Quit smoking two years ago

>Quit smoking two years ago
>Ex internet girlfriend and I started talking again today
>It's been three hours and I'm already through with half a pack

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>ex internet girlfriend

quit the cigarettes user, you already have cancer

Throw that shit in the garbage you fucking faggot.

I love how every line of OP's post is slightly more pathetic than the last.

Did you already fucked her irl? At least had good sexcams?
Also what are you talking about with her right now?

It's tough man, I quite 4 years ago and was with some old friends who all chain smoke; I-I broke :(

Did you try vaping? It works quite well.

>>Ex internet girlfriend

In other words, some total stranger you've never met?

Doesn't sound worth smoking over, brah.

No I was clean the whole time, but everyone in Israel seems to smoke like crazy. Ended up smoking 2 packs in 10 days. I'm clean now for 4 months, but I feel the temptation more then ever ~~~

Yes I flew across the planet to see her and I had sex with her one time.

There was also once when I made out with her while naked and jerking off, not intercourse but an undoubtedly sexual encounter. She did some of the jerking, if that gets bonus points. She was spitting in my mouth while I was doing it. :)

Maybe you could buy a vap and only vaping 0mg of nicotine liquid when the urge is really strong and when you are with people who chainsmokes

Well that's different then. If you fucked her, and had a relationship with her, the correct term is


I agree with you, but most others would not and would call it dishonest to call it that. It was a six year long e-relationship though, I'm certain many people have actually gotten married and then divorced and did not ever achieve such a level of closeness, comfort, and understanding as we did.

Why didn't you fucked/doing sex stuffs more? how much time did you stay?

I'm in a similar situation that you were (me Europe, her South America) but we fucked and did oral like crazy for 2 weeks, and I'm still with her.

I'm >I'm certain many people have actually gotten married and then divorced and did not ever achieve such a level of closeness, comfort, and understanding as we did.

That's definitely true

I tried vaping for a bit, but I got to the point of being totally clean and put it down. I wan't to avoid nicotine if I can; no spliffs either for me.

I don't actually know the answer to that. You'd have to ask her. The answer I've been given was a bunch of women logic nonsense about being afraid of sex, uncomfortable, having issues etc, but we both have to take everything she said with a grain of salt. It could very well be that she simply was not attracted to me at all and would never be hurtful enough to say that to me. I was there for two weeks, we slept in the same bed several times too and generally it was not sexual. I would get to make out with her, touch her, grind against her, etc, but no intercourse. Even after stripping her naked and spanking her and stuff, she didn't want intercourse.

Okay, yeah it's possible that she was lying but it's also possible that she was saying the truth. Do you think you have any chances to go back with her? If not what are you talking about with her?

oh, also, why did you break up with her?

I have no idea, nor do I know if I would be particularly interested in that. I suppose I would, since all of the groundwork has already been done and at this point we've known each other for seven years. I've been pushed to the point where I have the financial freedom to support a woman living with me, if she chose to, but I'm certain she would want to finish college first which would take several more years. That would also require her not getting married to some Chad in the meantime, and she's very attractive, so I doubt it. I'm pretty sure she's living with a guy right now.

We broke up because there was really no practical way to support an intercontinental relationship as two adults. I have a career and she does not, plus I live in the USA while she lives in a shitty country in Africa (She is white, don't shitpost at me with race baiting bullshit).

To be honest with you, e-relationships are just not very good.

Well, it's time to furiously masturbate to some old photos and videos before enjoying another delicious cigarette.

I'll stop smoking these god damn things as soon as I can enjoy marijuana again, but, I live in a state where the man breathes down my back with that shit, and I have a career so, it's not on the table right now. It should be in a few weeks though.

Okay, I understand, my girl is going to study in my country in less than a year, and I have the money to go back at least 2 weeks/1month there before and she will also come here for christmass, so I guess it will be fine.
Must have been weird for you to go to a shitty african country kek
Anyway good luck with everything user, and really try to not go back to cigs because of that.