Tfw 120 IQ

>Tfw 120 IQ
What do I do now that I know I am borderline retarded?

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120 iq is not borderline retarded you retard

too smart for average work, too dumb for complex work. Become a tranny hooker

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Emma Watson has a 125 and all she does is act in movies, its no fair user. Even Taratino has a 160 and my local bartender has a 215.

Quit it with the gay brainwashing this is alt-right paradise you average day-to-day Democrat.

Hey, the world will always need ditch diggers. Nothing wrong with that.

Quit bitchin and get to work then, learn improve, adapt and overcome you pussy.

145 here.
IQ means jack shit if you know nothing, do nothing, amount to nothing.

Your local bartender is bullshitting you 162 is the maximum possible.

Kill yourself prg

No it's not. Ted Kaczynski was given an IQ test at some point and reportedly scored 167. He studied mathematics at Harvard by age 16. There was also a study in the 1950s that determined that 28 children in the New York public school system had IQ scores of 170 or higher and 24 of them were Jewish.

Kasparov has a 190

>>you're not retarded retard

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>Being autistic and not understanding a joke

IQ is simply calculated as a value on that graph - the higher your IQ, the more people you're smarter than. Theoretically there's no "maximum" value, but at 192iq, you're smarter than 100 billion people, which is roughly how many people have ever lived on Earth - i.e. you become the smartest human in history.

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Whites are 100
Jews are 115
Im 130

Feels bad being able to see what's going on honestly

>tfw got 143 IQ
>tfw couldn't even graduate university with a 1st
Literally what's the point, having brains and not using them is worse that not having brains at all because you constantly think of the "wasted potential".

I mean Steve Jobs couldn't do well in school so he scammed people into thinking a regular computer is actually a piece of art and ended up running the most succesful company in the world

>Tfw 133~
>98th percentile
>Barley make it into a shit Institute of technology
>Fuck cumulative assessment

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Maybe is not your thing? Instinct matters more than number crunching at some point

Maybe I hate English/ languages and can barely right coherently my spelling grammar and pace are shite but number crunching / reading comprehension is simple

>Jews are 115

It's mindblowing when you consider what kind of disparities this relatively small step forward creates at the rightmost end of the bell curve.

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