Holy fuck bros, its happening...

holy fuck bros, its happening. im selling my switch in 2 hours from now and gonna be an hero with the power of charcoal tonight! the plan is to go to a hotel and do it in the bathroom with a portable grill. anyone wanna watch some beta get hypoxia?

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why are you selling it then?

Hey user, what brought you to this point?

For the charcoal

but charcoal is cheap

I don't know, I'm not OP, just speculating

because im a neet and i need money to get the grill, room, charcoal, and maybe some weed.
im a failure at life in so many ways. ruined simple things that had long term effects, took the easy way out in my early year so i cant do any of the things that take skill now, have no reason to live other than a shitty flash mmo, hate my situation even though i chose/cant do anything to change it. the list goes on from there

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> weed
And nothing of value was lost

Please livestream it. I wish you good luck for what happens after death. I hope you'll respawn with a better life in a better world.

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You're not going to be able to buy all that with a used Switch

Mistakes can be redeemed and purpose can be found, I can't help but hope that your life turns in a better direction anyway. Rest well if you do end up going through with it user...

not like weed changed that out come desu
ill be posting the stream link in this thread unless it gets archived/deleted, if not ill make a new one with the original post as the pic related. thanks, but respawning would ruin the point of it, still appreciate the sentiment though

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Can I come over and grill? Wouldn't it be a waste of charcoal to just use it to kys?

wont the stream get taken down?

RIP beforehand

Fire alarm will go off before you die of smoke inhalation.
>can't even kill self properly

Motel: $76
Grill: $25~
Charcoal: $5
I'll have $250 left over
thanks for the sentiment user
of course! we can have a comfy cookout before hand!
im thinking google hangout, but if anyone has a better suggestion i'm open to it. surprisingly havent done this before

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Hehehehe... Yeah haha...

Look uh. I know sword and shield are gonna suck, but this is a little extreme.

All hotels are required to have carbon monoxide detectors in every room, retard.

Enjoy evacuating a hotel.

How do you kill yourself with charcoal?
How the fuck was that not original?

i think if i put some towels under the door, but ill probably put some gloves over the alarms just in case. kinda worried itll trigger something though
$150 not $250, proof im too much of a brainlet to be among the living
good meme user. cant lie im kinda bummed about how its that whole thing unfolded
>That law requires hotels and other lodging establishments to install carbon monoxide alarms near fossil fuel-burning heaters, appliances and fireplaces.
shouldnt be one in my room, let alone the bathroom, but even if there is, i can cover it. thanks for the reminder though
carbon monoxide poisoning

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Please don't do this, you'll make me sad

Why are you doing this? What happened?

There are lots of things in this world that'll make you sad user, this is just another one of them.

why wont you try to improve your life instead of kys?

i refer you to this post

there are homeless people that make it, no matter your situation there always a way to make it

I'm not gonna encourage you, but if you put up a stream, I'll be there.

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Become a security guard you play on your phone all day in an empty quiet room and on occasion talk to people. You can do whatever you want to do in your free time like learn art or something.

I for one am slowly getting better at drawing fetish porn. Feels good getting praised by fellow freaks.

Are you gonna post the link

won't it get really hot in a small room like that?

I don't think he cares about being uncomfortable when he's killing himself dude

You get plenty of AC, and there is usually a mini fridge. A truck comes in a few times a day and that's it. Pretty cozy. You really don't need to fall for the collage or skilled labor meme. There is a way for us.

if youre gonna kill yourself, can i just have your switch instead? i want mario maker

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Meant for this post got my wires crossed

sadly im not as strong as other people
thanks user, i dont like the idea of being alone in my final hour
i dont think i can get a job in security when i have a felony level charge havent been sentenced yet, but i ruined my differed sentence for a weed charge
as i said in my op, selling the switch about an hour from now, and then i have to pick up my supplies.
a small price to pay for a relatively painless death. thinking about moving the location to my car now that im thinking about it more. would hate to have to make someone else clean up my mess

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might be a good idea to move to your car. I suppose the grill could be a fire hazard if left unattended.

>felony for weed

a lot of states are clearing marijuana-related charges when it becomes legalized; you could hold out for that

You could still work as a caregiver believe it or not, you could be a carpet cleaner too if you want honest, easy work. You don't have to be a sea welding nuclear fusion scientist to have a comfortable life.

Assuming this isnt another larp:
I get that pic related is kinda a meme belief and when you are suicidal you dont feel like doing this stuff but there is probably some merit to it. Death is so final and absolute. I think most people know deep down that there is probably no afterlife as we can comprehend it. Your personality is made up from physical chemical reactions so even if a soul did go somewhere after death it wouldnt be YOU. If you go die in a closet right now that will absolutely be the end of your existence and you will be subject to an eternity of nothing, and frankly what a pathetic way to die.

Literally every other option should be preferable to death as death will come eventually anyway and even if your situation doesn't improve a few more years of suffering pale in comparison to the eternity that awaits you.

Why not go blow your remaining money doing something fucking crazy, then even if you do die at least it was more exciting than passing out like a retard in a closet, and if not maybe you will appreciate life more - nothing lost anyway.

Make the right choice user.

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>a few more years of suffering pale in comparison to the eternity that awaits you

why do you equate death with suffering? how is death different from a very long sleep, which most people agree is enjoyable?

>why not go blow your remaining money doing something fucking crazy

because he's introverted and depressed

>a few more years of suffering pale in comparison to the eternity that awaits you
christcuck detected
There is no logical reason to continue living if you've decided that life is unpleasant and will likely never improve. user is brave for having the courage to take their destiny into their own hands. Fuck off and be a moralfag somewhere else

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no, the felony is something else that im not proud of. the pot was a class b misdemeanor, but i was on a program to get it removed from my record. the felony charged messed that up.
my work ethic is pretty bad and its hard for me to work for more than a month. i get a feeling of being lost and i become incredibly depressed and suicidal. life is just not for
im pretty avoidant so that probably wouldnt be the route i could take. on top of that, im doing charcoal because i want something painless. if i do some crazy crap i would most likely have a terrible death and deal with more pain and suffering.
ill leave the adventuring to more deserving folk

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you will not, WILL NOT, do jack shit. nice larp for attention. take your meds and go to sleep, see you tomorrow.

To clarify, im not saying he faces an eternity of suffering but rather an eternity of nothing at all.
I doubt his situation has literally no chance of improving so he may as well try as we are all going to die in relativity short time anyway.

I mean he could lead a life of suffering and then die. it's definitely possible that death is the best option here for OP's well-being, but of course there's no way to be sure.

personally, I think the point of life is to accept one's own suffering and try to positively influence the lives of others as best you can. in this mindset, suicide would never be a good decision unless you feel that you're doomed to have a negative impact on the world.

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i respect you for not blindly believing me user, hope you can make it to the google hangout
from how my life has been so far, it seems like i would only harm more people as i go on. granted i am being a little selfish with some of my reasons, but i see it as a win win overall

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So about when will this link be posted?

jack off and play mario instead cutie

so this switch, what games you got for it? I'll buy it at a high price

im hoping around 9 pm cdt, but drug dealers arent reliable and i wanna smoke some weed before i go out.
i like pokemon more desu
its the let's go eevee edition with smash and dark souls (se'd them from walmart, im not some soiboi) buyer is gonna be here in about 10 minutes and id feel bad for making him drive out here for nothing. sorry user

what times it going up? i need to know whether to go to bed or not user

Good luck I guess, sounds like a fast way to wake up in the hospital vomiting and with potential brain damage

user consider what you're doing and then do the opposite of that. life is worth living to the fullest. Get a qt3.14 gf and live life together, pick up a hobby, make frens, hell take up underwater basket weaving for all I care, just don't an hero yourself

I hope you're confident in your decision OP because there's no going back. I'll try and make the stream if you actually do it.

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god fucking damn it, parents are having a party so they going to be up late and since my car doesnt work, i have to do it in the driveway. thread will probably be gone by the time they do go to sleep, but my first post will be pic related with the google hangout link. i promise ill deliver, sorry for the delay

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Don't forget to give your last goodbye to them

>im selling my switch in 2 hours
>gonna buy a grill and charcoal and weed and smoke it all before i livestream it at 9 cdt
>still consistently post in the thread
>now my car doesn't work
>thread might die now
>ill for sure make another thread
fuck off faggot

>actual retard is going to attempt one of the more complicated methods of suicide
cant wait to see how you manage to fuck this up and end up a vegetable suffering unbearable pain in silence for the rest of his life
just jump off a really high building dumbfuck

my car never worked, i had to use my dad's care
i dont want the suspense and how could it be complicated. burning charcoal gives off carbon monoxide which will lead to hypoxia, then death. no one should be around to pull me out

Can you put a keyword in the title/post too so it's easily searchable?

wait a night. if you can't wait for something you want then it's not worth doing. keep waiting

"It's finally here..." is what ill title it
ive waited about a year, mulling it over, then waiting to get the right plan ready, failing, and now we are here. im sick of the suffering

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It's so easy not to do this, you are sick, you memelord, get help. What are you fat? Who cares, ugly? Whatever, unskilled, lazy? People lead their lives comfortably just fine with all that. Stop speaking with such finality.

>you memelord
idk why but that made me smile, thanks for the words user

i can't change your mind user, but i hope you don't go though with it. and if you do, hope you find peace in the afterlife.

You realize you're about to make this the worst day of your parents' lives, right? Also, tell us what the felony was for, not like it matters anyway. Probably something stupid anyway. You could probably get the felony charge taken off your record after probation or something, then all you've got is a misdemeanor no big deal at all.

I like you, OP. You posted some fun anime pics. I really want to see you die now.

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This post is very cute but also disturbing and yandere.

>inb4 troll stream
You guys are literally fucking retarded

Good luck man, wait for me wherever you decide to go.

I know I'm basically just shouting at the wind, but please think it over very well before you take any decision like this, user. Please don't take your life lightly.

That is a bad method user. If you don't die you will be a vegetable and regret your decision and probably will be too vegged out for a round two. Hypoxia is way too risky a suicide method.

Listen to this user, take a bunch of pills or something if you have to, but don't risk becoming a vegetable. That fate is undoubtedly a million times worse than living your life as you are now.

Vegetables don't regret anything

This is bull shit. I worked as a home health aide and listening to the guy talk about his life was miserable. He was fully paralyzed after his wife shot him and his brain didn't receive adequate oxygen. The guy was never the same again but still had some realization that his life was not what it should be. It is not something I would take lightly

why die in such a unfunny way. If you're going to fuck up your life at least do it properly

Bumping for OP, any idea when your parent's party is gonna end?

Well even though you havent delivered its pretty nice to see youre giving this clown world another shot. Sleep tight sweet prince.

user I'm hoping you haven't killed yourself by the time you're reading this but you should eat a nice meal before you die.

Might aswell eat something good if you're going to go, even if its cheap shit like McDonald's.

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You posted this thread 7 hours ago user

Hurry the fuck up

OP either chickened out or went to sleep at this point. I can't believe this board of depressed faggots hasn't gotten a single livestreamed suicide since Shuaby.

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Op, you're retarded. You should use the money to buy a bag of some fire ass heroin/fent and rail small bumps. Enjoy the high then finish it all in one go. Itll be much more blissful. Ive overdosed twice and i never realized it until i was narcan'd. You just drift off. No pain, no mess, no fire hazard.

i wish i could do something to stop you

While OP is readying his charcoal, let us make a mix for his suicide. youtube.com/watch?v=5FWXHqrhV3Q

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I don't know how we can give info safely but maybe you could come live with me and my roomate, we love Nintendo games and leave by the sea and I could introduce you to others and we can be Friends, please sweetie. Talk to me

People have really killed themselves on here please don't say things like that please, I watches somebody I know blow their head off with a shot gun on here. I want this person to live. I want to be their friend.

hey op.. know that feel. hope you haven't done it but can't blame you if you did. hope you're in a better place wherever you are

cancer attention-seeking thread, fuck r9k

Glad youre enjoying this as much as I am pal.

All the build up for nothing. I mean it's good he didn't do it but why seek attention on an anonymous board when he could do it elsewhere...

If I had a dollar for ever user that didn't an hero then I wouldn't be a wagecuck.

I hope you are alive hun

The pain your parents will go through will be 100 worse than what you are going through now. Stop being a faggot.

Please stay alive and safe, I could try to give you a way to reach me if you'd like a friend

Dude I was like you and I saw a psychiatrist and got anti-depressants, changed my whole life. They gave me that boost to change some small things which allowed me to change big things.
Please try every avenue first. Try talk to your parents.

Some user has the Shuaibi video?

lmao this fucking brainlets cant even do that right

>took the easy way out in my early year

yea, it looks like nothing's changed and you're still taking the easy way out.

when will you learn? when will you learn that your actions have consequences? even if you're not the one facing the consequences, there will be consequences. you're not the only person who exists, you fool.

you wouldn't have made this thread if you weren't asking for help in some way.

yeah but who you sleep, you dream. there's the rub.