How different would your life be if you were rich?

How different would your life be if you were rich?

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it would be like playing a video game on easy mode with cheats

would just be a mega beta bux like epstein

For one i would be rich

I'd become a full time photographer and wander around

I'd go full on Hunter S. Thompson mode

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I'd still be a shut-in, except in a high-end apartment, with a high end PC and no pressure to work, pretty fucking swell.

would buy me a benz and a apartment...get me a nice game room and a good camera and that things and just concentrate about what make me happy...fuck these hoes, they wont get my money...Millionair Virigin i would call that

Flying around on your own private plane called Lolita Express fucking 14 year olds isn't exactly what I would call beta bux.

define rich....
"You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original."
Oh come on .......

youre right, thats criminal.

I would be living in a condo in Monaco just doing the same old hikikomori shit, except in an expensive condo in Monaco

Yes and because he's rich he got away with it, until now at least. A normal guy would have got life without question, he got 13 months.

I'd get my business cards in eggshell

see. mega beta bux. pay everyone to like you. i am correct

So uhh... if you were super rich you would fly in your private plane fucking 14 year olds around the country? Asking purely hypothetically of course.

i dont know dude. if i had billions of dollars i would know

I would be a huge paypig to as manu fembots as I could afford

how many can you afford right now?

I'd get dental implants and have nice teeth instead of the missing rotted out mess I have now

Only one, if she was merciful

I can be merciful, contact?

I'd fall for le travel meme and find a foreign Asian wife.

LOL. hi asian fembot

tits or gtfo

I would surround myself with interesting creative people

I probably wouldn't have any reason to hate black people, I would be a completely different person.

Wrong on both counts but I assume you're impervious.

Sick Jew fuck

I'll say. You wouldn't have to have any interactions with them anymore because you could move to a place that's less than 1% black like Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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i would actually be happy because the 1 thing that makes me miserable is being a wagie

i'd be happy, healthy, probably have a gf too

If I was rich I would get a house so I dont have these fucking annoying shitty neighbors anymore.
Then I would use my money to help other people. Help homeless people and people with very bad lives. I would also go back to school and study medecine. My life will never be like that though.

I work 52 hours a week to make 106k salary, you have to work your ass off to make it.

Wouldn't feel bad about "getting le job xD" cuz i'd be rich. I fucking hate working and dealing with other people like managers so goddamn much.

i would start my own company. i would finally make the addictive, creepy and chilling vampire based MMO that would consume the free time of boomers and zoomers for decades.

vampires vs hunters would be the main theme.