What is the brattiest thing you've seen a kid do?

What is the brattiest thing you've seen a kid do?
>be me
>family friends are visiting
>family friends have a kid
>kid will be referred to as little shit
>little shit has a habit of breaking things when he doesn't get his way
>little shit asks if he can play with a foam sword
>I don't want to risk him breaking shit so I say yes but to be careful
>little shit picks up sword
>shit you not little shit goes up to my moms lamp and takes a full fucking swing at it
>lamp shatters
>little shit puts down foam sword
>little shits mom comes downstairs
>she asks "what happened"
>little shit points at me and says "user did it"
>the mom doesn't buy it and takes him upstairs to scold him
>mfw little shit tried to set me up
>mfw it didn't work
This is why I hate kids

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he's a little shit. idk how his parents are raising him but if you seem him often or even once in a while try to tell him what hes doing is wrong. it might not change him instantly but dont just chalk it up to him being born and raised like that

You're a big faggot. Should've said yeah sorry it was an accident, be a bro to the kid. It was on you anyways for allowing him to do it. He's a fucking kid and you're a "man". That whole story pictures a kid being a kid with a huge faggot being useless around him.

>>the mom doesn't buy it and takes him upstairs to scold him
seems like his mom's doing okay.

he's going to grow up spoiled, lazy and useless, which will make maintaining adult relationships, jobs, etc impossible for him. best case scenario on his current course, he ends up an angry bitter NEET living off the little money his parents/the government can spare

now you've established that he is a known liar you should push him down some stairs and say he fell down being retarded

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Faggots like you who coddle kids when they clearly have the agency to know not to randomly destroy shit and blame it on others are despicable. You even have the exact same mentality as well.

its the parents fault for raising a piece of shit. Tell them if they cannot control their child they will need to leave.

It's a fucking kid. Let him break shit while he still can. He has his whole life to behave. You should've physically stopped him before he broke shit, and if you were too clumsy or slow to do so like the useless waste of space you are then you should've laughed, played along and cut him some slack. You sound like an average 50 year old bitter woman, except you're a young "man". Loser.

>You should've physically stopped him before he broke shit,
I'm not OP.
No, you don't encourage children to break every fucking thing in the house, it's a waste of money and they have a multitude of other methods of entertaining themselves. Assuming OP was sitting in a chair or something and the little smegma cluster ran up to a lamp on the other side of the room and hit it then there's very little chance of OP doing anything about it.

Fuck you retard. Sick of you worthless pieces of shit making excuses for everyone below the age of 18 acting like a despicable, impulsive and erratic dog with rabies and encouraging them to punish everyone around them with their inane underdeveloped tantrums. OP can't win with that faggot, either way he breaks shit. Kid should be executed.

>being this bitter
Have sex

>the normalfag realizes he is cornered and prepares his signature post

I just hate bitter people. Enjoy life. Laugh with children. Do mischief. Dont worry about material things. Life is much more worthwhile when you live like that than when you're contaminating it with bitterness and faggotry. If a kid breaks my mom's lamp I laugh my ass off.

Kids still need discipline. You can destroy things in control instead of being a shitter on purpose. There is a fine line between mischief like stealing a cookie or pulling a prank that hurts no one, and doing something destructive with serious consequences that the child can't fix. There is nothing virtuous about being a bad parent and letting a child run amok, that's how you get screaming children in department stores with no one shutting them up. Balance both chaos and order, as they say.

Parents gotta scold, but if you're just a young adult you can just laugh it off. Not only that but letting it get to you just makes you a bitter loser. Worst case scenario you should just not give a fuck.

Okay ill lay one down
>be me 4 years ago i was 22 when i was in college

> start dating this total milf doctor i met at a hospital she was 39 we started dating because she thought my southern accent was cute lets call her Angie

> been dating for 2 months always at my place or out she is a single mother because her husband died of a car accident 5 years ago first time dating since he died

> she shows me pictures she has 2 kids a 12 year old daughter and a 6 year old son she showed me pictures of them

> she calls me up and says she wants me to hang out at her place tonight gives me directions

>get there fucking place is kind of a mess toys everywhere legos like damn land mines crayons drawing on the wall.

> she introduces me to her kids i said hi the daughter said hi but the son the fucking son who has a look of evil in his damn eyes says i hate you Angie says to be nicer and to be polite

> the little fucking devil spawn bites her on the arm and she yells and the motherfucker draws blood.

> Angie gos upstairs to fix the bite and asks for me to watch those two while she does.

> fuck

> i sit the two on the couch and let them watch spongebob

> the little devil ejaculate says i don't like spongebob i change the channel to some Spiderman show.

> 20 seconds later he says i don't like Spiderman i sigh and change the channel again

> this happens about 6 times until i say

> what do you want to watch then?

> the kids fucking responds

> i wanna watch rivermonsters


> this 5 year old boy doesn't like Spiderman spongebob or other kiddie shows but loves rivermonsters

> fuck it 10 minutes later Angie comes down asks me to help her make dinner



> help her for fucking 8 minutes before the girl comes in crying

> she said her brother hit her with a plastic toy wrench

> angie tells her to just ignore him

> 30 minutes later dinner is done angie litterly drags the kids to the dinner table.

> we made hamburger helper and fries

> 30 seconds in the little shit stain says he doesn't want hamburger helper and starts crying and throwing a fit

> angie sighs and makes him chicken tendies with ketchup like the little autismo he is.

> she asks me to stay the night which she had to convince me to say okay

> fucking 11 am the boy comes in saying he wants to sleep with us not because a monster or nightmares because his nice twin bed is uncomfortable.

> little shit had a bigger room than my dorm and a nicer bed too.

> we say okay and keeps saying he wants more and more room until me and Angie are only on 1 third of the bed and the broken condom has 2 thirds i barely sleep that night and said goodbye and got the fuck out at 9 am because i said i had classes( i didn't i just wanted to get away from him)

I fucking hated that kid always got and the way and basically single handedly ruined our relationship








>Cousin pulls his finger into my pc's cooling fan
>Tries to pull my keyboard by force out of my hand
>Proceed to wip his ass with my belt

Little faggot deserved to get wiped with a belt

My best friend calls kids little shits, too. lul