How does this website feel about GamgerGate...

How does this website feel about GamgerGate? I haven't had time to follow this whole thing but from what i've heard they pretty much lost.

>inb4 go post this shit on /v/

Fairly certain these threads banned on /v/

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I literally had a 5 page write up about an Anita Sarkeesian video for one of my Philosophy class. God help me.

non-partisan take: gg was essentially the birthplace of the current alt-right and played a genuine role in getting donald trump elected.

>''it's about ethics in journalism
>*worships Milo Yianopollis and other rights wingers infamous for spreading fake news and conspiracy theories*

The stupidest thing in the universe. Games journos suck, and are pretty corrupt. But the GG people can't even find the plentiful evidence for it or point to the actual culprits. It was like a comedy of errors. Pretty much anyone involved in GG has had their brain licence revoked if you fail to take to task an industry so fucking devoid of ethics and cunning as gaming journalism.

>Taking videogame journalism seriously
>Taking videogames seriously at all
Now that I look back on it, it was pretty stupid.

I never cared for it personally because I can't stand causefaggotry, every single time it allows cancer to multiply.

you are attacking the character of your opponent and not his position with this rhetoric

>played a genuine role in getting donald trump elected.

You're delusional

They didn't lose, Trump became president.

nothing wrong with pointing out hypocrisy

Good cause though I don't remember it achieving anything. That said I never really kept track of it.

worse than the 2016 election

I think it's a bunch of teenagers who have an extreme amount of unwarranted self importance. I wouldn't be surprised if most gamer gate faggots were still teenagers even now.

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It LITERALLY exposed the fact that the news media, not just game media, has an agenda, and is biased. It is the reason we have the term "fake news" today. Guess who exposed that first? US
If it weren't for GamerGate Trump wouldn't be President right now

They lost, gamers are dead.

no it didn't faggot

Kys kike lover

I support any event that makes gamers angry, it's very fun to watch

Come up with coitus

More likely, the Lies Press rigged primaries to D&C righties, actually how 1-party systems happen...
So it just backfired on them during the general, was something of a fluke (lefties' own deleted memos reveal as much too actually)
ITT boiling frogs wet themselves to a chameleon turned pressure release valve... the lesser evil won it, true, but not good enough (in all likelihood the west is still doomed)

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>fake news
Lmfao get fucked you twink nigger lover

It was fucking embarrassing for both sides. And worst of all, it created a massive newfag influx.

>Donald Trump needing a bunch of white nerds debating about videogames to get elected
I was apart of it and even I know that's not what got him elected