Receding hairline

The same year that I got my first job, my hairlyne at the temples started looking exactly like this.
It's thinning out rapidly.
I'm freaked out and buttdevastated.
I can't deal with this shit, I haven't even lost my virginity yet.

The receding has been so fast that I still have singular hairs several centimeters lower than the actual hairline, still growing outta my forehead. That's how you know it's happening fast.

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Do not listen to this guy OP.

fuck off and go take your hair pills faggot. buzz it off and either deal with being a baldie, or get a hairpiece. clinging on to hair is a waste of time

finasteride is the only way my friend

personally i experience no sides from it (jerked off 3 times yesterday) but might be different for you

lol yea lets take finasteride just to hold on to a hideous receding hairline, what an improvement. hhahah

>tfw literally my only trait left that's attractive is good hair
>tfw have been losing enough hair to clog my shower drain every shower for the last 5 years now

if i didn't start with extremely thick hair id be bald by now. that said it's running thin, in a year or two it will be easily noticeable.

Are you me?
I was bullied at school for having the thickest bushiest hair ever.
Now, I'm balding.
And still a virgin, meaning my chances at women are dropping by the day.
Lost all my confidence too

so you had hair but you were still a virgin and now youre sad that you're losing something that seems like it didn't really do anything for you anyway

Just get it over with and shave it all off. Women only care if they can tell you care

I have saved my hair
Depending on how good you react to meds
How early you start treatment
And how committed you are to treatment

You can regrow from nothing to everything people who think balding is immediate doom are living 20 years in the past

Went from nw2andhalf to a nw1 in the span of 2 years on treatment
Then I shed from a year and went to a nw2 and now I am regaining and will problably be a nw1 again by winter

same, i thought id at least have the rest of my 20s to figure out the gf thing, but the balding feels like a fucking ticking time bomb. it's literally the only thing i have left looks-wise, and if it keeps balding it will go from my one saving grace to the death stroke for any chance i have with girls outside of being rich.

and this is why you should just let it go. do you want to turn into this person? lol

Can you explain further how were your methods?

If it means I can stand looking at myself in the mirror, yes. As much I hate to admit it, we humans care mostly about apparences. If you look good, you will get far in life, no matter how intelligent you are.

Im perfectly happy and treatment is not only dirt cheap but of menial time wasted

Funniest thing is that being on treatment cured all of my anxieties regarding balding
I would be at peace if I were to wake up bald tomorrow and I am happy I do not listen to faggots on the internet who want to make my choices for me

>If it means I can stand looking at myself in the mirror, yes. As much I hate to admit it, we humans care mostly about apparences. If you look good, you will get far in life, no matter how intelligent you are.
so buzz your head and get one of those glued on hairpieces... this is usually the absolute best case scenario for guys who start taking all this hair treatment bullshit. his hair looks like total shit before and after.

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Scalp health is number one
Go look at your scalp and see if it is healthy chances are it is problably not
If you have psoriasis or seborreich dermatitis you need to fix this ASAP first

Do one or two years on fin and see how you react
You must do atleast one or two years on fin
It reduces your DHT and that stops inflammation from killing your hair cells and lets them grow

After 1 or 2 years on fin you can add minoxidil and dermarolling with 1 and half milimiter needles
The reason you do 1 or 2 years on fin first is to reduce the impact DHT is having before you use minoxidil and start dermarolling

Should all of this fail you can try getting on Dut which has a rly huge affect on almost everyone I seen on it

imagine doing all of this
and your hair still ends up looking like this
ahahahah what a waste of time

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high temples aren't necessarily bad looking depending on the guy

Dude you are being super negative to people who want to improve themselves. Even in the pic, you may think that's not much, but I think that's a real good improvement.

youre just delusional. that isn't an improvement at all, that looks like shit. just get a fucking hairpiece and get it over with.

U sound like an asshole

t. other user

Are you chris wheeler?

Question: does this treatment ever end or is it something I'd have to live with for the rest of my life?

>something I'd have to live with for the rest of my life?

its this

He looks better on the left tbdesu. Balding and shaved is better than that lanugo shit.

>21 yo
>girls and barber constantly compliment my full good looking hair

Its the thing I got most compliments for, would off myself If I started balding

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Do you think something like argan oil would work?
This is what I've been thinking too, too much would be going wrong in my life if that happened to me too.

Hair transplant/pills or Chad Embrace it

>Its the thing I got most compliments for

Yup that was me at 21 as well.
Sudden thinning started at 28. So stop thinking you have better genes or something, it's like a switch gets flicked and your perfect hair is gone in a matter of few years.

You youngsters on Jow Forums have it good.
Wait till you hit 30. No more pussy, fun, alcohol or good looks.
Everything is gone.

> stop thinking you have better genes or something
Neither my dad or my grandpa suffer from hair loss. Dad is nearing 50 and still has full hair.

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bro, my head is fucking JUST and i still bag pussy. there's literally no excuse.


I still wonder if the trigger was stress, and without the stress I would still have perfect hair.
Throughout my entire life I was known for one feature: lush hair. Ever since I was a baby everyone's been saying I got particularly full hair.
It's still full around the areas unaffected by the receding so I have this new hairstyle where I cover my temples and forehead with hair.
So far nobody knows I'm balding. I can prolly keep this up for a while until I'm too bald to cover it up.

Im 39 years old now. Hair loss started at 22 years old or so. Its basically stopped. I Havent noticed any further loss in recent years.

Bottom line is you can live every day in mental torture or you can try to accept reality and move on with your life. Theres nothing you can do about it.

So is there difference in how far people bald?
I thought that once the process starts it continues until you look like a monk

It varies tremendously from person to person. You cant really know how you will end up looking.

I have a 4 inch dick. Balding was too much.

Life is unfair bro. It truly is unfair. Sorry for your lot in life.

I wanna cope but I dunno how.
Become a brainiac and telling people looks are unimportant?

Just get a fucking transplant you poor piece of shit.

Fucking hobos infesting my board, I swear. I thought this was a robot board why are you poor people gathering here? You should not be here.

make money. men have resorted to that since forever.

t. coping bald uggo

These before and after pics you're posting are wip, how about you post the final result for once? Oops seems like someone just did, well there goes your online coping. Stay mad, bald uggo.

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Deal with it, your hair is not that important

I have it too, starting at 26

It's much more important how you act in the world than how your hair looks

thats a hair transplant you dumb fuck. go ahead and spend tens of thousands of dollars on that bullshit, joe rogan did the same thing as you, 3 times. look at him now
whos the one coping?

>before and after a week of Just Be Yourself

I'm the guy this post originally refers to.

I went from NW2.5-NW3, to a NW1 with treatment only, no HT.

You posted a NW7 and use it as an example for men who are experiencing balding in their 20s, my point being, you're being ingenuous and a moron.

No. Could lose a little, could lose all of it. Could lose all of it in 2 years, could lose all over the course of 40 years.

Typically if it's gonna be super aggressive and fast it will hit early and hard and by 30 you'd have a rough idea of how it's gonna be. Usually.

They're not even expensive, if you're too lazy to get a job then you deserve it, egghead.

Also Joe is a fucking retard who got a shitty discount transplant from a tranny in thailand

yea i doubt any of this is true, you're probably just deluding yourself into thinking your norwood 2 is a norwood 1 just like every other balding idiot that takes this crap. most guys who take this crap don't see that level of improvement anyway, so who's being disingenuous here? plus you still post here, so it obviously didn't do much for you

what is your age??
hop on something like finasteride to stop the thinning and nuke your DHT levels, and then soon after it stops, get a hair transplant. They are low cost and you can travel for lower cost transplants to places like turkey, which include vacation and revision on the surgery.

I'm 29, 30 soon.
I've been using an herbal shampoo that includes nettle leaf extract and rosmarine , so far nothing.

Fuck man, I can relate to the stress and anxiety you're dealing with. I was often told that I had thick hair, but now I'm noticing my hair is easily falling off and appears thinner than usual. This whole situation has been floating above me like a dark cloud. What little confidence I have in my looks mostly stems from my hair. Best of luck balding bro.
I'm absolutely fucked aren't I? I'm only 19. Been avoiding shampoos and only using conditioners to slow down my balding, but I think all of my actions are in vain.

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here, it's very easy to understand. my face is ugly, so even if i had money i wouldn't waste my time with a hair transplant because it's not going to do anything for me. if your face is ugly your hair doesn't matter. do you think you aren't ugly or something? lol.

>They are low cost and you can travel for lower cost transplants to places like turkey
do you just show up at their office or some shit? how does this even work?

>Been avoiding shampoos
Use a herbal shampoo that consists of DHT blockers such as nettle and rosmarine. Some consume saw palmetto berries, but like many other hair loss medicine it can have side effects such as a lowered sex drive.
Anyway, your hairline doesn't look bad. I think mine looked worse at 19 and I'm 29, still able to hide it with the right hairdo. Just relax the next 10 years and check again when you're 30.

>be me
>single best physical feature is my hair
>complimented on it my whole life
>had many woman claim they wish they had hair as thick/wavy as mine
>at 23 notice that I'm losing a ton of hair in the shower
>this continues
>2 years later I'm norwood 2
>start freaking out
>what little confidence I had in my appearance is suddenly shot down
>feel like I suddenly have a very short timeline to find a gf/wife as I'm ugly as fuck without my hair
>go to dermatologist
>get prescribed finasteride
>been taking it for 7 months and still shedding like a motherfucker

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Good lord why can't balding be cured? You have my deepest sympathies.

Using no shampoo won't help.
Get topical minoxidil mixed with finasteride.
This stuff targets the hair follicles way more specific than te rest of your body.

Also know why you're balding, stress and low testosterone are the main factors.
To increase testosterone quit fapping everyday you twat.
Once a week for peaking T, or never again, pick one.

Go to bed on time and throw your life around.

Know why your hair falls out: low testosterone and high cortisol.

Quit masturbating daily, do it either once a week for peaking T levels or never again.
Go to bed on time.

Topical minoxidil mixed with finasteride also targets the hair follicals very specifically.

These combined and I've stopped balding entirely from age 16.

Thank you slow internet

>always have big forehead
>never really care
>hair starts balding only on my crown and my left temple
>dont think its that bad but people start telling me all the time
>tfw 21 god damn years old
I assumed just growing it out for the Bigby Wolf/Steve Harrington mane instead of trying to cope with a hairstyle that covers up the spots was the best move but people wont stop pointing it out what the fuck

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Just shave your head and become a loser in the eyes of everyone lol great improvement

Everyone in this thread with concerns about their hair needs to get on 0.5mg Dut tomorrow. Don't bother with Fin, it'll fucking ruin you for little growth. Dut has no sides for me that I can observe and has saved me from offing myself

Just take fin bro look at these gains bro

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my hairline is fine but i worry my crown is thinning. is it normal to be able to see your scalp through your hair when you stand under strong overhead lighting or have wet/slightly greasy hair?

what does it do exactly? does it stop hairloss or grow back old hair?

I had that hairline since I was seventeen years old. High school and college were a living hell

joe wouldn't have got famous and wealthy/well off if he hadn't done the hair transplants. He only says he regrets it in retrospect because he probably doesn't have enough donor spots left to do it anymore.
beth on news radio was hot af, if it got him laid with her it was probably worth it

i just shave it all off
i am a baldie now

i am not a virgin but never had a gf. fuck it. oh well

The shampoo definitely helps. I probably need to take this anons advice as well .

mine kinda looks like that too
for about 3-4 years
youll prob be fine mate, it's pretty normal for your hairline to move up by a centimeter or so, doesn't definitively mean you're going bald

no. you're balding my friend.

Shave your head and grow a beard. Be a badass.

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>not embracing baldness

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