do and they almost always get enough to drink that way. last week I bought a beer for one of those guys, he was p chill despite obviously being insane and on various other drugs

fuck lol you're a saint dude. I highly doubt that'll work for me though. I'll probably just shake it out and sleep

Knowing is half the battle as they say, although in this case it feels like a 100th or so, compared to actually going through with it lol
Wish you all the best man

Look for a general laborer gig on craigslist or something. Theres always posting for like $50 a day if you mow someones lawn and clean up all the leaves and other debris in their yard. Would do this all the time for beer money in college without actually committing to a part time job

That's actually a good idea, I'll have to survive the panic attacks and shaking first though.

op here i am going to pass out sosn i can tell but thank you call and love ayou all. take care bros

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Don't die homie

best of luck. Most of the people are pretty chill and just don't feel like doing their own yard work

just look dirty and pathetic enough, it'll work. this area is the most homeless saturated in the country and it works here, it'll work where you are too

just finished 3 pages for this shit paperTaking a break now and having a cranberry vodka and going to start writing again in like 5 hours. What is everyone else drinking?

weed and alcohol, the greatest combo

it's even better if you throw in some caffeine to combat the drowsiness too