Depressed fembots

Thread for fembots to rant/talk about what's bothering them or what's ruining their lives.

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I have a flat chest and flat butt.
>just end me please

Do squats I guess

I'm ruining my live OP. Stupid thread.

Other problems too but I don't live in the physical world, appearences don't matter.

lots of guys are into that 'petite' body type though. nice trips btw

I'm fat and have sagging boobs.
Choose one.


How are you ruining your life?

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how flat?

how fat?

>meet a "depressed and lonely fembot without any friends"
>she's supposedly desperate for some human interaction at all, has nobody to speak to
>wants to contact me, so I obligue
>go out of my way to be there for her, talk to her daily, tell her stories, show her things, even pictures of my life
>allocate time and employ effort for the sake of a complete stranger, out of my good will, every single day
>ask her questions, encourage her
>she's entirely unresponsive
>ghosts me for days
>not once she actually put any effort into it at all
>not once she displayed any interest
>never I felt even the tiniest bit of gratitude from her (not that I care, but still)
>I don't even have any romantic interests, how would I for somebody who doesn't care at all?
This is not an isolate incident, I went through this multiple times already, it is always like this with the fembots.

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Being schizophrenic is suffering. Also this summer heat is killing me

Fembots are insecure and probably think they are the problem/not good enough. Atleast in my case. I've distanced myself from people out of fear they'd dislike me or find me hideous, etc. I just keep ruining everything.

My mom said I looked 200 something which made me want to kms even more.

I know those schizofeels.

I've been on the opposite end of this situation, but I never told the user I was desperate for interaction or anything like that. I talked down to myself in a thread and then later on left contact info so anons could play Pokemon Go with me and this user decided that he wanted to be the one to change me. Naturally I was pretty offended: what could he do for me that I couldn't do for myself my whole life?

He kept messaging me positive messages and sending me false positivity and all that shit. It seemed so fake, because if I was a stupid whore or ugly camgirl he would be sending death threats instead. He didn't even know me and he believed he could change me with "daily positivity" and attention. It was selfish on his part. He didn't care about me, he had no reason to. He was just desperate to save some lonely femanon.

Consider it from this perspective next time you go expecting graditude. Many of these fembots have had these problems since childhood, and your messages won't help them.

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I'm a depressed fembot. Hurts to know I'll never have a shy, awkward bf to cuddle me and tell me itll all be ok :( I'm sick of being alone, I wish a nice guy would give me a chance

>be me
>want pretigious scholarship
>haul ass and get it
>basically spend summer between 3rd and 4th year working in a lab for minimum wage
>fulfill my obligations
>even do some volunteer work for the lab in the Fall
>do thesis project with the same professor
>the professor / PI never supervised me in the lab during the summer
>she visited, like, once
>she put me under the care of a phd student
>the phd student didn't instruct me properly and I fucked up
>PI and other phd both agree that supervising phd fucked up
>PI screams at phd for it
>phd begins to hate me
>starts bullying me constantly
>by the time I take on my thesis course I'm so nervous and frightened I never want to go into the lab
>even though the other phd agreed to help me the mean phd would constantly scream and belittle me
>found it hard to do basic tasks like arithmetic or pipetting because I would shake so hard around this person
>at the same time, I had medical issues where I would faint
>missed a meeting with the lab tech because of this
>tried to explain but was told I was just being lazy
>at the end of the winter semester I had no data
>get called in for a meeting with PI, nice phd and mean phd
>PI screams at me, says I wasted taxpayer dollars, "wasted my grad students time", and should be ashamed of myself
>asks me if I feel guilty about the time I missed because of my illness
>say no because I really was sick and have a medical record of this
>basically told I could drop or do a paper thesis
>feel compelled to say I'd do the latter because of how humiliated I felt
>end up dropping the thesis course without speaking to the PI

I want to apply for graduate studies and this scholarship would gurantee me success, but I'm terrified of my chances being ruined if they call the PI. I have other references. What should I do?

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You're describing the opposite of me, I don't care at all about "gratitude" and I don't so such things out of my own ego-masturbation.

Maybe you should first report the harassment if It's that bad.
Otherwise pay them no mind but it's easier said than done.
Don't let them get to you. Be strong in person but if you need to cry at home so be it. Don't give bullies the upper hand ever and never show weakness.

Thank you for the reply! I appreciate the stuff about being strong. It honestly nearly did me in.

I don't think the bullying was that bad. Plus I don't have documentation.

The only thing I'm scared of is if I apply to grad school somewhere, they'll see the scholarship and email the PI about me.

in the off chance that this isn't a bait post, im what you described and my discord is aobah#8810, id like to be your friend user

My eczema has been bad for the past 6 months. My skin is just falling off and it itches constantly. Its really difficult to not scratch like a junkie, and even if I avoid scratching during the day, which is difficult especially when trying to fall asleep (I writhe and only actually fall asleep from exhaustion and are never comfortable) I'll subconsciously scratch in my sleep.
All I do when not working my underpaying 9 to 5 job that I have to afford college is sit nude in moisturizer to try to help my skin but it barely helps anything.

I have to transfer schools and live at home for my last 3 years of college because my sister isnt paying back her loans so any I take out would have a high interest rate. This is bad because living at home means I have to put up with my mother who is mentally abusive and an overbearing piece of shit. For example: I used to draw and got pretty good at it, I spent hours finding all of my old ones and organizing them in a folder. My mother found it and threw them all out because apparently I was drawing bad things. They were mostly just superhero/armor but her logic was if the people needed armor then there was some violence happening so its unacceptable.
The wifi is so bad at home I cant even play games with people on my PC that I put a lot of money into building.
I don't have time for friends because all I'm doing is sitting in a puddle of moisturizer or working.

Work is hell because I have to talk to people and they dont know what I say because of my speech impediment, and always assume I'm retarted or something. I have to stand the whole time so my feet hurt from my shoes that are 2 years old but my mom says I dont need new ones. I think I'm gonna buy my own though.

My tits are misshapen because my mom for years bought me the wrong bras and I didnt know any better. I got myself a bra while at uni that fit fine but now its falling apart so I'm wearing the shitty ones my mom gets again. They cause my nipples to bleed.

flat chests are cute, flat butt can be improved a bit with squats. pls be gf

For reference, how tall are you?

My dad had a small stroke last week and chances are he's going to need surgery for it. With his health being the way it is I don't think he's going to survive to be honest. He's been ill for quite a while and it's been like a dark cloud over our lives but this is so much worse. I don't know what to do. It's just me and him at home.

I hope your father dies.

j hope your father dies too attention whore

if you say appearances don't matter it means you're not ugly, trust me if you were ugly you'd know how much they matter,

not an issue, skinny girls are always appreciated
find yourself a guy online you'll be his little l*li

My dad had cancer a few years back, so I understand.

He must be proud of his little daddy issues whore who goes on r9k.

as if fembots exist on Jow Forums.
I bet OP is a virgin looking for some, but end up getting traps and trannies

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Most of the fembot and femanons threads and shit like "dating threads" and data mining threads are made by pathetic beta virgin male losers who do it thinking theyre gonna get a gf or something like that lmao. OP is a beta male virgin Im 100% sure.

user, I'm a manlet

>I know those schizofeels.
Are you actually schizophrenic too or do you know someone who has it?

You should still report it and your full story to whoever is in charge. Your studying shouldn't be affected by these adult losers.
Reminder that they have nothing to use against you. I wish you the best.

I think I got friendzoned. The guy I like:
>tells me I'm smart
>tells me I'm funny
>tells me I look "good" (albeit when I prompted him via self deprecation)
>says that I'm a nice person with a good character
>says I'm interesting
>offered to carry my bags
>opens doors for me
>offered me a bit of money for helping him with a big project around the house
>talks to me on the phone for 1-2 hours
>gave me some stuff (mouse, monitor)
>spent his last day before leaving the country with me, some person he met two months prior, instead of his other friends he made over the course of his two year contract
>emphasized he's very over his former oneitis
>initiates hugs

>had a girlfriend until a month ago
>oneitis and ex-gf both hotter than me
>he talks about his porn habits with me
>he tells me about celebrities he thinks are hot
>hangs out with his allegedly former oneitis a lot
>until recently (basically post breakup), he would take anywhere between a month to a week to reply to my texts

Am I "one of the guys"-zoned?

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They wanted to test me for it but I still haven't went. I'm on medications for paranoia, voices, lack of sleep, etc

Yes. I think I am too right now lol

Lose weight, ugly landwhale

Yes, and he's a good guy because he's not trying to have sex with you, curb aside any desire to be with this man and cherish that you have a good friend.

>Thread about stuff that's bothering people
>Post stuff that's bothering me
>Reee attention whore

You don't need a shy, awkward guy for that. Plenty of loyal kind guys who want to spontaneously hug you and say how much he values you

It wont be a bother once he dies.

If you want to talk about it off here, on discord or email Im up for it user, I'd like to cheer you up

sooner or later over 40 people add you and message you

you are literally retarded if you think your bf doesnt love you. men talk about people they find attractive a lot. you should talk about actors you think are hot and stuff.

? you don't talk about such things with your partner, and he's not her bf, hence why he's talking about which actresses he finds cute and wants to fuck, and why he talks to her like she's a guy. If he wanted to fuck her he would've done already, he just genuinely wants her as a friend.

Whats your contact then? Id prefer email first but either is ok.

Do you have any siblings that could help out at all? Your mother?

shit son, being Friendzoned by a dude is beyond the worst feeling ever, because it's a rare situation we have here

Reminds me of the time i was leaving to germany
>Be me
>Had a GF who left for another dude
>Said "Listen, you were like a brother to me"
>4 months later
>Leaving to germany
>She calls
>Wants to meet up before leaving
>Says she wants to get back together
>Respond with "You are like a sister to me"
>She's crying and begging
>Leave to germany alone
>Pic related

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look stop being a picky bitch and just tell him how you feel. women are such morons. oh my boyfriend should know what im feeling bullshit. he doesnt know or care he just wants you.

This isn't me but feel free to entertain them. I'm not sure I really want to add people from here anymore.
My sister said she's going to try and come home because she's finished with university stuff but I don't know. I have an older brother but he doesn't seem to care not that I expected him to. And my mother died when I was young so no.

>nobody responds to mine
>thread just becomes contactfagging
I mean I legitimately didnt need the attention but this thread is for sharing problems, not discord.

Yikes. Okay. For future reference, what made you guys say that.

He's not my boyfriend. I wasn't really bothered by him talking about that stuff but when I related what he said to a friend she was like, "omg lol that's so weird".

>you don't talk about those things with your partner
Seriously? Because I figured porn would be a necessary conversation with someone you're fucking.

I mean, I like him "that way", and I joked about masturbation and guys I found cute. But then my normie friend acted horrified. Is it really that weird?


That user isn't me. And I would tell him but I'm currently in Africa.

I mean Its okay but Ive been there before too dealing with stuff like this with my grandfather and I know its really tough to deal with especially if you're all alone with no one to help you out at hard times. But its all right user, no pressure.

I haven't gone as hard as you to spend several days with this type of person but it's definitely happened to me. It happens with male anons too but definitely more common with femanons

whatd you think was gonna happen? ofc the thread is just gonna fall into contactfagging its a femanon thread

You're probably fat too or a skelly.

Feels like I'm being stalked.

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>I've distanced myself from people out of fear they'd dislike me or find me hideous, etc. I just keep ruining everything.
Stop doing that, be honest with your insecurities. If someone doesn't like that you're insecure and want reassurance than they probably aren't that good to talk to anyways

King Krimson#7935

>What the fuck are those?
Looks like something that my grandma wears, fat cow

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Daily reminder that those ""cute""" fembots with no friends who are shy and stuff are mostly this

Dont interact with femanons and fembots anons, work on yourselves to get the good stuff and not the shit stuff. Don't fall into the bottom barrel.

I would hit it desu
but Im even fatter tho so

I have no idea. They are my mom's shoes and very comfy.

What does my physical appearance have anything to do with other fembots? You don't even know me or my personality.

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That's fair. The contactfagging gets annoying though, I think I'm gonna stop participating in them.

If he wanted to have sex with you he would've put his moves on you already, if he wanted to have a relationship with you he wouldn't be enjoying listening to you talk about porn and which actors you find cute, by what you describe of him he goes out of his way to make your day better and enjoys your company, he wants female companionship and apparently isn't interested in having sex with you.

You're not girlfriend material, but he's not keeping your hopes hope just to have sex with you, which makes it easy to deduce he just wants your friendship.

Sounds really shitty user. Dunno what to say, just hope you get through it after college and can have a better life

>What does my physical appearance have anything to do with other fembots?
Fat women usually have a short temper and don't know what is a joke or not

fair enough. you the one with the skin condition? if so good luck with that if not sorry lol

Alrighty then "fembots", post tits with timestamps or else none of your shit will be taken seriously.

>start talking to a depressed fembot
>we actually hit it off and ejoy each other's company
>talk every day for hours
>she's very affectionate with me
>says that she's happy to have found and that she doesn't care about surface shit like looks or riches
>that she only desires a genuine bond
>it goes on for some weeks
>we're happy
>tell her that I'm a penniless neet
>she immediately drops the facade of being a wholesome girl and loses interest
>becomes dry and distant
>we still talk from time to time but it's all very awkward
>one day it comes to sharing pictures
>I show her my face
>I'm actually good looking, a crypto-chad
>she becomes all lovey dovey again
>show her my body, which is also pretty damn good
>she's now lewd with me
>feel intense disgust and cut all contact
I envy homos sometimes.

>anime posting

Yeah confirmed. Every poster who claims to be female anime posting is an ugly cunt or landwhale mostly, lmao,

...yeah that's me. Thanks

Checked. Thx, it's getting better slowly but man it's been almost half a year of my life. 1/40th of my existence. Weird to think about

lol what, I don't care about a femanons appearance if i'm just trying to help them out. Besides being fat like almost doesn't matter because she CAN lose weight. Much rather a fat girl with a nice face that I can motivate to lose wieght than a girl with a hot body but ugly face that can't really be changed

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If you're fat that reflects your personality. Self control and taking care of your body are important. It's not shallow to judge someone for being very overweight

>got scammed by someone pretending to be a sugar daddy

I had it coming. He's probably using my pics to catfish other robots now. I just wanted to be able to pay rent, fuck.

She's perfectly cute. You guys are just being mean for no reason.

>listening to you talk about porn and which actors you find cute
That's not accurate at all but okay.

Anyway, fair enough. He's a cool friend. It wouldn't work out anyway, since I'm in the Darkest Continent for a year.

Deserved it tbqhwy

Do you have a qt bush under there? If so, give me your discord.

>would have put the moves on her
Did you read the post? She specifically said that she moved away and he had a girlfriend at the time. If he "put the moves on her" he'd be cheating.

>She's perfectly cute. You guys are just being mean for no reason.
She looks like a piece of furniture with clothes stretched on.

selling yourself sexually is the lowest of the low. get a jobby.

>be me
>literally ugly as fuck shit face
>shit body, fat and skinny-chubby
>have dated and takenfembots' v cards before
I envy chads sometimes.

>White knight
Better wear a better fedora, if you try to have a shot with her

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>Jow Forums actually considers this fat
What the actual fuck? This is why I don't fucking believe any of you dumb niggers when you say you "just want an average / not obese gf". You can't even see her belly poking against the tshirt. You people are either delusional or trolling.

Read the comment chain. I'm a heterosexual woman. I'm nor white knighting, she cute.

>flat tummy
>big tiddies
She's cute.

Does being ugly or fat mean you're a bad person or something? I'm confused. Also who doesn't watch anime?

Stop talking about your mom. :---Ddd

I don't think I'm hideous. Being fat doesn't help though.

I agree. But I don't live in filth and what not. I'm just miserable and eat to release endorphins. ;_;

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That overweight you dumb low IQ fuck. Ive got standards.
Of course fat and ugly women throwing compliments to each other lmao. Cope.

The clothes I'm wearing aren't mine if they seem bad fitting. The top is my dad's and the pants are my mine. The shoes and also the purse.
I think..
I may have some problems!

>Stop talking about your mom.
Get fucked, my mother died when i was 13

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Not gonna lie, this looks actually sexy. Would smash and cuddle

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>be kinda tall-ish
>be black
>be the dark-skinned kind of black and not the mixed race """black"""
>have a mini afro
>dress kinda like a teenage skater guy that thinks brockhampton and mac demarco are the most important things to happen to music in this century
>constantly make dorky moby-lookalike nu-male guys wee themselves simply by looking in their direction
>also approaching 30 while being a HHKV with no friends
>tfw the men into shy weird timid inexperienced bitches don't acknowledge your existence because you don't look like the "pure" type
>tfw kind of just want to go ahead and get some tattoos at this point because it's not like you were ever considered precious/delicate/etc in the first place
not depressed but I just wanted to bitch


stopped reading there fucking nigger

Why are you getting so defensive over me posting my picture and people giving me bare minimum compliments? Why does it make you so mad?

Okay. Can I leave now?

They are out there but you may be looking in the wrong places. It's always the wrong place anyway.
Fuck relationships reew

I'm not mad Im just saying to lose some weight no? You look overweight as fuck.

>e-whores are making so much money and get tons of affection and validation from strangers on a daily basis
>they look really pretty, even though i know its mostly just filters/makeup/angles
>meanwhile im rotting in my room and getting drunk whenever i can so i can be happy for even just a bit of time

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Because 200 pounds when you're 6 foot is different from 200 pounds when you're 5 foot.

See This is very important

You didn't tell me to lose weight, you're just insulting people here.
Moreover, did I claim to be skinny plus where is the cope? Stop being such a schizo man

I didnt? Well I tell you user, its not the same being 200 at 6' and being 200 as 5' as the other user said, lose some weight cause you obviously need it.

I shave my body every couple days but yeah it has grown back.

I think you lose your dignity being an ewhore unless you're on some spectrum lacking empath and don't care what people think. You do you

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Just tell her whats up without the insults. You guys are embarrassing acting like bitches. She's clearly overweight and the picture/angle is bad so hard to tell how much, clothes probably tucked in most but its clearly overweight. You look like you have a good frame though, losing just some of that will put you up a few notches easily.