Is Brazil the worst country to be an incel in?

Is Brazil the worst country to be an incel in?

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3 of these 7 are men btw

they are all men tho

I want a Brazilian qt gf, what are some red flags I should know about them?

Yes us incels suffer in Brazil.

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Brazil bureaucracy is hell. But it has healthcare, so it is still better than USA. Insullin is free, but bureaucracy kills any job or industry. A totally different dystopia than the usual.

At least Brazilian girls know how to cook, unlike the fat cows on USA.

i miss jessie rogers despite her boobjob bros

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some thots may find incels cute, if you arent a moron

Wouldn't care.
Would still motorboat those asses, and bury my penis in their shitpipes

Brazil is hedonstic af from what I can tell. anal sex & shaking their asses was normie af long before it was mainstream everywhere else
I don't even see how it would be possible to be an incel there, when the girls there are literally groomed to grow up as sluts.

>But it has healthcare
not for long

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why are all cucktian countries so damn hedonistic?

>don't even see how it would be possible to be an incel there, when the girls there are literally groomed to grow up as sluts.
sluts for Chad

Prostitution is easily available everywhere in Brazil and cheap. You can't be an incel there.

I don't feel like there would be a high number of Chads that you would have to compete with in a poorer countries.

Brazil women are weird and have too masculine faces.

Also look up that famous Brazilian prostitute who had sex with Justin Bieber she looks like a plastic tranny.

Brazilian healthcare is unusable. And even some among the BETTER hospitals look like clandestine ones from movies, like these places where criminals have bullets removed in some scenes.

you realize you're born with a good jawline?? you don't have to fucking buy it

no they hate us

>jawline is what makes you a Chad
fucking tard

And thats why you are a fucking based

where? I don't see...
just be the king of incels and you will know

Chad is the best country to be a Chad in

This country is hell on earth
I have a friend of mine who lives in Dublin and he's always sharing moments of his life on Instagram and I get jealous, I'll soon follow his footsteps. This whole continent is doomed.

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I want to spank all seven of their asses.

Don't care if they're biological men.

Imagine, just imagine, being an incel in Rio. The place that is most famous for big ass, carnaval, fucking in the schools, fucking on the streets, fucking with your niece, aunt, cousin, sister, a hourse. The motherfucking city where funk is playing everywhere, with lyrics implying sex all the time(yep, it's nothing like lil wayne , it's worse). JUST IMAGINE

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not andressa urach, the brazilian whore queen that turned into a christian prude out of nowhere

could you find uglier girls for this post lol

actually it's actually just like america. half of the guys in my school are kissless gamer weebs, and slut girls either go for rich chads or traficants. not all girls are like op's pic tho. we have a lot of egirl pale black hair with straight fringe ahegao attwhores here for some reason

it's the worst country to live in
I should know
it's great if you're visiting tho, you can buy a whole harem for just a few hundred dollars. but then you get to go home, imagine living next to a frat that never fucking stops playing the shittiest music known to man.

living here is making me physically sick and I can't afford to move
all I wanted was to live in bumfuck nowhere where it's cold, misty and miserable all the time
fuck Brazil to hell

imagine being an incel in a thirld world shithole
its as easy as going to school, talk to people and get laid around 11-12 y/o

Tbh, if all else fails. You just just rape some poor big assed brazilian qt.
It's brazil, not like you would get caught

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Wouldn't get caught, but surely SHOT

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>shot only if you're caught
Their police/forensic force is shit so you wouldn't have to worry about that I assume. You'd just have to make sure their family or gang bro etc finds out.
Personally I'd just hide out in the vast amazon they have down there. Eventually you'd come across an isolated qt soonder or later.

our police would only arrest you if you were black desu. otherwise, specially because you're not from here, nothing would happen

pls don't come to Ireland

I've lived in Brazil for 2 years, it's not America

I will. You can't stop me. Sorry.

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I would eat the digested food out of that qts butt
Meaty af.

tfw no brazilian gf -_-

i live in brazil. police in my city killed more in one month than america's police killed in one year. where did u live bro?

people or criminals?

just random black people. every single black guy i've met has been pulled over and beaten up for just existing. yeah it doesn't make sense that mutt country is so racist but it is

that doesn't happen where I live unless you're dressed like a criminal
not saying there aren't racist cops, just that if you're walking in a rich neighborhood with dirty clothes, a cap that doesn't fit your head and blasting funk from your stolen phone you deserve to be shot

>tfw no novinha gf
14 year olds are legal here

legal for chads, as always

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whoat do they call chad in br


Pronounced jo ah ho

The o usually has the line over it like that N thats in spanish