All incels in the West should start dating 3rd world women. They are more feminine and submissive...

All incels in the West should start dating 3rd world women. They are more feminine and submissive, they uphold traditional family values, and they will be more attracted to you because you're a citizen of a wealthier country

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The curry smell tho

>hey white guys, have non-white babies tehehe XDXD
Fuck off, kike.

Or just go for Eastern European women
Eastern Europe my friend, as long as you have a stable job you can get any woman you want there

>as long as you have a stable job

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No fuck off kike have a sex

Damn, that's actually a good idea. But as third world nations become corrupted by Western ideology, our time is running out. I would definitely date a qt Muslim girl or Indian girl.

I like dark girls, but I want a dominant woman.

fuck off kike loser and go jewing somewhere else



>date someone who is only interested in the visa/green card
Great idea OP, maybe I will also shill out an obscene amount of money for someones bastard child.

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who the fuck even has a stable job anymore, this isn't the 1950s

How much do you want to bet that the "3rd world woman" in your pic is married to a doctor/engineer and wouldn't even look at your pathetic neet ass?

Obviously we are talking about SINGLE third world women, retard

A NEET has no chance at making a woman cheat

And that woman has been single and would still never look at you, retard.

How do you know, retard???
I have a very handsome face

>How do you know, retard???
educated guess.

Apparently I'm not even fit for a warehouse job.

Well you sound very uneducated tbqhwy

indeed, they are like that

i do like poo women
but the kids wouldnt look like me so no

Not interested in saving some roastie from poverty

why if I die from AIDS or something

The Talmud tells me not to mix with the goyim.