There were 13.4 billion years when you didn't exist. there will be trillions upon trillions years when you won't exist

there were 13.4 billion years when you didn't exist. there will be trillions upon trillions years when you won't exist.

you existence means nothing at all whatsoever.

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time is a made up concept anyways, the only ting that matters is that I exist now

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None of that shit before nor after matters to me as I will not exist.

Tough shit reality. You pretty much don't exist to me.

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>13.4 billion years
why not longer? Surely time existed before our universe

>time goes in one linear direction

Silly human and it's small fragile mind. If you can't create something from nothing then how did your fragile mind exist in the first place? First is also last.

>he thinks there's nothing after you die

So you don't believe in the multiverse?

so what? The universe is our home. If you have that mentatlity OP, you are not rooted. You feel lost. You're homeless with this nihilism attitude.

If life exists on that many planets, there will not be any shortage of wombs. If a third world war happens, and life disappears from this planet, it will immediately start appearing in other planets where life has come to the point of human growth. But nothing dies, and no law changes, and the universe is big enough - so big that scientists have not been able yet to count all the solar systems. each solar system has dozens of planets.

They have not been able to count all the stars. As their instruments become more accurate, more far-reaching, they are constantly increasing their number. And now one thing is certain: that whatever their number is, it is not right because there is still space ahead. And there is no limit to the universe. The vastness is really immense. In this vast universe, you think it will be difficult to find wombs for five billion people? Just five billion people?

And existence has a way of working. Unless it has prepared a new home for you, it will not destroy this planet. This planet can be destroyed only if it is no longer worth saving and you can have new homes. Just as on a smaller scale_as your body becomes old, useless, a constant trouble, this sickness, that sickness, existence has a way: it simply gives you a new body. And the Third World War_if it happens at all, it may be basically that this planet is already old and no more evolution is possible here.

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this faggot thinks there were only 13 billion years

mainstream science turns the collective conscious retarded. Muh big bang, muh time/space.

There's no real proof of that, just that time is not what it seems. If everything is possible in the quantum realm then the universe crunching is probably what will happen over and over and banging over and over. Time and space are connected so if it expands to much it will rewind. We could be rewinding right now.

We are a way for the cosmos to know itself. That makes us very special. We have thus far discovered no proof that other lifeforms exist, much less any capable of unlocking the secrets of the universe.

>collective conscious
U wat

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I was something back when I was in the void and I will continue to be something when I make my way back

it's actually opposite. Death is very temporary while Life is infinite. When you "die" you wake up as a newborn. You're aware of what happened but unable to speak or express it, as years go by, you forget your previous existence the same way a dream is forgotten not long after you wake up.

The reason "royals" tend to keep their bloodline pure, so same souls can keep reincarnating into same bloodline and be assured of comfortable life.

>this whole post


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You know your right. But we do fun drugs here on earth that will open the doors in your mind to all new and interesting places

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you're not a true existentialist until you kill yourself out of boredom
keep larping OP

>I exist now therefore the universe exists so that I can exist

if you don't follow this logic then your life is meaningless

>he thinks there is

Hahah get a load of this CUNT

This is the biggest fucking cope I have ever read jesus christ

>taking advice on death and reincarnation from somebody who is alive

is real schitzo hours in here.

try drinking bleach and you'll see I am telling truth

>Got to exist while stars are still forming

It's like buying bitcoin while it's worth

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wow... that's fucking deep man... are you also an incel?

If I appeared out of nowhere once, it could easily happen again. This is the only thing that keeps me going, however ridiculous it sounds.