How much different do you think your life would be if you had a jawline like this?

How much different do you think your life would be if you had a jawline like this?

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a jawline doesn't fix autism

Women don't care about autism if your jawline is a brick.

his jaw looks retarded. Way too large for the rest of the face. I still don't get why women find this shit attractive. It's almost cartoonish.

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Fisherian runaway

Take the bog pill

If you're good looking people don't care how autistic you are and will treat you like a king regardless.

I don't know. I feel like large jaws by themselves are not always aesthetic.
Pic related looks great because every feature of his falls in the right place. OP's pic just looks like an mouthbreather with a jaw implant.

ofcourse I forgot the image orignininiii

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I would look like some kind of sharkman so itd be worse


t. jawlets

I've seen more weird looking big jawed guys slay than more normal looking guys with more proportional jaws. Women select for indicators of testosterone

I might be an exception but i have chad body type and chad jawline
Im low body fat
Still i cant get any pussy cos i'm autistic and except of doing solitary sports i never go out or socialize.

Oh and my hair looks like a mix of john lennon and vladimir lenin( i'm not going bald though) cos i dont care about it

>vladimir lenin
>john lennon
Just shave. Let it go, it's over. It probably makes you look like a predator and doing your stretching in the park doesn't help either.
Your "hair" is holding you back. Leave it behind and start living your life as the bald chad you were meant to be.

Not different at all. I am irredeemable because I am social retard

Im not going bald
No patches or anything
It's just that i sometimes cut off random pieces because something on my hair pisses me off

Also i never go to a hair dresser so i just sort off cut it myself completely disregarding aesthetics, just want it to be short

I have a jawline similar to this and i'm a kissless handholdless virgin.

it's not even a very well defined jaw, just the nose is manly as fuck. Eyebrows are good looking too, but that's not what makes him a chad. He dresses well, has a confident look and most importantly he's got a very clean haircut

I would not want to look like this guy. He looks subhuman.