Why does everyone on r9k claim to have a 140+ I.Q? Do you know how rare that is...

Why does everyone on r9k claim to have a 140+ I.Q? Do you know how rare that is? That would be like if everyone here claimed they were 7 feet tall.

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>why does [thing that doesn't happen] happen?
My IQ is about 128. Not even enough for MENSA as far as I know.
Saging this thread OP, you earned t

>That would be like if everyone here claimed they were 7 feet tall.
But I am 7 feet tall.

There's maybe 26-27 million people in the world with 140+ iq, probably 3/5 live in Europe/America/the Commonwealth, so that's like 15 million people. Even if a hundredth of a percent of those people browsed Jow Forums, that's still 1500 people. Seems believable to me honestly.

They want to believe it's why they're mavericks and normalfaggots are such sheep. It's a coping mechanism to keep from feeling like a loser.

>take IQ test
>get 117
>happy with score because above average
>go onto Jow Forums
>apparently if you have an IQ of under 120 you are a brainlet

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It's because they know they are not special, something as stupid as an IQ test or a personality test will make them feel special.
They want to believe they are different and better than the people they envy.
As if a web test giving them a number would change their shitty lives lol.

It simple really, socially awkward virgin like to think they are superior to other, and IQ is the only category in which they can feasibly think their better than chads
>t. 93 IQ brainlet

I wonder if seeing that shit when you're basically a kid messes you up. Anyway I'm about 135, was tested a few times as a kid

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6'1 with ~130 iq,

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>Why does everyone on r9k claim to have a 140+ I.Q?
People will probably think this is a larp, but I don't really care. My IQ isn't measurable based off of what was around at the time. I hit the ceiling for both the WISC-IV and the WAIS-IV (when I was a child and teenager, respectively; this was about 16 years ago) which is roughly around 160 IQ.
>Do you know how rare that is?
Most people are pulling their estimates off of online IQ tests which are completely unreliable for a myriad of reasons. They just want a reason to feel special. Let them have it.

I unironically had a genius level IQ when I was in school. I had to take the entrance test to the gifted programs multiple times because I kept moving and changing schools. The teachers were always exceptionally impressed with my results, they seemed outright shocked by it. I kept asking to see my results but they never let me for some reason. I'm probably only a little above average now that my brain has rotted from NEETdom.

You see how many people on r9k claim to be 7 inches? You really think they're all telling the truth? How many people do you think even actually get an official IQ test?

r9k legit is the dumbest fucking board I've seen. There's the occasional person here that actually seems to know what they're talking about but most of them are absolute retards that can't even comprehend a fucking page long article. Back when that article that spawned the NPC meme was being spread around I realized this

Honestly I do believe most of these people posting really do have very high IQs. Mine was 137 last time I tested.
The reason I'm on here and a total loser in life is because I'm extremely emotionally damaged. Most intelligent people know how unbelievably horrific and beautiful life can be. Like it gets SO SO much worse than any normies can fathom.

ooh we got a reel smarty pants here

Although there are many people living happy lives full of love, some are living in a state of inescapable torture, and are completely done for. Some people will never be loved in their whole lives and they don't have the tools to strive for it effectively. It's just sad and no amount on intelligence will make it unsad, because it is.

they also all claim they have 7+" cocks


now off with you faggot

Dunning-Kruger is a real sonofabitch.

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mine is around 120, but I still know most of the guys around here can suck my balls

You guys aren't even smart you're just a good at retaining information.

that's one of the components of intelligence, yes

>le reddit kruger

Watched tht when I was badically a kid
Yes it does

4'8 with 90 iQ and gf and two larvaes

Me la pelan JOTITOS

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>Do you know how rare that is?


Yes, I know exactly how rare that is, that is 1 person for every 261 people. It is rare, but not that rare. If you went to a high school of roughly 1000 people, then there were on average about 4 people there who had an IQ of at least 140. So I am sure that you have at least met some people with such high IQ.

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I was tested at 153 when I was a kid but I doubt I'd get an equal score right now.