Have a good day today sweetheart!

Have a good day today sweetheart!

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thanks mommy i love you ;-;

You're welcome hun~ make sure you do some self care today too!

I'm surprised this thread lasted as long as it did with so few replys. I'm trying to clean my room and do some paperwork for college but honestly I'm just tired and have a headache. So I'm scrolling on here anyways despite knowing its bad for my mental state. I had to go to like 4 diffrent social events over the weekend and I had some fun but now I'm socially exaughsted because of it. One girl i know broke up with her boyfriend so I took her out to eat cause she wanted to get out of her house and she kept hinting about wanting to be fuck buddys. And I just don't know how to feel about that.

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Are you a tranny? Answer honestly

Oh I never expect my threads to last long. I'm just trying to be a kind voice in the catologue. R9k is such a bad place for depressed people, it's okay to wallow in your own sadness once and awhile but this place makes it a mandatory lifestyle. I totally understand social exhaustion, I get tired after a night out with people. As for the fwb, what's got you confused about it?
Can't say that I am. Also I'm pretty sure they prefer trans.

k thanks, i hope i die soon

Thanks, you as well~! UwU

Thanks mummy, but I got a problem I need you to fix, my penis is hard and it's annoying

Are you the one gentle femdom person who comes here purposely to try to cheer people off so you can save it? You kinda sound like her. And idk. Ive known the girl since childhood so it could be awkward I feel. Plus I've only really had sex once before. And it wasn't as fun as I expected. I'm very self concious. Idk if I'll be big enough for her or talented enough seeing as how i have no experience. Plus ive figured out I miss the emotional component of a relationship more then the physical so idk if I want to put in the effort for the physical.

Oh I wouldn't call myself a Dom. I'm just a mom who hates seeing people sad. I'm not looking to save anyone, just be a kind reminder that there is happiness for people out there.

As for the girl, you don't have to do anything with her if you're not comfortable with it. Sex is no fun unless both parties are enjoying it. If she's very obvious about it, talk to her. Explain that you're anxious, tell her that you want more of an emotional aspect. Do what you feel is right for you.

That's fair. And probably good advice. I don't think I'll do anything. But I guess I'll see where the summer takes me. I should probably focus on taking care of myself and getting ready for college first.

You do what you've gotta do hun! Self care and improvement are important. I just think getting on the same page with this girl is important, nobody likes things being left in the air.

Yah. I'm cleaning my room and I'm gonna journal and take a bath later. Plus I'm just ignoring everyone texting me cause I don't want to talk to people. And yah. I'll figure out something. On another note. Cause I'm happy to have someone i can talk to. Do you have any advice for being nervous about fitting in at college? I'm awkward socially now to a degree and I freak myself out. But there everyone is gonna be much more attractive and rich then me and probably more intelligent as well. Its gonna be even harder to fit in. And I don't want to be like some people and have college suck. I want to do better and make friends. I was in a thread earlier and people were saying college is worse then highschool. And honestly everyone here is depressed and jaded so I don't really trust their opinion but it still worrys me.

Why must you come here to larp and torment me.
The fact that you keep making these fucking threads is only making me more bitter the longer this goes on. Fuck you.

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i filtered the /gfd/ threads cuz they only caused pain, i advise you to do the same with these

Aye, I'm starting to really consider it.

Hmm, that one is a bit harder for me. I was going through some dark times though college myself. What I will say is that you have to remember everyone isn't staring at you, and even if they are it probably doesn't matter. Everybody is too focused on their own life to think about a stranger on the street. And everyone won't necessarily be more attractive or rich than you, I'm sure there'll be a few but there will be just as many normal people too. If you're looking to make friends I'd say just focus on being polite, being nice and friendly. Nothing wrong with a polite wave and smile if you lock eyes by accident with a stranger. Try seeing what there is for groups. Maybe there's people who play Magic or fighting games together. Just throw out some feelers online if your college has a website for events.
At the end of the day though hun it won't be as scary as you make it out to be in your head.
Would you like to talk about it?

don't tell me what to do. fuck you OP

Just advice sweetheart! No need to be so angry about it.


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