This post will drive redditors up the wall wait and see

this post will drive redditors up the wall wait and see

Brainlet media:
>video games

High IQ media:
>anime & manga

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>high IQ
If you're gonna read, fine. But dont read fiction. That's woman tier IQ

what a pretentious way to say movies

Looks like we have another retard claiming fiction has no value

Feels good being high IQ hobestly.

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high iqs:
>rage comics
>anime girls

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duped thread from yesterday.
Didn't go that well in there, did it OP?

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It's not that it has no value, it's just a braindead mind numbing way of entertainment just like watching series on netflix.
If you write novels, cool. Respect for that. If you read them, however, I can safely assume you have terrible taste and a brain the size of a pea.


High IQ:
>Rage comics
>Anime girls

>Gmod machinimas

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>anime and manga
>high iq
Bad bait

No I just wanted to make redditors lose their shit again.

>robots and Grindr

Heh, tough bot you are, user. You think your shit doesn't stink?
Get better bait before dumping your public hair into the water

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Why would they? Reddit loves anime, books and pretentious movies.
>consuming media
>high IQ

t. un-based anti-Jow Forums retard

>gets owned in last thread
>outed as massive brainlet
>"i-i was just t-trolling redditors guys!"

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I didn't get owned though? All the stuff I said or am saying are true facts and nothing a brainlet says otherwise will matter.

Smart people watch anime. Reddiots get used to it.

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>Smart people watch anime
Then why are you here, retard?

But anime is television

brainlet language:
>perfectly understandable
>most people know it
High IQ language:
>kester minoctoid zesty zesty
>lian vit wanna

Oh, so that's why OP prefaced his post with something defensive.

>missing full stop

Also, your post is fucking retarded.

Depends on the fiction.

>not knowing when to use proper grammar and when shitty grammar is more effective.
Sign of a poor writer. I bet you use proper grammar on discord.

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Swap out film and television.

okay fagola

compared to the intellectually stimulating act of browsing an image board for robots???